Undefeatable – Ch229

Chapter 229 – Let Me Do It!

The few of them were busying themselves up until the evening hours, and managed to clean up the courtyard.

Luo Tian went into the kitchen.

The kitchen didn’t have anything valuable except for some leftover ingredients, so he went and started up a fire.

In less than half an hour, five dishes and a soup was set upon the table.

It was unknown from where Blindman Liu found a jar of wine, but everyone received a full cup. Just when he was about to talk about some random topics…

Luo Tian stood up and said: “Come, let us drink to our new home.”

The four of them stood up, clinked their cups and downed the wine.

The strong wine coursed down the throat and heated up his stomach. Luo Tian wasn’t really use to it so his face started turning red. He then said happily: “Since we now have a shelter for us to stay at, we will consider it the headquarters of our Flame Dragon Gang.”

Blindman Liu immediately chuckled and said: “You will be the head dragon and I’ll be the second dragon.”

Luo Tian rolled his eyes at him and said: “Why bother with the head dragon and second dragon titles? All those entering the Flame Dragon Gang are brothers, and there’s no distinction of higher or lower statuses. Since you love being second so much, don’t call yourself Blindman Liu from here on out. You will now be Liu Er.” (Liu Two)

“No, no, no!”

“I’d rather continue be called Blindman Liu then.” said Blindman Liu.

Tang Tang covered her mouth and started giggling.

She was very happy today; much happier than when she was in the imperial palace.

Xuan Yuanyi had his head lowered while eating. He was eating very quickly and fiercely like he hadn’t eaten in a decade. Eating the delicious tasting dishes, there was a sense of admiration towards Luo Tian from the bottom of his heart.


A person that’s capable of cultivating so many random martial skills to such high proficiency and is also able to cook up a great tasting dish; what kind of awesome existence is that?

Tang Tang was picking up some more food before saying happily: “You smelly scoundrel, who would’ve imagined you were so capable in the kitchen. It’s even better than the dishes I eat at the imperial… Yellow Immortal Restaurant.” ¹

Immediately after…

Tang Tang looked at Blindman Liu wolfing down the food and said: “Blindman, didn’t you say there was going to be a bloody crisis? Today is about to be over so where’s that bloody crisis? Are you actually some type of fraudster? I’m never going to believe in fortune telling ever again.”

Blindman Liu finished the mouthful of rice before revealing his yellow teeth with a smile. He then said: “Today isn’t over yet. Don’t you see there’s a dark aura around his head? Something big will definitely happen tonight.”


“Blindman, do you believe that I will really make you blind?” Luo Tian continued: “Do you enjoy cursing me or something?”

Blindman Liu then said seriously: “You guys really think I’m trying to cheat you? If I really did lie to people, do you think that I, Prophet Liu would survive until now? I, Prophet Liu will never speak bullshit. This was all calculated one step at a time according to my abilities, that’s why I dare to give myself the title of Prophet.”

Luo Tian directly gave him the middle finger since he didn’t believe his words.

At this time…

The manor’s front entrance that was just fixed this afternoon collapsed!


“All the pieces of shit from the Flame Dragon Gang better scram out here for this daddy!”

A large crowd of people were rushing over.

Everyone had ferocious expressions with killing intent while holding onto large machetes.


“The daddy just fixed the door this afternoon! It hasn’t even reached nighttime yet and it’s already ruined!” Luo Tian’s anger was rising up like crazy.

Smashing someone’s entrance was a taboo!

It was similar to destroying someone’s house.

This basically meant the offenders wanted the inhabitants to die.

Xuan Yuanyi put down his bowl and chopsticks. He then gently wiped his mouth before saying: “I’ll do it!”

Blindman Liu started chuckling before saying: “I didn’t say it wrong right? You guys look; this is just the first wave. There’s going to countless waves after this. There’s only three of you and there’s one that doesn’t have any battle power. The bloody crisis cannot be averted…”

“I dare you to keep talking…”

“You guys you guys, aren’t YOU someone of the Flame Dragon Gang too?”

“If something happens to us, you won’t be able to escape either. This daddy should throw you out there first then!” Shouted Luo Tian.

Blindman Liu immediately lowered his head and didn’t dare to say anything more.

Xuan Yuanyi instantly shot out and arrived at the main entrance.

A single person with a sword immediately forced those people back. He then coldly said: “I will give you guys one minute to fix the front door and then apologize by kowtowing. After doing all this, you guys can then scram away for me.”

“Oh really?!”

“You’re that dog thing that was selling your own body and your sword right?”

“You dare to speak to your daddy like that? Do you know who this daddy is?”

“I am the Vice Leader of the Green Leaf Sect, Qian Ba!”

Xuan Yuanyi didn’t respond and didn’t even glance at him. He was quietly counting: “18, 19, 20…”

“This daddy is talking to you! Do you not hear my words?!”

“Fellow brothers, beat him up for me!”

“Pretending to be cool in front of me? Who the hell do you think you are?!” Qian Ba angrily shouted. He then waved his hand and over a dozen subordinates of his rushed forth with their machetes.



Xuan Yuanyi was still counting and not even looking at them.


“One minute is up.”

Xuan Yuanyi first glanced at Luo Tian in the main hall.

Luo Tian then loudly said: “Same old rules.”

Xuan Yuanyi nodded: “Understood!”

Immediately after…

The chain on Great Fault started moving with ear grating clanging noises. The large and heavy sword was lowered to the ground as it exploded with an unstoppable sword aura. The aura then started fluctuating at the same rhythm as Xuan Yuanyi’s body.

In an instant…

Xuan Yuanyi’s aura enshrouded all the people in front of him. He then shouted: “Nether Sword!”

The sword qi on the blade formed a netherworld like ghost before rushing out.

Wherever the sword qi swept through, sounds of ghostly mourning made this place like a living hell.

As the sword qi retreated…

A powerful sword intent then rushed straight towards Qian Ba whose face was pale and his whole body shaking.

Qian Ba had already lost all courage while his legs shook from fear. He never imagined this idiotic looking Xuan Yuanyi was capable of exploding forth with such power. The craziest thing of all was that large rusted sword of his exploded forth with a power they terrified the crap out of everyone.

Within an instant…

A sharp arrow shot out!


The powerful sword intent was shaken by the arrow!

The arrow fell down and a figure moved. His lips revealed a cold smile as he said: “What a strong sword intent, but the strength is a bit weak. After injuring so many brothers of mine, you should go to hell for me now!”

Luo Tian made a slight movement and then said: “Eh?”

“An elite monster?”

“Could he be the boss of the Green Leaf Sect?”

Wu Xiao was considered an elite monster since his body had traces of a golden glow. Upon killing him, his corpse exploded with a Fierce Tiger Gang decree and several xuan stones as loot.

Xuan Yuanyi’s right hand started moving, and the Great Fault Sword started exuding a powerful sword aura. His face was expressionless but his power was silently condensing. The aura on his body started changing dramatically and the surrounding environment immediately developed an oppressive pressure.

Demon clan.

Their strength was extremely powerful.

Almost every demon clan member was innately born with super strength.

Being ridiculed by others for being weak made Xuan Yuanyi angry, but he didn’t reveal this on his face.

It was unknown when…

Luo Tian appeared behind Xuan Yuanyi while patting his shoulder with an excited smile on his face. “Let me do it! Heh heh…”


¹ – Imperial and yellow are pronounced the same in Chinese so Tang Tang corrected herself to not leak her identity.

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