Undefeatable – Ch224

Chapter 224 – Another Big Wave Of Experience

Wu Hu’s words were brusque and filled with hatred.

Luo Tian didn’t hesitate at all as he smashed Wu Hu’s head apart.

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Wu Hu. You have gained 1000 experience points, 300 profound energy…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining +1 to your Undefeated Value.”

No loot exploded out of his corpse.

Luo Tian didn’t really care because even if something did come out of a small time character like Wu Hu, it would still be nothing more than trash.

Loots were unimportant because the only thing Luo Tian wanted was undefeated points right now.

For anyone that deserved death, Luo Tian wasn’t going to let them off anymore. To him, they were all points to increase his undefeated value. In the future, he will attain all four divine beasts’ bloodlines and then fuse them together. Then he will finally have the capital to completely steamroll over Murong Wanjian.

Tang Tang came over and looked at Wu Hu lying in a pool of blood. There was no fear on her face and she actually asked in confusion: “Xuan Yuanyi could clearly kill all these people himself. How come you won’t let him do it and want to do it personally?”

Xuan Yuanyi also couldn’t understand this.

He could beat down a hundred of these trashes alone, and could kill them very quickly as well.

As the master, there was no need for Luo Tian to make a move.

But Xuan Yuanyi didn’t ask about this.

In the beginning, Xuan Yuanyi thought Luo Tian was testing his strength, but now he didn’t think that was the case anymore.

Luo Tian smiled mysteriously and looked at Tang Tang. “Maybe I wish to give a good performance in front of you? The time will soon come when your Ninth brother’s idol will beat me to the point of picking my teeth off the floor. If I help you vent your frustration on these gangsters, maybe you will tell him to soften his blows a bit…?”

Tang Tang started giggling.

Her smile was very stunning.

It was very beautiful. Even after disguising as a man, she still looked very beautiful.

Tang Tang said while laughing: “Hehehe, you damn scoundrel… so you really are afraid of my Ninth brother’s idol. En, not bad. This Miss will plead on your behalf in front of Ninth brother’s idol, but you have to listen to my words here on out. Otherwise…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Luo Tian raised his palm.


Tang Tang immediately zipped her mouth close and weakly said: “Big brother, I don’t dare…”

Luo Tian smiled in a smug manner and then said: “I naturally have my own reasons for it. Xuan Yuanyi, whenever I’m around in the future, you must always leave people on their last breath for me to kill.”

Xuan Yuanyi was considered a fierce big shot.

For him to kill these cultivators at the Profound Grandmaster realm was easier than cutting up cabbage.

Especially that Great Fault Divine Sword in his hands. If that sword swept out, most likely not even their shit would be left behind, let alone undefeated points.

That’s why…

Luo Tian gave him that command.

Xuan Yuanyi nodded and said: “Yes, master!”

Luo Tian was hiddenly annoyed as he said: “I am your brother so stop calling me master.”

Xuan Yuanyi maintained his simple minded stubborn ways and replied: “Yes, master!”

His simple mindedness could be compared to Feng Lei’s.

In regards to this, Luo Tian started thinking about Feng Lei. He then said to himself: “Fatty, where the hell are you?”

Heavenly Sword City was more complicated than what Luo Tian imagined.

It was also more chaotic than imagined.

They had just killed six people out in public and no one intervened. Not a single person from the government showed up. Could it be that the Great Tang Dynasty didn’t care about these matters?

In fact…

Luo Tian didn’t know that the northern city was a territory that was similar to a no man’s land.

As long as one didn’t initiate any mass slaughters within the northern city, the government wouldn’t bother with it. It has been like this for many years and it slowly became a hidden rule for everyone.


None of the forces or gangs in the northern city would dare to ignore the government. In fact, they were very afraid of the government because it was nonetheless the Great Tang Dynasty. Any random expert in their ranks could make them never rise up ever again.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go look for some breakfast.”

Luo Tian gave a shout and started walking towards a certain restaurant.

Tang Tang immediately followed and quickly asked: “Did you bring any money?”


Luo Tian became embarrassed.

He was very wealthy; extremely wealthy. But the denominations of his currency were too big and became too troubling to use normally. And most people will just look at him and call him a fraudster. How could a guy that looks like beggar have demon cores on him? And they were even attributed demon cores?


Luo Tian ran back to those Fierce Tiger Gang members in black and started rummaging through their corpses. After finding five pouches of money that added up to over a hundred taels of silver, he started laughing: “Hahaha… this daddy has money now!”

Luo Tian sauntered over to a restaurant with Tang Tang and Xuan Yuanyi.


Before Luo Tian could even enter, several waiters from the restaurant swiftly closed the door on them.

Luo Tian shouted: “Damn, you guys don’t even want to earn money?!”

They changed to several other restaurants on the street but the outcome was exactly the same. When workers saw those three, it was as if they saw a walking plague and immediately closed their doors.

It wasn’t just the restaurants…

People walking behind Luo Tian and company were whispering and pointing at them.

“The Prince of the Fierce Tiger Gang was killed by those three.”

“They aren’t even trying to run away? They really aren’t afraid of dying since they dare to provoke the Fierce Tiger Gang.”

“My guess is that those three won’t be able to see tomorrow’s sunrise.”

“Tomorrow’s sunrise? I’m afraid they won’t be able to even see the midday sun.”

Every time Luo Tian turned around, those pedestrians behind him would immediately shut their mouths and quickly scatter. It was as if they were afraid people would erroneously associate them with Luo Tian’s group.

“I refuse to believe this.”

“What’s the big deal about this gang? This daddy refuses to believe that he can’t eat when he has money!” Luo Tian shouted in an irritated manner.


A voice was heard saying: “On this street, you really won’t be able to eat anything even if you have money.”

Luo Tian turned around to take a look and realized there was fortune teller following behind. He was using blind person’s probing cane, there was a worn out flag in his other hand and he was carrying a rundown erhu¹.

On the flag was the words “Prophet Liu.”

Luo Tian was a bit startled and asked: “Why can’t we eat anything?”

Blindman Liu stopped and faintly smiled. He then asked: “Brother, do you want me to divine your fortune?”

Luo Tian replied in disdain: “My fate is controlled by me and not the heavens. Even if you make ten divinations for me, I can still change them all.”

Blindman Liu’s expression turned serious and his forehead showed a frown. The pupils in his blank looking eyes seem to widen as if he was trying to peer through Luo Tian. He then said: “What a good ‘my fate is controlled by me and not the heavens.’ If you don’t die today, come back to this street in search for me and I will point you towards a great path.”

After saying that…

Blindman Liu started tapping his cane and walking towards the end of the street. He then started humming a tune while saying: “My fate is controlled by me and not the heavens. A bloody massacre shall make its appearance. Surviving will allow you to ascend the heavens, except you will be in the midst of slaughter. Don’t kill, don’t die, don’t beg, and you shan’t ascend to heaven.”

Tang Tang started muttering: “Don’t kill, don’t die, don’t beg, and you shan’t ascend to heaven seems to mean something. And the beginning seems to be talking about you.”

Luo Tian was too lazy to bother with the fortune teller and said to Tang Tang: “Don’t listen to him; he’s probably just a fraud. Let’s continue looking for a place to eat.”

The Giant Fault Sword on Xuan Yuanyi’s shoulder suddenly descended at the low ready. There was a brief flash of light in his eyes as he faintly said: “I’m afraid we won’t have time to find a place to eat.”

Luo Tian also stopped.

His mouth formed a cold grin as he said: “It’s another big wave of experience points.”


¹ – Erhu is a 2 stringed bowed instrument.


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