Undefeatable – Ch235

Chapter 235 – Causing A Big Uproar

After being in the Ghostly Mountain Range for several months, Luo Tian trained to the point of almost going insane.

A training regimen that had neither day nor night!

As long as it was a skill he had, he would train it nonstop.

Since what he had was plenty of were demon cores, profound energy was something he didn’t have to worry about. He trained like crazy until he started feeling sick of his own skills. This kind of feeling to him was extremely painful that words couldn’t even describe it, but he couldn’t afford to not continue training.

He had to become stronger.

The experience he got from the demonic beasts there couldn’t satisfy his needs of leveling up anymore. Luo Tian couldn’t waste his precious time so he could only activate his skills like crazy.

He was just like a mentally insane person.

Sometimes it would be Shadewind Steps, then it would switch to Primordial Chaos Palm. Then it would be Eternal Kingdom, then Magma Fire, then Pill Alchemy, then Healing Art, then Refining Gu, then Engraving Arrays…

He was training them all continuously!

He almost trained himself to the point of going nuts.

Although it was difficult to endure, Luo Tian never had the thought of stopping himself.

He had too much pressure.

Murong Wanjian’s true dragon’s blood – with his powerful strength, he was able to annihilate the gigantic existence known as Green Cloud Sect. He was also the future master of the Shattered Sky City, a dragon amongst the human race. He was most likely going to break through into the Profound Saint realm and become a Holy King existence of this generation.

All of this gave Luo Tian an invisible pressure.

The pressure was so much that at times he couldn’t breathe properly!

In order to step on Murong Wanjian, Luo Tian had to become stronger. If he couldn’t even protect the woman he loved, then he could only watch as she unwillingly marries another person. If this was the case, what qualifications does he have to be a real man?

What reason was there to continue living in this world?

In preparation for the marriage ceremony in two years time…

Luo Tian trained desperately with all his might.

His efforts were much more bitter than most cultivators because he was training with his life on the line!

Myriad Thunder Roar!

Level 4 – Innumerable Thunderbolts.

The power of lightning had increased by several times!

In an instant…

Luo Tian closed his eyes and the storm clouds above him started roiling turbulently around. Ear deafening sounds of thunder were constantly heard. Thunder and lightning was raging about and the surrounding atmosphere had turned extremely oppressive.

At this time…

Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness suddenly moved. A powerful aura of death and the grim reaper’s killing intent shot into the storm clouds. After faintly grinning, he said: “I will let you guys have a taste of my Lightning of Death!”

This was another one of his experimental fusions!

He had fused the Myriad Thunder Roar with his own concept of death – the grim reaper’s path of slaughter.

Each streak of lightning contained the grim reaper’s path of slaughter. This allowed the lightning to have its own killing intent which made its attack power increase by many levels.

“Descend for me!”

“Hong~… BOOM~!”

A deafening sound was heard in the sky as if it was about to crack apart.

A streak of lightning appeared in the storm clouds looking like it had come from the nine heavens above. It then struck down containing the power of absolute annihilation!




It didn’t look like lightning anymore and had almost turned into a laser beam!

The shockwave was similar to the impact of a missile, creating a scene that was just too shocking to describe.

The Great Flame Commandment had shaken the entire northern city.

Now the grim reaper’s path of slaughter added to the Innumerable Thunderbolt had shaken the entire Heavenly Sword City!

Countless experts shot into the air to investigate this.

They were all shocked from such a powerful energy, and shocked that this ability came from a cultivator who was only at the Profound Spirit 9th rank.

Within the courtyard…

Not many people survived the lightning field. The only exceptions were the so called gang bosses with their Profound Spirit cultivation who managed to dodge this crisis. They escaped the lightning field and watched a beam of light that reached the sky. They were scared stiff and couldn’t understand how this could be happening.

Their mouths only mumbled: “Madman… he’s a complete madman.”


Liu Tingyu – the northern city’s highest standing government official.

He had already received Madman Du’s letter early on.

He was a bit irritated. An old eunuch dared to instruct him on what to do?


He didn’t dare to not do a thing, and sent several constables over to the scene.

The moment he saw the fiery beam of light above the north district, his heart immediately quivered. He immediately kicked the woman in his embrace away, put on his clothes, and quickly grabbed the rest of the constables to rush towards the light column.

Halfway there, he noticed the light column had disappeared and was replaced with a terrifying streak of lightning.

Liu Tingyu’s heart sank into the abyss as he muttered: “Finished. This time I’m truly finished. Who the f*ck is so arrogant in the north district? Since you’re not letting this daddy have a good life, you guys can forget about having good days yourself.”


Extreme anger!

There would usually be a limit when the gangs fought and killed so he was too lazy to bother with them.

But now they made such a big mess and even the entire Heavenly Sword City stirred up, so how can he let it go anymore?

Not to mention the imperial palace…

All the strongest experts from the east, south, and west districts had taken notice on what was going on in the north district. The north district had instantly become famous while he, Liu Tingyu will suffer miserably for it.


The Du Manor.

Originally asleep on the rocking chair…

But instantly flipped out of the chair. The male coldly harrumphed: “What’s going on?”

A person came out from the shadows and said with his head lowered: “The strength of those that killed Wu Xiao has exceeded our expectations. Green Leaf Sect’s Qian Hong, Evil Wolf Gang’s Lei Jiu and others have all died. And… those outsiders seemed to have everything pre-planned because they have people inside the northern city. It’s exactly that newly emerged star Blood Baldy.”

“What?” Madman Du exclaimed coldly.

The dark shadow continued saying: “Blood Baldy has joined the Flame Dragon Gang and those two seem to be familiar with each other. I sent someone to investigate this and it looks like those two both came from Jade Mountain City. They’re as close as biological brothers and the baldy is that guy’s servant.”


“Secretly developing strength in MY territory?”

“They’re courting death!”

Madman Du’s small eyes narrowed. He then revealed an evil smile before saying: “I heard that there’s a girl at Blood Baldy’s home who is quite the little seductress. Capture her and bring her here!”

“I obey!”

“Master, do I need to send more people over to the Fierce Tiger Gang headquarters? I’m afraid Kun won’t be able to handle it alone.”

Madman Du widened his eyes and replied: “No need. After causing such an uproar, Liu Tingyu would definitely be antsy and will send people over to suppress them. If they can’t handle it, Kun’s assistance with his early Profound King cultivation should be enough to deal with a bumpkin at the Profound Spirit 9th rank.”


“I will immediately send some people over to capture the little girl.”


In Luo Tian’s manor.

The bright beam of lightning turned the courtyard into a complete mess.

Not a single blade of grass survived. Everything was burnt black with smoldering heat rising into the atmosphere.

Luo Tian coldly grinned. The system alerts continuously sounded off like a symphony of music, making him feel extremely great. Eight months of bitter training was worth it – the power behind Innumerable Thunderbolts had greatly exceeded his expectations.

“So mighty!”

“So motherf*cking mighty!”

“This boss is out of control!”

Fatty’s face looked like it was blooming flowers. “Hahaha… hahaha…”

There was nothing but a sense of worship in Xuan Yuanyi’s gaze.

Tang Tang leaned against the door frame with an infatuated expression. She then mumbled: “He’s really handsome… really really handsome…”

Blindman Liu lowered his head and muttered to himself: “That doesn’t make sense; could it be that I really calculated wrongly?”

“Flame Dragon Gang!”

“Flame Dragon Gang!”

“Flame Dragon Gang!”

Their shouts shook the sky!

It was awesome to a complete mess!

Also at this time, a large group of people rushed in from the main entrance – people from the government!

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