Undefeatable – Ch228

Chapter 228 – Summoning Brothers To Kill Their Way Over

“Extra extra, read all about it!”

“Tiger Wu was beaten to death, and the Flame Dragon Gang was established!”

“Tiger Wu was beaten to death by a foreign bumpkin! The Flame Dragon Gang is established under the eyelids of Forefather Du!”

“Forefather Du’s godson was beaten to death by a bumpkin from the countryside! Without the permission of Forefather Du, the Flame Dragon Gang was established…”

News were flying everywhere.

In less than a day, the entire northern city had heard about it.

On main roads and small alleyways, people were all discussing this in small tea shops to large restaurants.

“One look at those three greenhorns and you can tell they’re bumpkins from the countryside. They actually dare to cause trouble in Forefather Du’s territories… In less than three days, I bet there’ll be three extra corpses in the moat.”

“I’m surprised there are still people here that don’t fear death. Even if you want to rise up the ranks, you need to take a good look at what place this is and what people run it. Wu Xiao was a godson that Forefather Du favored so now that he was beaten to death, Forefather Du will definitely be pissed. If he ever gets angry, I’m afraid the north district will experience a magnitude 3 earthquake.”

“We’ll just sit back and watch how those three will die here on out.”

“Hahaha… since the Fierce Tiger Gang was destroyed, I’m afraid Forefather Du won’t even have time to make a move before those three are sent to hell. How many gangs have been eyeing the Fierce Tiger Gang’s territories? Since they were destroyed, won’t those gangs just take advantage of the muddy waters to rise up?”

There were various discussions and guesses among the common mass.

But all conclusions lead to the same outcome – Luo Tian and company were going to die!


Their deaths will be extremely miserable.


Inside Feng Lei’s courtyard.

“Boss, I heard this morning that the Fierce Tiger Gang was destroyed by three foreign kids.”

Feng Lei’s body was covered in bandaged wounds. Last night he fought with Poison Dragon and suffered some injuries, but the Poison Dragon Gang had been destroyed by his group.

An Chunchun was off to the side playing with some goldfish inside a tank.

To the side of her was Ghost Dragon quietly guarding her. Except for its skeletal structure being larger than before, it was still expressionless like usual. Its two eyes that exuded a death aura also seemed to be stronger than before.

Feng Lei’s brows tightened and said: “I wonder who is it that’s so fierce? Could it be that they want to rise up the ranks in the north district before they participate in the Heaven and Earth ranking battles?”

“No way!”

“The north district only has a quota of five people, so we can’t let them take it away!” Feng Lei growled.

No matter if it was the Heaven ranking battles or the Earth ranking battles, they both needed qualifications.

As for the north district, they were only given the small quota of five people!

This was their only springboard.

This was a springboard to establishing a greater force, and was the ideal opportunity to rise up amongst the rabble.

Feng Lei didn’t want to miss the opportunity because this was the only way he could interact with people with higher statuses. Only then would he be able to get some news on An Chunchun’s mother. These past eight months, Feng Lei had been investigating any sort of news about her but never heard anything back.

The only piece of news he got that maybe related to her was that in a month and a half, there would be an auction that was on an unprecedented level.

Rumor says…

The auction would have someone of the demon fox clan!

In order to attain this piece of news, Feng Lei had paid a big price for it.

Before reuniting with his boss, Feng Lei had to figure out where An Chunchun’s mother was imprisoned at. He absolutely could not allow her to appear in the auction because only after reaching Heavenly Sword City did he find out how much money a mature demon fox woman would cost.

He didn’t have enough money. Even if he earned a lifetime of money, it would still not be enough.

The only method was to rescue her before the auction begins!

“I heard the Green Leaf Sect, the Hungry Wolf Sect, and several large forces will be attending. I heard they were using this opportunity to swallow the Dragon Flame Gang and give Forefather Du a good performance. Perhaps they might even be qualified to participate in the Heaven rankings battle!”

Forefather Du is the person of the north district that controls the five quotas. Only if he nods his head will one be qualified to participate, otherwise you can only dream of taking a step out of the northern city!

Feng Lei’s brows furrowed before saying: “This can’t go on; we can’t let them seize this opportunity ahead of us. We should go stir up some trouble as well since they can quit dreaming of taking credit in front of Forefather Du. If I was given another months’ time, I would definitely be able to carve out a piece of land belonging to me. By that time, I will definitely be able to compete for one of those quotas.”

This quota was specially prepared for Luo Tian.

Feng Lei had once said after leaving Jade Mountain City that he would take care of everything. The only thing his boss had to do was arrive at Heavenly Sword City!

“Summon our brothers; we’re heading over to the Fierce Tiger Gang’s headquarters!”


Northern city.

In a manor that was considered rather luxurious.

“Forefather; since Wu Xiao has died, don’t you think we should express some type of action?”

A person was lying on a rocking chair, smoking a hookah and puffing up clouds. Behind him were two servants gently rocking the chair for him.

On the rocking chair…

Was a male that looked like he was just skin and bones.

The male’s eyes were closed and his expression calm. After puffing out some smoke, he then said in a feminine voice: “There would naturally be people taking care of those three outsiders who don’t know anything. If I even have to action on such a simple task, why should I bother supporting those pieces of trash?”

His voice was high pitched just like a woman’s.

One could see this male had no adam’s apple, no beard, and barely any hair on his body.

He should be a eunuch!

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The skinny looking man’s eyes widened as he faintly said: “Over a hundred people in the Fierce Tiger Gang was killed so this should be considered a massacre right? Go notify Official Liu and see if he’s going to take care of the situation or not.”

“Understood, I’ll take care of that right now.”

The skinny looking man then said: “Those three bumpkins easily annihilated the Fierce Tiger Gang, so it looks like those three really want to rise up in the northern city. Overconfident fools… Tell Kun to check it out. If the government officials can’t handle it well, he can make a move himself.”


“I’ll take care of it right now!”


At the main gates of the Fierce Tiger Gang’s headquarters stood four people.

Luo Tian looked at the messy courtyard. Many things were either broken or shattered, making the whole place look like it was in ruins.

Once Wu Xiao died, the rest of their members all scattered. All the valuable things in this place were taken by them and only the manor was left in this condition.


This was still considered a place for them to live.

At least it was better than sleeping under the eaves of someone’s roof like last night.

The important thing was…

The northern city was a chaotic place, so the palace guards, the Black Dragon Guards, and the killers motivated by the Sea Cloud Sect shouldn’t be able to find them for a short period of time. Even if they did find them, this place was where fish and dragons all mingle together and wasn’t an easy place to infiltrate. That’s why Luo Tian decided to camp here for the time being.

They’ll figure out their future after stabilizing their daily needs first.

Luo Tian had a little bit over a month to find the whereabouts of An Chunchun’s mother.

Whether it be an auction or an under the table transaction, he must rescue her. This was all about the promise he made to An Chunchun and the prospective rewards for completing an S-rank quest. There’s also that 10,000 points of favorability…

Luo Tian stepped past the entrance and said: “From today onwards, this will be our home.”


Tang Tang nodded excitedly. She had lived in the imperial palace for over a decade plus and had never experienced so much excitement like these past two days. Due to this reason, she planned on hanging around with Luo Tian for a few more days. She was thinking that with this kid around, there would always be excitement and surprises abound.

Xuan Yuanyi silently went about the courtyard and started cleaning up the place.

Luo Tian glanced at Blindman Liu and said: “Mr. Prophet, you wanted to join us right? I’ll give you a chance – tidy up this place for me.”

Blindman Liu was stunned. He then tapped the probing cane in his hand and said: “I’m a blind person…”

“Blind your sister!”

“Don’t think this daddy can’t see through it.”

Blindman Liu was shocked as he lowered his eyes. He then smiled slyly: “I will go right away!”


“You can pretend to be anything yet you pretend to be blind?!”

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