Undefeatable – Ch222

Chapter 222 – Should I Kill Them All?

Giant Fault!

A trillion!

The crowd started laughing while even Tang Tang began to frown.

But Luo Tian merely smiled in response.

His smile was different to others that were laughing and smiling in ridicule. Luo Tian’s smile contained an excitement that couldn’t be described in words. He then thought: “Who would’ve imagined the Giant Fault Sword had arrived in this world as well.”

“This guy isn’t just an idiot, he’s complete bonkers.”

“A dilapidated sword selling for a trillion? He’s definitely an idiot who enjoys blabbing nonsense.”

“Who the hell would buy a crappy looking sword filled with rust?”

Some of the people in the surrounding crowd were irritated from hearing Xuan Yuanyi’s words.

Xuan Yuanyi ignored the crowd like usual and only looked at Luo Tian in a serious manner. He then said to himself: “It looks like this human is different from the others.”

Inside his heart, Luo Tian was really different.

Luo Tian’s attention landed on his sword first and not himself.

And Luo Tian’s gaze showed a sense of familiarity.

There also seemed to be a blaze ignited in Luo Tian’s eyes as he looked at the Giant Fault Sword. Seeing that fiery glance of Luo Tian, Xuan Yuanyi could tell he was excited. The gaze was similar to when one saw a Divine grade weapon.

In the Red River…

This sword was actually a Divine weapon!

When Luo Tian sat on the ground, he just kept on asking questions whether Xuan Yuanyi responded or not.

From the tone of his voice, Xuan Yuanyi could tell the excitement in Luo Tian.

And the reason why he didn’t respond was because he was hungry. He was extremely extremely hungry. He was so hungry that he didn’t even have the energy to answer. Xuan Yuanyi was trying to preserve his energy because speaking also wasted a lot of it.

He had to continue living because there were a lot things he hadn’t done yet.

So he didn’t respond because he had to preserve his energy!

There was another reason.

Luo Tian didn’t directly give him any money and gave Tang Tang something to pawn for money in order to buy buns.

Pawning an item showed Xuan Yuanyi that Luo Tian didn’t have any money. Since he was willing to pawn an item, it showed that Luo Tian was a good person, or at least was a good person amongst the humans. When the steaming hot buns were brought over, Xuan Yuanyi felt warmth from his actions. This was the first time Xuan Yuanyi felt warmth since he arrived at Heavenly Sword City.

This feeling gave him a sense of being a part of a family.

This happened to remind him of his hometown. At this moment, Xuan Yuanyi clenched his fists before eating even faster. Mouthful of meat buns were being swallowed down at a crazy rate while the corner of his eyes was slightly damp. He wasn’t sure if he was touched by Luo Tian’s actions or he missed his hometown.

Tang Tang was off to the side with a slight frown as if she was thinking of something.

After a while…

Her expression turned serious. She then stared at the rusted sword with some chains locked around the handle and softly said: “Giant Fault Divine Sword – the demon clan’s divine weapon. A divine weapon ranked 9th in the profound weapon’s chart. Could it be that…”

Her voice was very soft…

Because she didn’t dare to continue speaking. Upon seeing Luo Tian’s excited look, Tang Tang asked herself internally: “Could it be that this damn scoundrel knew about it right from the start? The Giant Fault Divine Sword is something not many people know about, so how does he know?”

“This damn scoundrel seems very mysterious!”

There aren’t many people who know the existence of the Giant Fault Divine Sword and there’s even less people that have seen it.

Because it’s the demon clan’s number one divine weapon.

Moreover, not many people in the demon clans know of its existence either. Giant Fault is capable of recognizing its master so if the master leaves, it will disappear along with them. Only when the next master shows up will Giant Fault appear in this world again.

No one in the demon clans knows its whereabouts.

Suddenly, a commotion arose in the crowd.

At a nearby store, the tray of buns the elderly couple made was flipped over, causing those two to start shaking in fear.

“You old bastards, when are you guys going to pay this month’s protection fees?”

“If you two don’t pay up today, this daddy will dismantle your old bones right here!”

Two men in black robes shouted at the elderly couple while stomping down on the steam trays.

The elderly couple was shaking as they pulled out the silver that Tang Tang had given them earlier.

Before it was fully pulled out, one of the burly guys snatched it over. His expression turned grim as he shouted “A hundred silver?!”


“You damn old fogies; yesterday you said you didn’t have any money! Since you don’t have any money, where did this 100 silver come from?! Do you really think our Fierce Tiger Gang are vegetarians if we don’t demonstrate our powers?!”

After saying that…

The burly guy slapped out his palm.

The elderly male was immediately struck and spat out a mouthful of blood, almost fainting from the severe pain.

“Something looks interesting up ahead.”

“Enough bullshitting with these old bastards and let’s go take a look.”

The old man then crawled over and grabbed the burly guy with the money: “Great Lord, the protection fee is only 10 silver and you took 100 from me. Could you please give me back the change? My son is sick and needs that money for medicine.”


“You damn old fogey; this 100 silver is the fee for my emotional loss from being lied to yesterday. As for your son being sick… what the hell does that have to do with me?! You better remove your hands from this daddy or else this daddy will stomp you to death!” The burly guy angrily grunted.

The old woman grabbed the old man and said while crying: “Let go! Let go! If you don’t let go, you could lose your life! Do you want to end up just like Shan’er who’s been stuck lying on the bed all this time?!”

Their son was beaten to the point of being half paralyzed because of a dispute with the Fierce Tiger Gang.

The old man clenched his teeth. Upon thinking of his son, flames of anger appeared in his eyes but he still removed his hands.

If he was to be injured right now, what would happen to his wife and son?

“Scram aside!”


“The Prince of the Fierce Tiger Gang has arrived! Quickly move aside! Move aside!”


Six people in long black robes with a tiger emblem sewn on their chest area arrived.

The six of them had an extremely arrogant look on their faces.

The person in lead was called Wu Hu, and was the Fierce Tiger Gang’s Prince.

Waving his fan and sauntering along, he had the complete look of a second generation profligate son. His face was filled with absolute arrogance as he swaggered before the crowd.

Seeing how there was a crowd of people gathered here, Wu Hu snapped closed his fan and shouted: “Let’s go take a look and see who dares to make trouble in my territory!”

The crowd quickly dispersed.

They lowered their heads and didn’t dare to look at Wu Hu while walking away.

This entire street was a territory of the Fierce Tiger Gang, and they were considered the overlord here.

The chaos in the northern city was pretty much out of control.

Nearly every street would be controlled by one gang or another. Apart from some main streets being peaceful, nearly all the side streets would have some type of warfare going on each day. People dying here was very normal, and the government didn’t really care too much about it.

And this place…

Happens to be the best place for a foreigner to rise up and make a name for themselves.

The law of the jungle demonstrated itself the fullest here. As long as you were strong enough and had enough courage, you could take your share of the pie here. The northern city could even act as your springboard and launch you into the status of a noble aristocrat!

The force of the Fierce Tiger Gang in the northern city wasn’t weak.

And they’ve enjoyed a stable position here for over two years.


When the crowd dispersed, only Luo Tian, Tang Tang, and Xuan Yuanyi was left.

What happened at the store selling buns was seen by the three of them.
Tang Tang was the angriest. She then shouted at Wu Hu: “How could you treat them like that?! They are elderly people! I want you to return the money to them and apologize!”


“Hahaha… you want our Fierce Tiger Gang to apologize? Is your brain filled with shit?”

Xuan Yuanyi had a cold expression as he asked Luo Tian: “Should I kill them all?”

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