Undefeatable – Ch234

Chapter 234 – I Want To Become Famous

Luo Tian had always thought of himself as an imaginative youth.


Sometimes it would be a dud.

And sometimes he would come up with some unconventional thought that would quickly propel him to into the godhood of awesomeness!

He was able to create his own version of Great Flame Commandment, which showed he was quite awesome this time.

According to Luo Tian’s own words: “Since I’m so fierce – If I was a girl, I would definitely fall head over heels for myself.”

Very narcissistic!

Very arrogant!

But he was that kind of person. When it was time to be arrogant, Luo Tian would do it to the extreme. When it was time to be ruthless, he would beat his opponent to the point that they couldn’t retaliate. When it was time crush someone completely, he would take that to the furthest point possible. He was going to show them what true unbridled arrogance was!

“Braised Pugs!”

“I’ll completely burn you f*ckers up!” Roared Luo Tian.

He then said in his mind: “I am so damn fierce!”

Under level 3 Berserk, eight times his attributes were activated with the addition of the level 3 Magma Fire. This directly created a huge fireball that seemed to have covered half the sky, eclipsing all nine of Lei Jiu’s shadow wolves.

It was similar to the rising sun.

The fiery red color was extremely eye-catching and shocked the beholders to the core.

“Wow! Boss is truly the boss; he’s even more awesome than before!” Feng Lei smiled foolishly while looking up at the sky. His heart was incomparably excited for Luo Tian. He was even more excited than the time he broke through to the Profound Spirit realm!

“What other powerful abilities has he not displayed yet?” Xuan Yuanyi stared at the sky dumbstruck while the sense of worship in his heart increased to another level.


Apart from being shocked, he couldn’t use any other words to describe his current feelings.

A flash of light passed through Tang Tang’s eyes as she muttered: “Not bad you smelly scoundrel, hee hee…”

Blindman Liu’s Ambush From All Directions came to a pause as he peeked outside. After a brief moment of silence, he mumbled: “Did I, Prophet Liu really divine it wrong?”

Immediately after…

He started playing his erhu again. Ambush From All Directions had reached the last section of the score. The plot twist appeared and the murderous intent revealed, and the killing intent was much stronger than the earlier sections of the music.

“Boss is mighty!”

“Boss is domineering!”

“This new boss is simply too awesome. I can no longer help myself from falling in love with him!”

The dozen or so little brothers standing off to the side showed an unconcealed intent of worship – this was worship towards a powerful person!


Too awesome!

The flames then stopped converging in the air.

In an instant…




It looked like the air couldn’t handle it anymore as signs of space being distorted could be seen by the naked eye. The earth started shaking sending tremors throughout the entire northern city. Lines of powerful energy burst out and made this scene a complete mess of craziness!

“Ahwooo~, Ahwooo~…”

The eight shadow wolves and a body fell down from the air in unison.

Their bodies were completely black just like pieces of charcoal.

The eight wolves had directly perished while the body showed an expression of extreme panic. His eyes bulged out like it had seen something incomparably terrifying. Seeing Luo Tian slowly descend to the ground, the body started shaking even more from fear.

Incomparable fear!

He had never felt such fear in his entire life. Even when facing Forefather Du, he had never been this afraid.

Luo Tian slowly walked over with a grin. “Now do you understand what true arrogance is?”

“Spare, spare, spare this dog’s life of mine!”

“I, I, I Lei Jiu will immediately scram out of the north district and will not dare to step foot here ever again! Spare me, spare my life!” Lei Jiu’s teeth were chattering and stuttered those words out. No one could tell his expression from his blackened face but everyone could tell he was scared out of his mind.

Luo Tian glanced at the eight wolf corpses before saying with a smile: “You’ve seen what true arrogance is, so now I will let you know the price for being arrogant in front of this daddy!”

“Spare your dog’s life?”


“Do you even think I would do that?”

Of course Luo Tian wouldn’t.

A little bit of experience was still experience, and a little bit of profound energy was still energy. Luo Tian had become rather stingy towards this area now and would never pass up the opportunity for a bit of mosquito meat.

That’s why he will never spare Lei Jiu.

A person like him who has murdered countless people should be sent to hell a little earlier.

Luo Tian’s brows tightened before he swept his eyes across those other gang bosses. His right foot then stomped down heavily causing Lei Jiu’s head to directly burst apart. He then showed them a gloomy grin and said: “The little pug has died so now it’s your turn.”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Lei Jiu. You have gained 1000 experience points, 500 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a mid grade xuan stone.”


“Undefeated value +1.”


The short series of alert tones came to a stop. Luo Tian faintly grinned as he looked at his Undefeated points before muttering: “I’m still pretty far from 2000 points, so it looks like I’ll have to become more ruthless from now on.”

Two thousand points of Undefeated value to exchange for one of the four divine beast’s bloodline.

Luo Tian was still missing three of them!

Looking at Luo Tian’s gaze that seemed to want to swallow them whole, everyone felt a shiver in their hearts. The crowd unconsciously took a step away from him.

The arrogant expression was gone from Luo Tian’s face and was replaced by his brows locking together.


“Xuan Yuanyi! You two withdraw!”

“I’m going to release a special move!”

Luo Tian showed a fierce expression with a gloomy looking smile.

There were already a lot of people lying on the ground half dead. If he didn’t reap their lives right now, they might go ahead and die any second.

These were all undefeated points to him so how could he waste them like that?

Xuan Yuanyi’s expression changed slightly as he muttered: “There’s a special move you haven’t used yet?”

Feng Lei started smiling foolishly. The bloody glow around him receded as he took several large strides backwards. He then chuckled: “Boss, you are too awesome.”

Tang Tang looked at Luo Tian with a silly expression. Her eyes never left Luo Tian’s figure as she unconsciously said in her heart: “So handsome…”

Immediately after, another Tang Tang in her heart appeared and shouted: “Tang Tang! Are you swooning over a crush? You need to remember you are Princess Forever Peace, a genuine Princess! You can have as many handsome men as you want in this world. How can you be infatuated with a damn scoundrel like him?”


The bad Tang Tang shouted as she crawled into existence. “He’s not a scoundrel! Even if he’s a scoundrel, he’s the world’s most handsome and coolest looking scoundrel, humph!”

Luo Tian took one step forward…

His left and right hands opened to the side of him as he slowly rose up into the air. Once he reached a certain height, he coldly smiled and said: “Level 3 Berserk.”


His body shook as power swelled out like an angry sea.

Incomparably powerful!


“This daddy refuses to believe that you can take on all of us alone.”

“Don’t be scared everyone, Forefather Du will back us up! I refuse to believe a foreign bumpkin can climb over us and piss all over our heads. Fellow brothers, everyone attack together and kill him!”


At this time…

No one held back anymore and released their most powerful abilities towards Luo Tian.

While in the air…

Luo Tian slowly gathered his strength before suddenly shouting: “Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Level 4!”

“Innumerable Thunderbolts!”

“Bombard them all to hell for me!”


Luo Tian had been continuously training and leveling up his skills for several months inside the Ghostly Mountain Range. It was all because he wanted to become famous in Heavenly Sword City!

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