Undefeatable – Ch227

Chapter 227 – Establishing A Gang, Flame Dragon

“What this daddy hates the most is someone acting arrogant in front of me.”

“And you’re about to die yet you’re still acting so arrogant? Did your mother give birth to you with that courage?”

Luo Tian harrumphed twice before his fist fiercely smashed down.

A single punch to crush his head!

The system immediately gave an alert.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Wu Xiao. You have gained 6000 experience points, 2000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a medium grade xuan stone and a 4 low grade xuan stones.

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Tiger’s Mystical Form skill. Will you be cultivating it?”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a Fierce Tiger Decree. Will you be establishing your own gang?”

“Holy shit!”

“A Fierce Tiger Decree?”

“Establishing a gang? What’s going on? Could it really be some special item to establish one’s own gang?” Luo Tian was a bit stunned. Once he opened up the system interface to look into it, he then mumbled: “It’s actually real!”

Item: Fierce Tiger Decree

Description: This item is the token of the Fierce Tiger Gang and can be used to establish one’s own gang. There is only one chance to modify it so please choose carefully.

Description 2: This item is considered a low grade item for establishing a gang. The maximum members you can have are 100 people.

Description 3: Taking over this token means one can seize the Fierce Tiger Gang’s territory.


“Interesting… very interesting.”

“I never imagined that I could only watch those gang bosses on television in my previous life, but now in this world, I can get to experience that here. Hahaha…” Luo Tian couldn’t hold it in anymore and started laughing out loud.

Anyone trying to make a living in this world would want to rise up in the ranks of success.

All those gang movies in his previous life had caused many teenagers to worship that society.

But those were all just movies where actors acted for the viewers; it couldn’t be taken for reality.

Who didn’t want the dream of being the big boss of a gang? A bunch of subordinates; plenty of girls swarming around you; and a single call would summon hundreds of people carrying machetes to kill for you. These types of scenes had once played through Luo Tian’s mind many many times.

Luo Tian’s mouth turned into a smile as he muttered: “What kind of name should I give it?”


“Those people have been taken care of.”

Xuan Yuanyi placed the Giant Fault Sword on his shoulder while looking at Luo Tian. He was staring with heated eyes as Luo Tian’s status in his heart had risen to another level.

Spatial laws!

It was capable of instantly crushing Wu Xiao who was at the peak of the Profound Spirit 9th rank.

This master of his was not simple at all.

Luo Tian regained his senses had laughed: “Haha… I almost forgot about them.”

Seeing those half-dead looking Fierce Tiger Gang members on the ground, Luo Tian said with a sneer: “You bunch of scumbags! Committing murder and all sorts of evils, today this daddy will send you all to hell for your deeds.”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Level 3!”

“Explode for me…!”

After shouting that out, storm clouds in the sky started accumulating. Countless lightning streaked through the stormy clouds before they started descending, destroying over a hundred Fierce Tiger Gang minions.

The system’s alert tones were sounding off continuously.


“Undefeated value +1.”

“Undefeated value +1.”


Luo Tian glanced at all those messages and said internally: “Awesome! If I could increase my undefeated points everyday like this, then it won’t be long until I can fuse all four divine beast bloodlines together! Hahaha…”

Undefeated points!

The only thing that can be exchanged for the undefeated bloodlines.

Luo Tian could only count on killing people to gain them.

Every single person he kills would increase his undefeated value by a bit.

In this world where the law of the jungle was prevalent, a person’s life was of little value. Killing people was a very easy task; a Profound Spirit 9th ranker killing people was even easier. But Luo Tian didn’t wantonly kill innocents; those he killed all deserved their deaths.

He has never thought of himself as a good person.

But he was definitely not some bloodthirsty psychotic killer.

“Come, you two come over!” Luo Tian said loudly.

Xuan Yuanyi looked at Luo Tian.

Tang Tang who was off to a distance also looked at Luo Tian.

Their gazes were similar to each other; they both looked at Luo Tian like they were looking at freak.

Xuan Yuanyi’s heart beat had increased a bit as he asked himself: “What kind of person is he exactly? He’s been exceeding my expectations time after time. He’s so young yet has cultivated so many heaven defying martial skills: He knows spatial laws; can instantly explode forth with greater power; has a martial skill that’s capable of changing his hands and legs into magma; has a movement skill that turns him into the wind; and has a lightning skill that summons storm clouds filled with lightning strikes. The martial skills he cultivates are all over the place yet how did he manage to be so proficient in all of them?”

He couldn’t figure it out.

The more he thought about it, the more puzzled he became.

In the Tianxuan Continent, martial skills reigned supreme.

A set of good martial skills was extremely rare, and a martial cultivator would struggle their whole lives in order to perfect it. But the martial skills that Luo Tian trained in were all extremely powerful. The most surprising thing was a typical person only trained in certain types of martial skills that was related to their expertise, whereas Luo Tian trained in all different types. And he was able to exhibit the martial skill’s power to their utmost ability. This…

What the hell is going on?

Xuan Yuanyi, a youth of the demon clan couldn’t understand this.

Luo Tian had completely turned his understanding of martial skills upside down.

It was the same with Tang Tang.

Except she felt Luo Tian was becoming more and more mysterious and she couldn’t figure him out.

Did this kid really come to Heavenly Sword City to look for his wife? He really wasn’t here to participate in the battles of the Heaven or Earth rankings list?

This was too inconceivable!

“Why are you two in a daze?”

“Quickly come over, I’ve got some serious matters to discuss with you two.” Luo Tian anxiously said.

Around this time…

Blindman Liu appeared out of nowhere.

He didn’t make a single sound.

He was like a ghost that floated right up behind Luo Tian. He smiled revealing his yellow teeth and asked: “May I ask this hero if you’re accepting people?”

Luo Tian jumped in shock. He turned around to look at Blindman Liu and shouted: “Damnit! When the hell did you get here? Can you not act like a ghost floating around in the middle of the day? You can scare someone to death like that!”

Blindman Liu wasn’t bothered by those words and asked again: “May I ask this hero if you’re accepting people?”

Luo Tian looked at Blindman Liu and asked in confusion: “Accepting what people?”

Blindman Liu started chuckling, showing his yellow teeth that looked like they hadn’t been brushed in decades. He then excitedly said: “Tiger Wu has been beaten to death by you and the Fierce Tiger Gang has been annihilated. You are currently the boss of the Fierce Tiger Gang so… heh heh…”

Blindman Liu rubbed his hands together and revealed a wretched looking smile. “So, are you accepting people?”

This was the rule of the northern city.

Once a gang was annihilated, those that destroyed it would take over the territories.

Luo Tian was stunned, “Your speed is too damn fast!”

At this time, Tang Tang and Xuan Yuanyi came over.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “You two came just in time. Since we don’t have a place to stay in Heavenly Sword City and the northern city is a jumble of people from all walks of life, I feel like it’s perfect for us. How about we stay here for now and figure out what to do in the future?”


“I have no problem with that.” Tang Tang jumped in excitement.

Xuan Yuanyi replied: “I have no problem with it either.”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “I do have a question right now: I want to establish a gang here so what name do you guys think we should use?”


“Establish a gang? Awesome! Bro, you are too fierce! This Miss has always dreamed of establishing a gang and then killing our way through all obstacles. Just thinking about it makes me super excited!” Tang Tang showed incomparable enthusiasm.

Xuan Yuanyi didn’t say a thing because this wasn’t a question he cared about.

Blindman Liu then offered: “How about calling it the Prophet Gang?”

Luo Tian completely ignored him and muttered: “A descendant of the Yellow Emperor is in a foreign world. A descendant of a dragon shall display their divine might – let’s call it Flame Dragon Gang!”

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