Undefeatable – Ch236

Chapter 236 – Let Me Take Care Of Them

Another big wave of people rushed into the courtyard.

There was pretty much nothing left of the door after being trampled by them.

Luo Tian’s heart ached as he said: “Those bastards, this daddy’s door is a goner…”


“It’s pure bad luck for that kid now.”

“Lord Liu Tingyu has arrived. So what if the Flame Dragon Gang is powerful? Do they dare to go against the government?”

“Liu Tingyu was definitely sent here by Forefather Du. This means the members of the Flame Dragon Gang will definitely die here, hahaha…”

Those that survived the crisis started mouthing off in an arrogant tone.

To them…

No matter what has happened today, Luo Tian will have to die!

They were very clear on the relationship between Liu Tingyu and Madman Du.

Within the northern city, Madman Du was the big boss behind all the gangs while Liu Tingyu was the highest government official. It would be a huge matter if either of them made an appearance personally, and looking at the current circumstances, Liu Tingyu will definitely be pissed about this.

After all, this was his territory.

Causing such a huge matter in his territory? If he didn’t settle this issue quickly and those above him found out, he can forget about staying as the top brass in the northern city.

Two columns of constables rushed into the courtyard and quickly surrounded everyone inside.

Liu Tingyu started scolding from a distance: “Did shit enter all your brains? Creating such a huge disturbance in this daddy’s territory, you guys must be tired of living!”

Those words sounded like it came from someone uncultured.

And the structure of the sentences was incomparably crude.

There was absolutely no style of what a government official was supposed to be like.

Of course…

This was the northern city and no one would care about one’s demeanor. And Liu Tingyu happened to become like this after running the northern city. Back then, he too was a cultured scholarly person but now had become something resembling a bandit.

Wearing the uniform of a government official, he stepped into the courtyard and swept his angry looking eyes past everyone. When he couldn’t find any traces of Madman Du, he immediately shouted: “Everyone present will be all brought back to the magistrate’s office. Anyone that doesn’t comply will be beaten to death!”

“Motherf*ckers, if you don’t allow this daddy to have good days ahead, do you think this daddy will let you guys have it easy?”

He had to handle this incident properly.

If he makes any mistakes in handling this, there will definitely be criticism from all over. The ruckus today was simply too big. If he didn’t do a good job on this, those above might send people to investigate. By that time, not to mention the chance of losing his uniform, his head might even be lost.

One of the constables narrowed his eyes and shouted: “Everyone better behave properly. If you dare to make a move, we will instantly take your dog lives!”

Their cultivation levels weren’t very high.

Some of them were still in the Profound Master realm, and anyone present had cultivations much higher than theirs.


Facing their angry shouts, no one dared to make any senseless moves.

They were all acting like docile little sheep and doing whatever the constables were saying, which may make some people wonder why.

The underground forces fearing the government was very normal.

But was there a need to be scared to this point?

“Lord Liu, I am Wang Dachui from the Hammer Gang. I give Forefather Du 10,000 silver every month.”

“Lord Liu, I do too, I do too.”

“Lord Liu…”

All these gangs had to pay their protection fees on time every month, and the money would be split amongst Forefather Du and Liu Tingyu 6:4. Out of the 10,000 silver, Liu Tingyu would gain 4000 silver. Northern city had several dozens of large and small gangs so every month; he could gain over 100,000 silver.

Northern city was poor, but those in official positions would be so fat from the wealth that oil could be squeezed out of them.

And all the large and small forces were afraid of the government officials.

They didn’t dare to provoke any officials, even if they were the lowest ranking constable.

There were simply too many experts within the Great Tang Dynasty. Those daring to touch a government official can quit dreaming of making a living in Heavenly Sword City.

This was the reason they all became docile little sheeps in front of Liu Tingyu.

Liu Tingyu signaled several constables with his eyes.

Those constables took the hint.

Wang Dachui immediately ran out and pointed at Luo Tian: “Lord Liu, it’s him that killed Wu Xiao and over a hundred people from the Fierce Tiger Gang. He also killed over several hundred people just now. It’s this bumpkin that doesn’t know the rules that created such a huge ruckus, while we are the ones that would never dare to cause such a huge matter under your jurisdiction.”

“That’s right! It’s this dog thing that doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens or the earth.”

“Green Leaf Sect, Evil Wolf Gang and several other gangs have been eradicated by him. This was basically a massacre! There was over a few hundred people he killed today alone. Lord Liu, this type of person is definitely someone that can be sentenced to death right now.”

Several people started adding oil to the fire.

Liu Tingyu’s brows scrunched up fiercely while flames of rage seem to flare out from his eyes. He then glared at Luo Tian and said: “So the kid that doesn’t want me to have a good life is you huh?”

Luo Tian faintly smiled and said: “It was them that didn’t want me to live a good life. They broke down my door and didn’t even give me a chance to finish my dinner!”

“Such audacity!”

“Why isn’t a lowly citizen like you kneeling before the Lord?”

Two constables stepped forth and was about to strike their poles onto Luo Tian’s head.

Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi’s expression quickly changed as they both rushed forth.

Luo Tian’s right hand gently waved in the air, and an energy ripple directly blocked the poles above his head.


“Dong~, dong~, crack~”

Those two long poles broke into four pieces.

Luo Tian glanced to the side at those two constables and said with a cold smile: “If you dare try that again, this daddy will directly kill you guys!”

Right after that…

Luo Tian then revealed a cold looking disdainful expression and said: “You guys want to make a living like this? Establishing a gang? Establish your sister! You guys are so scared of the government that you look like damn pathetic dogs! You f*ckers have lost all face for the gangs of this world; your face has been lost all the way to the Pacific Ocean!”

He really looked down on them all.

What meaning is there if they are so scared while trying to make a living in the underworld society?

And they were giving monthly offerings to the government? Was that even still making a living in the underworld society? It was no different than a pile of dog shit!


Liu Tingyu then said with an angry expression: “The crime of murder, the crime of bribing government officials, the crime of rape, the crime of abduction, trafficking children, and last night a mother pig was stolen in the northern city, all those will be charged against you.”

“You can deny it…”

“But what this official has is time, so I will have you eventually admit to every single crime.”

Luo Tian became stunned from hearing this.


Luo Tian then faintly smiled: “You merely want to play me to death so why are you finding so many excuses? If you have the guts, directly kill me now. If you aren’t able to kill this daddy, this daddy will f*ck up all eighteen generations of your ancestors.”

“F*ck man, my anger is blazing right now.”

How can government officials be like this?!

If Liu Tingyu dares to move against him, Luo Tian will directly send him straight to hell with a slap.

These kinds of dog officials have no need to continue existing in this world.

Liu Tingyu’s expression changed again as he was getting really pissed off. He was worried those above him would blame him for this mess and now he was being criticized by a country bumpkin. He was so annoyed that he angrily shouted: “Kid, today you will definitely die here!”

“Seize him for me!”

“If anyone in the Flame Dragon Gang dares to resist – kill without mercy!”

The constables all rushed over and aimed their poles at Luo Tian.

At this moment…

Tang Tang happily ran over and giggled to Luo Tian: “You guys must be tired from all that fighting so just hand these guys to me. I will take care of them really quickly so you all can take a rest off to the side.”

Her expression was extremely happy as she muttered internally: “It’s finally for this Miss to make an appearance, hahaha…”

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