Undefeatable – Ch223

Chapter 223 – The Terrifying Xuan Yuanyi

That sentence was said in a very casual tone.

“Should I kill them all?”


There were no traces of emotion.

People couldn’t even detect a bit of cold killing intent from it. It was similar to friends having a casual conversation with each other.

Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a ferocious grin as he said: “It’s up to you.”

Xuan Yuanyi was a bit startled by that response and said: “You are currently my master and your words are my command. I can no longer do things according to my own free will. On the other hand, my sword is still free but I wish to remain together with it.”

He had already sold himself.

Xuan Yuanyi was clear on what that meant.

The moment he ate the first meat bun, he belonged to Luo Tian.


He started calling Luo Tian – master.

Xuan Yuanyi had to ask Luo Tian anytime there was a decision to be made. In front of him was a bunch of despicable bastards that he wanted to kill badly, but he had to first ask for Luo Tian’s permission because this was considered respect to one’s master.

Luo Tian looked at Xuan Yuanyi in a serious manner and replied: “I am not your master, I am your brother. Everything you want to do should be up to your own nature and personality.”


“You are my master!” insisted Xuan Yuanyi.

He was a very stubborn person. More accurately speaking, he was a very stubborn demon clan member.

In order to achieve his dreams, he had arrived at the Heavenly Sword City.

He had very very big dreams; he always strove forward and never wavered from adversity.

Luo Tian exhaled and chuckled a bit. He could tell there was no way he could change Xuan Yuanyi’s thought process.

At this time…

Wu Hu and company had ugly expressions on their faces.

The reason was they clearly heard the conversation between Luo Tian and Xuan Yuanyi. It was like their group was completely ignored and was no different than passing air.

This was considered a huge insult to Wu Hu.


Wu Hu opened his fan with a “whack” and shouted: “This daddy doesn’t care who you are and what kind of backgrounds you have! Today, this daddy will kill all you damn bumpkins so don’t even think of escaping!”

“Someone come over…”

“And kill these three for me!”

The five behind Wu Hu grunted before dashing forward.

Tang Tang hid behind Luo Tian and weakly said: “They are all bad people. Kill them, kill them all.”

“What a damn sissy!”

“Guys speaking like that really annoys this daddy!” Said one of the burly guys.

Because of the disguise, no one could tell Tang Tang was a girl.

Also at this time…

Xuan Yuanyi saw that Luo Tian stayed in place without moving an inch. His sword stabbed into the ground was the same as well, silent and motionless as if it had been there for tens of thousands of years.

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “Fine!”

“You can go ahead.”

“But I have a small request: The six of them cannot die so just leave them on their last breath. Anything else you can do according to your own free will.”

You want to kill people but you want me to leave them on their last breath?

Anyone would say Luo Tian’s request was a bit strange.

But to Luo Tian, these people were all experience points and undefeated points. No matter how tiny a mosquito is, they still have some meat on them and he didn’t want to waste that. Most importantly, the undefeated value cannot be wasted because he already had the Azure Dragon bloodline and only needed three more to go.

He still needed 6000 points in the undefeated value category.

Luo Tian couldn’t let any dead person go!

Xuan Yuanyi replied: “I can do it!”

Immediately after…

He took a step out.


A loud explosive sound was heard deep inside the earth. Powerful energy rings rippled out from the ground beneath Xuan Yuanyi’s grass shoes, and the street started shaking as if there was an earthquake in the area.

It was only a single step!

His strength made Luo Tian shocked beyond words.

Luo Tian smiled. He was smiling in a cheap matter as he said internally: “I’ve struck it rich! I’ve really struck the big one this time! Who would’ve imagined a tray of steamed meat buns would in return give me a treasure, and this treasure happens to be a fierce guy holding onto the Great Fault Divine Sword! Hahaha…”

Several more steps were taken and each step practically shook the whole northern city.

Those five members of the Fierce Tiger Gang looked at each other with expressions changing.

Wu Hu didn’t care about this. This was his father’s territory and he was considered a Prince of this stretch of land, the heaven above these mere mortals. No matter who it was, anyone that dares to mess with him shall die.

Wu Hu’s brows scrunched up as he shouted: “Kill them for me!”

The fists of those five started moving directly at Xuan Yuanyi. The powerful energy on the surface of their fists showed how much power was contained within them.

All five of them were at the peak of the Profound Grandmaster realm.

Their strength was remarkably high!

Of course…

Their remarkable strength was based on comparing them to the common citizens here.

The moment they rushed forward, Xuan Yuanyi’s right hand reached out.

“Ommm~… ommm~…”

“Bzzzt~… clang~…clang~…”

The Great Fault Sword started exploding out with the sounds of metals colliding with each other. The chain on the handle then started moving on its own and started making clanging sounds as well. The chain wasn’t that long but it gave people an illusion that it was endless in length.


The Great Fault Sword suddenly disappeared.

The next second, it had appeared in Xuan Yuanyi’s hand.

As his right hand moved, and the momentum on the sword’s blade exploded out like a tsunami sweeping outwards.


A crack in space appeared in the air, which was directly opened by Xuan Yuanyi moving the sword. Those actions were so simple that it looked like someone slicing a piece of paper apart.

Right after that…

The face on the five of them paled as they froze in place without moving.

Also at this moment…

Xuan Yuanyi’s figure suddenly disappeared. The speed of his disappearance was similar to the speed of how the Great Fault Sword vanished. The next second, he was already in front of Wu Hu. His Giant Fault Sword that seem to be splitting space apart was emitting a powerful aura that crushed him onto the ground.


Wu Hu’s body was turned around and was forced into a kneeling position towards the elderly couple selling buns. His knees had smashed the tiles beneath it and his kneecaps gave off a “crack” sound before blood started flowing out.

Soon after…

Xuan Yuanyi slapped the back of Wu Hu’s head.

His head was forced slamming into the ground like a kowtow!


Wu Hu’s forehead cracked and blood started spilling out.

All of this happened in less than three seconds.


And his movements were fluid like water! Everything was beautifully done in the time it took someone to take a breath.

That beautiful method of Xuan Yuanyi brought along a trace of the demon clan’s typical boorish attitude. It was really enjoyable to watch a scene filled with complete arrogance!

Luo Tian started smiling again.

His smile made him look like an idiot as he started shouting internally: “I’ve struck it rich! This guy is practically a demon star!”


Step by step, Luo Tian slowly walked forward with a smile. “You did a pretty good job and I’m very satisfied with it. Let me handle the rest of the things from here on.”

Immediately after…

In a blink of an eye, Luo Tian’s figure had punched out five times.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”

A faint sign of shock showed in Xuan Yuanyi’s gaze.

Luo Tian’s speed had exceeded his expectations.

The five from the Fierce Tiger Gang instantly toppled over and the system sounded off alert tones in Luo Tian’s mind.

There weren’t much experience points but his undefeated value went up by 5 points.

Luo Tian continued forward to Wu Hu’s side. While looking at his wounded condition, he asked with a faint smile: “We village bumpkins aren’t too bad huh?”

While saying this…

Luo Tian started searching all over Wu Hu’s body. Upon finding pouches of money, he threw them towards the elderly couple selling buns and said: “Old couple, quickly take this money and go home.”

The elderly couple almost started kowtowing to Luo Tian! After taking the money, they quickly disappeared down a small alleyway.

Wu Hu turned to look at Luo Tian fiercely and shouted: “If you dare to touch a single hair on this daddy, this daddy will make you regret ever being born in this world!”

“I will make you regret it!”

A single punch then smashed down!

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