Undefeatable – Ch231

Chapter 231 – Brothers Reuniting

“What the f*ck?!”

“Are people addicted to smashing this daddy’s entrances today?”

Luo Tian’s anger was rising up like crazy.

His expression turned grim. He looked over and noticed a large wave of people rushing into his courtyard. Everyone had a ferocious expression on their faces that was supposed to cast fear onto the beholders, but Luo Tian felt it looked kind of funny.


“Evil Wolf, you’ve come as well.”

“Hahaha… Kid, you’re definitely gonna die today!”


Qian Hong started laughing smugly. Seeing this large group of people entering, he understood that Forefather Du had already silently made some decisions.

If this was the case…

No matter what, Luo Tian will have to die today.

Whoever Forefather Du wanted to die in the northern city, they wouldn’t survive to the next day.

Evil Wolf Lei Jiu had killed countless people in his life. He was extremely ferocious and similar to a crazy wolf that would bite anyone he sees. No one has ever survived under his hands!


“Sect Leader Qian, what are you doing down there? Were you bitten by a dog?” Lei Jiu strode over and ignored Luo Tian. Only after arriving beside Qian Hong did he coldly glance over at Luo Tian before saying with disdain: “You’re the dog chop suey from the Flame Dragon Gang?”

Luo Tian scratched his head before standing up. Anger was rising in his heart as he looked at the pudgy face of Lei Jiu and said: “This daddy is too lazy to have you guys compensate my manor’s door. You can all just go straight to hell for me!”

His anger was on the rise!

Motherf*ckers; he couldn’t even enjoy a peaceful dinner.

Those words of calling him dog chop suey had completely made Luo Tian’s anger flare up.

And that something Forefather Du name – hearing that over and over again irritated the hell out of Luo Tian.

Lei Jiu started laughing out loudly in an arrogant manner. “Damn dog thing, you killed Forefather Du’s godson and you still want to live peacefully in the northern city? We just happen to arrive early… you should take a look behind us.”

“The Hammer Gang has arrived!”

“The Killer Wasp Sect has arrived!”

“The Bloody Knife Sect has arrived!”

In less than half a minute, the courtyard was crowded with people.

Each and every one of them was ferociously glaring at Luo Tian. If looks could kill, most likely Luo Tian would be riddled with holes already.

“Holy crap!”

“This is too awesome!”

“A single arrow flare and an army immediately arrives.” Luo Tian was a bit stunned and excited at the same time. Seeing all the people around him, he made a brief count and muttered: “Damn! There’s a few hundred people here!”

“Everyone really thinks highly of my Flame Dragon Gang. I’ve just established it yet so many people have come to congratulate me. Good, good, very good!”

Luo Tian looked over at Xuan Yuanyi and said: “You go and protect Tang Tang and Blindman Liu. I will take care of the matters here.”

Xuan Yuanyi hesitated for a second but then withdrew back to the house. He then stood at the entrance like the God of Death.

“You damn dog thing, we came here for your life!”

“You want us to congratulate you with your qualifications? This daddy will go ahead and congratulate the whole eighteen generations of yours!”

“Killing Tiger Wu and offending Forefather Du, yet you still want to rise up in the northern city? A kid like you really knows how to fantasize!”

Everyone was making a comment and their tones were filled with ridicule.

It was as if Luo Tian was a fish on the cutting board and they were all holding a large machete in their hands. Each of them stared at Luo Tian with fierce expressions as if they were about to hack down at any given moment.


The scenario was different in Luo Tian’s eyes.

Seeing the large crowd of people, Luo Tian was extremely excited. Upon making some slight calculations, he then said to himself: “It’s another big wave of experience, and a big wave of undefeated points! This daddy thought that it would be hard to level up after coming to the Heavenly Sword City because there wouldn’t be any demonic beasts to kill. If I knew there were so many mobs here for me to kill, this daddy would’ve come here much earlier!”


“This dog chop suey is actually smiling.”

“Fellow brothers! Forefather Du said that whoever manages to kill him, this street will belong to their gang!”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

“The lives of these dogs from the Flame Dragon Gang belong to the Evil Wolf Gang! Whoever dares to steal from us, don’t blame me, Lei Jiu for turning hostile and not recognizing you!” Lei Jiu suddenly shouted while the fat on his face quivered in a menacing way.

“Lei Jiu, your Evil Wolf Gang is indeed powerful but our Horsehead Gang aren’t pushovers either!”

“You want to devour this big piece of fatty meat all by yourself? Lei Jiu, do you think we all came here just to watch your show?”

“That’s right!”

“Don’t think that just because you have a bit of capabilities and some people here that you’re all that. Why don’t you take a look at how many people we have here? No matter how strong your Evil Wolf Gang is, do you think you can beat all of us here?”

For the time being, everyone was arguing over how to divide Luo Tian’s head.

They were completely ignoring Luo Tian’s existence.

Luo Tian was too lazy to bother with them as well. He walked over to a corner of the wall and lowered himself to look at the half dead Qian Hong. He then grinned: “Consider it as my gift since I allowed you to live for a few extra minutes longer. Now this daddy is very unhappy so you can go ahead and die. Just wait a bit and your fellow brothers will accompany you in the afterlife.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian shouted internally: “Level 3 Berserk!”

The aura on his body drastically changed, and his sea of consciousness immediately released the killing intent of the grim reaper’s path of slaughter. This killing intent completely enshrouded everyone in his courtyard. Luo Tian’s brows tightened before directly cursing: “Motherf*ckers! You guys dared to act arrogant in this daddy’s territory? Each and every one of you guys are guilty as charged, so everyone needs to die!”

After saying that…

His right leg rose up before stomping out fiercely.

Qian Hong’s neck was directly stomped into two. Blood started spurting out and sprayed onto Luo Tian’s face. Luo Tian’s expression became even more ferocious looking, especially when he had that grim reaper like smile on his face.

The expression on all the people present turned grim. They were able to feel the oppressive pressure coming from Luo Tian’s body and a large portion of them started revealing signs of pain.

The aura of death was slowly diffusing outwards.

Killing intent was flowing about in the surrounding area.

For the time being…

No one dared to continue speaking. Looking at Qian Hong against the wall with his head separated, and then looking at Luo Tian’s face covered in blood, they could feel a sinking feeling in their hearts. A small seed of doubt had arisen in some of them where they felt like they had provoked someone they shouldn’t have provoked.


Extremely powerful oppression!

Within this instant…

Lei Jiu suddenly roared into the sky: “Fellow brothers, everyone attack together! I refuse to believe he has such great capabilities that can go against all of us! If he really was that capable, he wouldn’t be hanging around the northern city to begin with!”

“That’s right!”

“He wants to overturn this district solely by himself?!”

“The northern city isn’t a place he can come and go as he pleases. He needs to take a good look at whose place this is!”

“Fellow brothers, kill him!”

“The Flame Dragon Gang was established today but will also be abolished today!”


Inside the main hall.

Tang Tang’s heart felt like it had risen up to her throat. She then mumbled: “Nothing’s going to happen to him right?”

Xuan Yuanyi’s expression secretly sank as he started getting worried as well. After all, there were simply too many people out there.

And there was no shortage of people at the Profound Spirit 7th and 8th ranks either. Can Luo Tian really do it alone?

The moment when the crowd started inching forward…

Another wave of people arrived at the manor’s entrance.

“The Sect that has not come up with a good name yet has arrived!”


A large baldy rushed through the crowd. On the back of his head was a blood red ferocious looking beast and behind him was a bunch of his little brothers. Seeing Luo Tian in the middle of the courtyard, his expression underwent a drastic change. He then excitedly shouted: “Boss!!!”

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