Undefeatable – Ch230

Chapter 230 – Damn, One Wave After Another

Of course he couldn’t miss out on an elite monster!

Xuan Yuanyi was very angry, but he still withdrew.

Luo Tian looked at the Sect Leader of the Green Leaf Sect and said with a smile: “The door to my manor has been smashed by your people, so how are you going to compensate me?”

“How do you want me to compensate?” Qian Hong asked while touching the bow strapped to his wrist. Several arrows were currently being aimed at Luo Tian’s head. At such a close distance, most likely no one would be able to dodge it. Qian Hong then unconsciously displayed a cold smile on his face.

Luo Tian shrugged and said: “Smashing someone’s door means they didn’t want people inside to continue living. Since they didn’t want us to live, then they should compensate with their own lives!”

“Compensate with their own lives?”

“Good, good, very good.” Qian Hong had a smug smile on his face as he turned his wrist around. He then shouted: “Then this daddy will compensate you with your own life!”

“Storm Blossom!”

Qian Hong gave a throaty roar.

The arrows from his wrist-bow shot out like a storm; their white flashes were similar to the opening of the pear blossoms.

Luo Tian faced certain death at such a close range!

The moment over a dozen arrows shot out, Qian Hong showed an arrogant smile as he shouted: “A greenhorn with your capabilities dreams of rising up in the northern city? I really don’t understand how Tiger Wu was killed by you!”

Luo Tian’s brows tightened as he took several steps back. Seeing how over a dozen arrows had sealed off his escape routes, he coldly smiled. He then pointed at Qian Hong and said: “You don’t understand? Then this daddy will show you how he died!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s brows quivered as he shouted: “Eternal Kingdom!”


The force of spatial laws shot out from Luo Tian’s body…

Instantly encasing Qian Hong within its sphere of influence.

Qian Hong’s expression hiddenly changed. He could feel there was a slight change to the environment but couldn’t really pinpoint what it was. He could only feel a slight uncomfortable feeling at the bottom of his heart.

Eternal Kingdom.

It was capable of restricting any martial cultivator at the same cultivation level or lower than Luo Tian’s.

Space itself was omnipresent, that’s why the martial cultivators not stronger than Luo Tian couldn’t sense its existence nor break through it.

And within the space of Eternal Kingdom, Luo Tian was the overlord!

Luo Tian made a thought and all the arrows in front of him stopped. Luo Tian then started picking off one arrow after another that was floating in midair. He looked at the dumbstruck Qian Hong and sneered: “Now you know why Tiger Wu died right?”

As his voice faded…

The Eternal Kingdom skill’s timer was up.

Also at this instant, Luo Tian roared in his mind: “Level 3 Berserk!”

Is figure shot out like lightning and his fists became palms. He then shouted: “Primordial Chaos Palm!”



The blood in Qian Hong’s chest started boiling as his figure was smashed flying.

Around this time…

Luo Tian shouted once again: “Level 3 Shadewind Steps!”

“Fierce Tiger Form Fist!”


A green eyed white tiger appeared on his body. It was a huge tiger that was fully condensed by aura energy. Every time a punch was thrown, the roar of a tiger was heard. Without giving Qian Hong a chance to fall down to the ground, Luo Tian had already punched out over a dozen times.

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…”


A mouthful of blood sprayed out!

Qian Hong heavily smashed into the manor’s wall. This was Luo Tian’s beloved courtyard wall or else he would have used more strength and smashed Qian Hong straight through it.


Qian Hong’s body slowly slid down the wall before he sat sprawling on the ground. His eyes stared at Luo Tian before muttering: “Space, space, spatial laws… there’s also the martial skill that Tiger Wu cultivated. You, you, who are you exactly?”

Qian Hong’s face was pale without any strength left while his eyes were filled with fear.

How could a country bumpkin have such heaven defying martial skills?

And how did he comprehend the martial skills of Tiger Wu?

He couldn’t understand what was going on!

It wasn’t just him. Even Xuan Yuanyi off to the side was deep in thought while his brows showed a frown. Looking at Luo Tian’s back, he realized he couldn’t see through Luo Tian at all. He had exceeded Xuan Yuanyi’s expectations time and time again.

What kind of person was he?

How many more powerful martial skills has Luo Tian not displayed yet?

How did he comprehend someone’s martial skill in less than a day?

At this moment…

Xuan Yuanyi started to worship Luo Tian.

In the demon clans, Xuan Yuanyi had never worshipped anyone before.

He has never worshipped anyone after arriving at Heavenly Sword City either. Even if it was experts that have already surpassed his goal, Xuan Yuanyi didn’t have feelings of worship towards them.


From here on out, his heart had started worshipping Luo Tian!


“He might be able to bring me to the peak!”


These strange thoughts that appeared in Xuan Yuanyi’s mind made him smile, and his mouth formed a very foolish looking smile. This was the first time he had ever smiled after leaving the demon clan territories, and it was very brilliant looking one at that.

As for Tang Tang…

She had been observing Luo Tian from the very start. Seeing how Luo Tian used a martial skill belonging to Tiger Wu, her expression hiddenly changed. She was muttering to herself: “What kind of man is he? How could… Tang Shisan¹, you can’t have fallen for that smelly scoundrel right?”

“Ptui~, how could I like that damn scoundrel? I’m a woman that’s going to marry Ninth brother’s idol so why would I like a pervert that enjoys looking at my naked body? I can’t wait to kill him already, humph!”

Tang Tang’s heart was a bit flustered.

This type of fluster was something she couldn’t understand. The only thing she knew was it was in a mess!

She didn’t want to look at Luo Tian but her eyes couldn’t leave his sight.

This girl… had probably developed feelings for someone!

She would never admit it even if she was beaten to death. Blindman Liu on the side started chuckling and said: “Miss Tang Tang, isn’t our dragon head boss handsome?”

Tang Tang didn’t even think properly and automatically replied: “Handsome!”


“Handsome his ass! He’s basically a damn scoundrel who’s a huge pervert! He’s a bad egg that constantly smacks my bottom, humph!” Tang Tang immediately corrected herself. Recalling the slight pain she felt when Luo Tian smacked her butt, her heart unconsciously was looking forward to it. “It seems like I want to experience my butt being smacked again or something…”


“Tang Tang, did you become a masochist?!” Tang Tang’s started cursing at herself internally. It was similar to there being two people inside her heart: One was a good person while one was a bad person, and those two were in a heated dispute. Tang Tang huffed a few times before glaring at Luo Tian and saying: “Big bad egg!”

Blindman Liu was secretly smiling at this.


“Heh heh…!”

“Now you know how Tiger Wu died right?” Luo Tian walked forward one step at a time while chuckling at the dying Qian Hong.

Around this time…

Qian Ba, who had been hiding in a corner shaking all this time couldn’t stand it anymore. He suddenly rushed out to escape.

Luo Tian’s mouth formed a sneer before shouting: “You want to run away after smashing this daddy’s door down? Xuan Yuanyi, drag him back here for me!”

Xuan Yuanyi eyes flicked over and the chain on the Great Fault Sword shot out. The chain extended and wrapped around Qian Ba’s throat before forcefully retracting.

Qian Ba was struggling on the ground for a while before he was eventually kneeling before Luo Tian.

Luo Tian didn’t say a word and smashed his fist down.




The system gave an alert tone but Luo Tian didn’t pay attention to the rest of the messages. He immediately turned around and shouted: “Myriad Thunder Roar!”

All the minions from the Green Leaf Sect were directly killed on the spot!

His undefeated value underwent a huge increase!

Finally, Luo Tian lowered himself before softly saying: “You’re the only one left now so I wonder what kind of loot will explode out of you?”

Right at this time…

A side entrance door was smashed flying before a haughty voice was heard. “All the Flame Dragon Gang chop suey better scram out here for this daddy!” ¹

¹ – Chop suey is a dish that originated as a bunch of miscellaneous leftover ingredients that are all thrown together to make a meal.

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