Undefeatable – Ch232

Chapter 232 – Two Large Warrior Attendants

The Sect that has not come up with a good name yet has arrived!

Everyone started laughing out loud when they heard this.

“Isn’t that one of the recent rising stars – Blood Baldy?”

“Since you haven’t even thought of your gang’s name yet, you shouldn’t bother coming here to join in the fun.”

“Baldy, you should go back to where your kind belongs. A little shrimp like you wants a piece of the cake when you lack the capabilities?”


Fatty Feng Lei…

Was standing there like an idiot. His eyes just stared at Luo Tian with tears glistening in them. He then smiled in a foolish manner and shouted: “Boss!”

The crowd was startled by this.

A subordinate beside Feng Lei advised him: “Boss, he’s the dragon head of the Flame Dragon Gang. You shouldn’t randomly scream out a title like that.”

Feng Lei turned around with a serious look. He then firmly said: “Give you greetings to the new boss!”

“New boss?”

“Who is it?”

“Boss, who are you talking about? Is it the Evil Wolf Gang’s boss Lei?”

They didn’t know who Feng Lei was talking about and just glanced at each other with a dumbstruck expression.

They would never have imagined that the so called boss from Feng Lei’s mouth would be Luo Tian who was being surrounded by pretty much all the gangs in northern city.

The other gang members were also stunned by this.

“You damn baldy! Saying you aren’t qualified here and you run out and randomly recognize a new boss? Even if you call Lei Jiu boss, you can still forget about getting a piece of the new territory! Humph!”

“That’s right.”

“Why don’t you take a good look at your cultivation? You think that by beating a third rate Poison Dragon Gang will let you rise up the ranks? You’re over thinking things you damn bumpkin!”

Lei Jiu faintly smiled as he was kind of interested in Feng Lei. As long as Feng Lei joined his Evil Wolf Gang, the powers he grasped would increase by a little. The success rate of contesting Tiger Wu’s territories would also increase by a little. He then said with a smile: “Baldy, as long as you worship me as the boss, anyone that touches you today and I will play him to death! And bring in all your brothers into my Evil Wolf Gang and I’ll give you the position of Third Leader. At that time, we brothers will fight together for our own piece of territory in this world, hahaha…”

He was laughing in a wildly arrogant manner.

The Evil Wolf Gang was considered a gang that was quite powerful in this area.

If Feng Lei joined his gang at this time, it would surely increase his influence over the northern city. The most important thing was it greatly satisfied his ego.

This was probably the reason he was most happy about.

Feng Lei’s subordinates also became excited. If they could join the Evil Wolf Gang, the other gangs will no longer bully them out there.

Apart from Forefather Du and some major powers, who else would dare touch them in the northern city?

“Boss, the Evil Wolf Gang is truly not bad.”

“Boss, no one will dare to bully us again once we join the Evil Wolf Gang.”

“Boss, let’s join! Lei Jiu is an expert at the Profound Spirit 9th rank, so Tiger Wu’s territory will definitely be taken over by him. He might even become favored by Forefather Du after today, then we’ll really have struck it rich! Hahaha…”

Some of Feng Lei’s subordinates were excited while some maintained their silence.

Lei Jiu was a ruthless person who had murdered countless people. Everyone knew this in the northern city so that’s why they maintained their silence. Another reason was that they were waiting for Feng Lei’s actually decision.


“Baldy, I like those little brothers of yours.” Lei Jiu laughed happily. He then walked over to Feng Lei’s side, waiting for Feng Lei to kneel down to greet him as the boss. He then said to himself: “Once you guys join the Evil Wolf Gang, I will have you all fight first since someone naturally has to be cannon fodder. I really didn’t expect such a great thing to happen to me today, hahaha…”

Feng Lei was expressionless as he pointed to the subordinates of his that spoke out. “You, you, you… and you. From today onwards, the eleven of you are no longer my little brothers and can join any gang you want.”

Those subordinates of his became dumbstruck.

They couldn’t figure out why Feng Lei was angry.

Just when they wanted to ask, Feng Lei angrily shouted: “Who else wants to join the Evil Wolf Gang?!”

No one said a word.

Everyone looked at Feng Lei.

Feng Lei maintained his expressionless face before shouting: “Whoever still wants to follow me, Feng Lei to make a living, take one step forward!”

Feng Lei turned around and walked towards Luo Tian.

Behind him were twenty something people followed.

Lei Jiu’s expression changed a bit as he said: “Baldy, what are you trying to do?”

“Did this baldy go nuts?”

“What the hell is he doing?”

They were all confused and couldn’t understand what that baldy was trying to do.

Once he arrived about two meters in front of Luo Tian, Feng Lei stopped and once again shouted: “Give your greetings to your new boss! He is our family’s young master and also my boss! Now he is the Flame Dragon Gang’s dragon head!”


As Feng Lei said those words, the crowd erupted into a clamor.

Lei Jiu had a really ugly expression on his face. He originally thought that Feng Lei joining his Evil Wolf Gang in front of so many people would be a scene he could flaunt, but Feng Lei hadn’t even looked at him the entire time and pretty much ignored him.

“He really has gone insane.”

“No wonder! So there was someone he knew in the northern city. But is the baldy even a person of noteworthy?”

“Of course he is considered a person of noteworthy, especially when he’s going to be a dead person soon. Hahaha…”

The crowd just looked at them with ridicule.


They didn’t put Feng Lei in their eyes, and they definitely didn’t consider Luo Tian a threat. To them, Feng Lei joining Luo Tian was just a few more corpses joining the other side.

The twenty something little brothers behind Feng Lei looked at each other a few times. Eventually, only thirteen of them kneeled down and shouted: “Boss!”

The remaining ten didn’t make any moves.

They were hesitating. When facing a siege of so many gangs of the northern city, they must clearly think things through. Once they knelt down, this could become a one way ticket straight to hell.

Feng Lei didn’t say anything and remained expressionless; he was waiting for their decision.


The remaining group took a small step back and one of them said: “Boss, we don’t want to die so…”

Feng Lei faintly smiled and said: “Every person has the right to make their own choices. From today onwards, we have no relationships whatsoever so I hope you all will look out for yourselves. Next time we meet, we may still be friends. If we happen to be enemies, you guys don’t have to hold back because I won’t hold back either. You guys should go now!”

Those people didn’t stay and quickly retreated out of the courtyard.


“In the end, you guys only have this tiny amount of people left. What are you guys going to use to fight with us?”

“You’re just a gathering of trash!”

The crowd took one step forward and tightened the encirclement around Luo Tian and company.

Their eyes showed their extreme aggression.

Even though Luo Tian previously exploded forth with a powerful killing intent that oppressed them, they still felt Luo Tian was a soon to be dead fish on the cutting board.

Luo Tian faintly smiled with a trace of excitement.

He was excited from seeing fatty.

He was excited from seeing that fatty wasn’t missing any arms or legs.

Lastly, he was excited from seeing such a large wave of experience, profound energy, and undefeated points in front of him.

At this time…

Xuan Yuanyi came over and stood to the left of Luo Tian. He then looked at Feng Lei seriously for a bit before standing there like a block of wood without saying a thing.

Feng Lei then stood to the right of Luo Tian.

To Luo Tian’s left and right were two large warriors – his Grim Reaper’s warrior attendants!

Feng Lei grinned and asked: “Boss, are we attacking yet?”


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