Undefeatable – Ch226

Chapter 226 – Crushed!

“The Fierce Tiger Gang is going to war!”

“The Fierce Tiger Gang is going to war!”

“Who dared to touch the Fierce Tiger Gang’s street? It was Forefather Du that gifted them that street to take care of and no one has dared to move against it these past two years. Who on earth has the courage to go against Forefather Du? Do they not want to survive in the northern city anymore?”

“I have no clue. It seems like their opponent consists of three people and they somehow killed Tiger Wu’s son. They don’t seem to be people of the northern city and look like foreigners.”

“A bunch of greenhorns?”

“Could it be that they want to step on Wu Xiao’s old tiger head in order to rise up?”

“Then they’re in way over their heads. Wu Xiao’s cultivation is at the peak of the Profound Spirit 9th rank, and is considered one of the top experts in the northern city. Those three greenhorns are basically seeking their own deaths.”


The matters of the Fierce Tiger Gang were spreading out super fast.

This piece of news basically exploded in the northern city in less than half an hour.

Many people were discussing this.

Many people ran over to watch.

But no one dared to directly step into the Fierce Tiger Gang’s territory.

The reason was very simple: Forefather Du had given this street to Tiger Wu to take care of. Without his okay, no one would dare step foot onto it because Forefather Du was the King of the northern city!

None of the other forces dared to provoke him.


Apart from being at the Profound King realm, Forefather Du had relationships with many big bosses in the wealthy district.

He was at a position that no one dared to shake!

No one dared to touch his subordinates either, which was something everyone in the northern city was clear on.

Luo Tian and company appeared out of nowhere and suddenly killed Tiger Wu’s son. This had already violated Forefather Du’s bottom line, so even if Luo Tian and company wants to live, death is their only outcome.

Just as Blindman Liu divined, a bloody crisis will appear!


Luo Tian was never afraid of things getting out of hand.

He was only afraid that there would be no one left for him to kill!

After killing people, he would gain experience and undefeated points. To him, this was similar to people’s desire of eating meat and drinking alcohol – it was a very enjoyable thing to experience.

When it came to gangs like the Fierce Tiger Gang, Luo Tian felt disgusted with their actions. They didn’t even let an elderly couple selling buns on the street off, and would beat them up nonchalantly. Such a gang to Luo Tian was just a bunch of beasts and had no reason to continue existing in this world.

Since they were beasts, then there was no need for Luo Tian to show mercy!


Luo Tian’s desire to slaughter had appeared.


“Leave not a single one behind!”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed while he clenched his fists tightly. “Level 2 Magma Fire!”



His hands and legs turned into magma that gave off a blistering heat.

Xuan Yuanyi was a bit startled as he was stunned by the aura coming from Luo Tian. He felt like he gained a new understanding to Luo Tian’s abilities.

There was only a slight change to Wu Xiao’s gaze as he coldly smiled. “So it’s just a Profound Spirit 9th ranker. This daddy is at the peak of Profound Spirit 9th rank, an invincible existence under the Profound King realm. A little kid like you should just go to hell for me!”

Wu Xiao was extremely confident in his own strength.

The confidence he had came from him personally killing six other Profound Spirit 9th rankers in the past.

In his eyes, he was the king of all Profound Spirit 9th rankers, an invincible existence!

Luo Tian coldly laughed once before saying: “Bla bla bla your sister! Every damn retard tells this daddy that he’s invincible under the Profound King realm. Invincible your sister! This daddy hasn’t even mentioned that yet so what f*cking qualifications do you guys have to say you’re invincible?!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian said in an irritated manner: “Xuan Yuanyi, those minions will be left for you. I will go and slap that old thing to his death!”

Xuan Yuanyi nodded seriously. The Giant Fault Divine Sword in his hand started exuding its might. As the sword was waved through the air, multiple illusory phantom images of the sword appeared which created an oppressive pressure. If Luo Tian hadn’t made him leave these people on their last breath, he would’ve used another sword skill.

“Apes Traversing To Heaven!”

“One sword splits a mountain!”

Two sword skills were simultaneously casted out. The weapons those minions were holding were directly shattered by the sword qi, clanging to the ground in small broken pieces. This clearly showed they weren’t even on the same fighting level as Xuan Yuanyi!

Those minions were then being oppressed by the formless pressure until they were forced down in a bent position.

Only those that were in the Profound Spirit realm were able to barely withstand it. They all rushed forward with more zeal albeit having pale faces.

On Luo Tian’s side.

Luo Tian didn’t stop as he shouted: “Level 3 Shadewind Steps, Thousand Phantoms!”

“Raging Tiger Shatters the Heavens!”

Wu Xiao’s fists started moving, and the green eyed white tiger condensed by his aura opened up its mouth and starting roaring. The energy ripples surrounding his fists exploded forth with extra power as it smashed towards the phantom image of Luo Tian.

“Playing these pony tricks in front of me? You’re still too green!”

Luo Tian’s Shadewind Steps was seen through by him!

Luo Tian’s figure was locked down by Wu Xiao’s fist.

The strength behind the fist was extremely powerful as it smashed over with might that was capable of shattering space.

It was similar to an unstoppable force!

Luo Tian’s mouth turned into a cold sneer as he said: “So what if you can see this daddy’s actual body? I’m only here to get close to you and show you what an invincible existence under the Profound King realm really is.”

“Level 3 Berserk!”


Eight times his base attributes exploded forth, and Luo Tian’s aura drastically changed.


Luo Tian didn’t meet Wu Xiao’s strike head on because he thought that it was meaningless. It was best to use the strongest power for absolute suppression when dealing with overly proud people like him. Luo Tian wanted to use a single slap to slap him to death. That’ll teach him to act arrogant in front of him! That’ll teach him for hopping around like a damn clown!

“Eternal Kingdom!”


A dark colored spatial domain shot out from Luo Tian’s body.

In a blink of an eye…

Wu Xiao was enshrouded by the Eternal Kingdom skill.


Wu Xiao felt like the world had been somehow frozen. Time stopped, and the power surrounding his fists stopped as well. He then felt a burst of fear inside him growing while thinking: “How is this possible? How could this be happening? A martial skill containing spatial laws? Even those big sects don’t have this! How could a country bumpkin cultivate such a powerful martial skill?”

Luo Tian coldly smirked and walked over. Upon seeing Wu Xiao’s look of horror, he said in a gloomy manner: “Now do you know what an invincible existence under the Profound King realm is? This daddy is telling you that right now!”

As his voice faded…

The full power of level 3 Berserk condensed in Luo Tian’s right arm before flowing to his palms. Luo Tian then fiercely slapped forth.


Wu Xiao was directly slapped to the ground. His head heavily struck the ground and completely destroyed the tiles of the floor into little tiny pieces.

Also at this moment, the Eternal Kingdom’s skill timer was up.

Wu Xiao’s face paled while clenching his jaws so hard that cracking sounds could be heard. He then angrily roared: “You little mongrel, this daddy will not spare…”

Before he could finish his sentence…

Luo Tian took advantage of the situation and struck out with a punch. His fist once again landed on Wu Xiao’s face as he yelled: “So much arrogance! Try acting arrogant in front of this daddy again!”


Another punch smashed out!

Wu Xiao’s face instantly resembled a pig’s head. His cheeks were red and swollen, and he himself was quite an embarrassing sight to behold.

An invincible existence under the Profound King realm?

A sorry looking thing like him was invincible?

Luo Tian coldly smiled and said: “Invincible with your abilities? Invincible your sister! Go die for this daddy!”

“Damn dog bastard!”

“If you dare kill me, all eighteen generations of your family will accompany me in burial! I am Forefather Du’s godson! If you kill me, my godfather will make your soul tremble with your miserable death!” Wu Xiao maintained his arrogant tone.

In the northern city, Forefather Du was the King.

As for him, he was Forefather Du’s godson, an existence that no one would dare kill.

Luo Tian didn’t bother talking nonsense with him anymore. He directly stomped down and crushed Wu Xiao’s head. “Damn it! Still f*cking acting arrogant in front of this daddy?!”


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