Undefeatable – Ch225

Chapter 225 – This Is Going To Be A Massacre

“The Fierce Tiger Gang is at work. Those not involved move the f*ck aside!”

“The Fierce Tiger Gang is at work. Those not involved move the f*ck aside!”

In less than a minute, the lively street filled with people was now completely empty. The stores along the side of the streets closed their doors in unison, and even their windows were closed as tightly as possible. Along the cracks and crevices of the doorways were multiple eyeballs peering towards the street as if they were looking forward to seeing what was going to happen next.

They were all looking forward to one thing.

How Luo Tian and company were going to die.

Chopped to death by blades?

Shot to death by arrows?

Or was it like last time where someone was beaten to death before their corpse was stuffed into a sack and thrown into the river?


This time was a bit different than the last incident; the matter today was just too serious.

The Prince of the Fierce Tiger Gang was killed and his corpse was still lying at the end of the street. He had died a miserable death. His knees were shattered, his head smashed into mush, and his death might be even more miserable than what the Fierce Tiger Gang has ever done themselves.

“The streets are clear!”

“The streets are clear!”

Several deep voices came from the area of the Fierce Tiger Gang members.

Luo Tian turned around to look and muttered: “Holy crap! That speed is like out of this world! In a single moment, a lively street was turned into a completely dead street. It looks like gangs in this area have quite a powerful influence.”


He was indeed very shocked.

When they said to clear the streets, the streets were cleared almost instantly. And this was happening within an arm’s reach of the Emperor.

He’s actually allowing such forces to exist? Is this still a f*cking country that’s governed by laws and regulations?

Tang Tang exhaled before explaining: “The northern city is the most chaotic part of the Heavenly Sword City. Gangs constantly cause chaos and fight each other. As long as they don’t go to any extremes, the government will not interfere with their matters. But there is one important rule: The forces in the northern city aren’t allowed to spread their influence into other districts or else their organization will be instantly uprooted.”

Heavenly Sword City was separated into five major districts.

North, South, East, West, and the Center.

The center was where the imperial palace was, and it also happened to take up the most area. Living there were all the people of nobility, each having extremely prominent statuses. And this place wasn’t a place where someone with money could live in. One must have a status – at least a grade 1 official.

The eastern district was considered a grade 2 area.

This place was made up of subdivisions of the continents major sects, such as the Sea Cloud Sect etc.

Apart from these major sects, there were also some powerful clans such as the Violet organization.

The southern district was for the rich people.

The western district was considered the school district. Those major sects in Heavenly Sword City would setup some schools here and they were considered quite prestigious establishments.

And then there was the northern district, where people would usually call it the northern city.

This was a place where the rich disdained.

In their eyes, the northern city was the eyesore of Heavenly Sword City that was extremely shameful to mention.

Various gangs and forces committing multitudes of different crimes all mixed together. This place also had another name – the Underground District!

The people living here only believed in one thing – strength!

The strength of a gang or the strength of an individual. The stronger you were here, the higher your status would be! It was even possible for you to become a resident in the wealthy southern district!

Out of all the districts, the northern district was the most chaotic and also the weakest in power. The reason was that they were just made up of motley crews with no sense of discipline. No one saw them as equals. In the wealthy district, the residents there would call it a gathering of trash – basically the slums.

History showed that it has been at least a thousand years where the government hasn’t bothered with the northern district.

As long as there weren’t any large scale massacres, the government wouldn’t intervene in their business.

That’s why when Luo Tian killed six people; he didn’t see any government officials investigate the crime.

Luo Tian was a bit stunned so he asked: “Since the government doesn’t care, who’s in control?”

Tang Tang rolled her eyes at him and replied: “Whoever is the strongest is the one in charge.”

Luo Tian asked again: “Then who’s the strongest here?”

Tang Tang was in thought for a while before saying: “I remember Ninth brother say it’s someone called Madman Du. I think his cultivation level is at the Profound King 5th rank and is considered the northern city’s king. As for whether that’s true or not, I have no clue… but I do know who’s the strongest on this street.

Luo Tian asked: “Who?”


Tang Tang pointed to a guy about fifty years old crouched next to Wu Hu’s corpse before continuing: “Him of course! The boss of the Fierce Tiger Gang.”


“You’re such a smart girl.” Luo Tian smiled once before turning his attention towards a large crowd of minions wearing the black robes of the Fierce Tiger Gang. He then reminded in a soft voice: “Xuan Yuanyi, remember not to kill them. Leave them on their last breath so that I can kill them.”

Xuan Yuanyi nodded foolishly and said: “En.”


“Fu’er, Fu’er…” ¹

“Where’s the person that killed my son?!” Wu Xiao roared out. The veins on his forehead could be seen and the aura on his body exploded out directly forming a phantom image of a tiger. The tiger started roaring into the air causing the whole street to shake.


The greened eyed white tiger revealed its powers for all to see.

“Leader, it’s those three over there.”

“Kill them to avenge our Prince!”

“Kill them to avenge our Prince!”

Many minions started chanting loudly together. A fierce light flashed in their eyes before they coldly glared at Luo Tian and company.

Tang Tang then said in an irritated manner: “Mere common civilians dare to call themselves a Prince? They don’t even know the immensity of the heavens or the earth. If the Palace Guards were here, they would definitely all lose their lives.”

Luo Tian laughed and said: “If the Palace Guards were here, you’d be captured and then be attending an engagement ceremony with that Nangong Hao. Hahaha…”

“You damn scoundrel, you…” Tang Tang fiercely glared at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian smiled happily in response. Upon seeing a bunch of Fierce Tiger Gang members rushing towards them, he reminded her: “Girl, you need to take care of yourself and don’t get injured. I can’t afford the consequences of your precious body being damaged. If your Ninth brother’s idol finds out, I’ll be pretty much screwed.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian looked over at Xuan Yuanyi and said: “Go!”

Immediately after…

The two of them rushed forth with gloomy eyes containing killing intent.

This kind of scene reminded Luo Tian of the TV series of his previous life, The Bund. ² Recalling those crazy fight scenes, his heart couldn’t help start feeling excited. Once upon a time, he too fantasized himself as brother Xiao Ma that slaughtered his way through many territories!

“Clang~… clang~…”

The chain on the Great Fault sword started giving off sounds of metal colliding together.

A person and sword with their aura’s as one was quite domineering.

Luo Tian sighed to himself and said: “What a fierce guy… he’s definitely some top notch fierce guy.”

Seeing Luo Tian and Xuan Yuanyi rushing over, the phantom tiger above Wu Xiao started roaring out again. He then angrily shouted: “Did you two little mongrels know who he was?!”

Luo Tian coldly smiled and replied: “I do, he was a little beast.”

“You’re courting death!”

“Even if the Emperor comes today, he wouldn’t be able to save you guys!”

In an instant…

Wu Xiao angrily shouted: “Kill them for me! I want them to die a miserable death ten thousand times worse than Fu’er!”




Their voices shook the skies and was heard several streets over.

Other gangs started running over and hiding in the corners to observe everything.

Luo Tian swept his eyes past the minions of the Fierce Tiger Gang and started counting. “One, two, three… eighteen… fifty-seven… awesome! There’s at least a hundred undefeated points here!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed and the killing intent billowed out of his body. “Xuan Yuanyi, kill them for me!”


¹ – Just a reminder, he is calling his son Fu’er. The ‘er part at the end is a form of intimacy when addressing someone.
² – The Bund is a famous TV series made in Hong Kong, comparable to the asian Godfather. It starred the young Chow Yun-fat who has appeared in a few western movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

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