Undefeatable – Ch237

Chapter 237 – Buried To Our Graves Because Of You

Tang Tang was very smug.

An expression filled with joking playfulness.

There was a smile on her face as she skipped forward. She then said with a giggle: “Go ahead and take a rest, I will take care of everything here now. This Miss is an existence akin to a grand finale so it should be time for me to make an appearance.”

The crowd was puzzled by this.

Luo Tian momentarily couldn’t figure out what Tang Tang was planning on doing.

The others looked at her like they were staring at pretty boy who sprouted an extra head.

Let him do it?

Did the door fall on his head previously? Or was he bitten by a dog when he was young?

He’s making an appearance to ease the atmosphere right?

Swords were drawn and a battle was imminent, yet let him take care of this?

What the hell is going on?

Everyone’s mind was filled with confusion.

Feng Lei then asked softly: “Boss, who is this kid? Why are you looking at him with such a strange gaze? Is he your new little brother? Is he as fierce as this guy over here?”

This guy over here was obviously directed at Xuan Yuanyi.

Xuan Yuanyi then asked in confusion: “Master, can he do it?”


“Boss, why is this guy calling you master?” A light bulb went off in Feng Lei’s head before he said with a chuckle: “Brother, boss doesn’t like others calling him master. If you are willing to follow him, you can call him boss just like me.”

The first time he saw Xuan Yuanyi, Feng Lei felt a sense of closeness towards him.

It was the same for Xuan Yuanyi.

This was a very intriguing feeling. When he saw the tattoo on the back of Feng Lei’s head glow red, he felt like he had seen this image someplace before. It looked very familiar but he couldn’t quite figure out where.

But Xuan Yuanyi was sure that he saw the image within the territories of the demon clans.

Who was this baldy? The aura coming from his body was very similar to a beast, and every time he looked at Feng Lei, there was a feeling in his heart that made him want to kneel down and worship him. It was as if Feng Lei’s body housed a Primeval Lord of the demon clans.

Xuan Yuanyi softly spat out a single word: “Fine!”


“Good brother!” Fatty wrapped his arm around Xuan Yuanyi’s shoulder like they were very close with each other.


Feng Lei then asked: “Is this kid more powerful than you?”

Xuan Yuanyi shook his head and said: “I have never seen him make a move since he has always been hiding in the back. Master… I mean boss should be the most clear on this.”

“It can’t be another super fierce guy right?”

“He doesn’t look very strong from his stature.” whispered Feng Lei.

Luo Tian glared at Tang Tang and said: “There’s nothing for you to do here so quickly withdraw.”

Tang Tang didn’t move back and actually became happier as she said: “Don’t worry! With me here, none of them will dare to make a move against you. If they dare mess with you, this Mis… young master will make every one of them run away while begging for their lives.”

There was a slight feeling of bliss inside Tang Tang’s heart when Luo Tian looked concerned for her safety.

There was a somewhat sweet feeling to it.

The more critical the situation, the important it would feel if she made a move. This was the type of feeling that Tang Tang enjoyed having.


She was very clear on one thing:

The consequences of killing government officials inside Heavenly Sword City.

Unknowingly, she had started to consider Luo Tian’s well-being.


Luo Tian realized what Tang Tang wanted to do and his expression underwent a drastic change. Just as he was about to stop her, Tang Tang had already pulled out a small jade plate.

As the jade plate appeared, Tang Tang’s expression immediately changed. Her body seemed to exude an aura of might that only the imperial clan would possess. She then shouted: “Everyone kneel down for me!”

Liu Tingyu was originally thinking: “Let me see what a greenhorn like you can do.”

When he saw the jade plate in Tang Tang’s hand, he was first stunned before his face started paling drastically. He was so scared that his legs immediately started shaking. Without waiting for Tang Tang to finish whatever she was going to say, there was already a “plop” sound as he kneeled down. He kneeled down so heavily that even the tile beneath his knees had cracked.

“What’s going on?”

“Damn, this kid looks quite fierce!”

“Just merely thrusting his hand out and the northern city’s highest official kneeled down. Isn’t that a bit too fierce?” said Feng Lei filled with shock while he gaped at Tang Tang.

Xuan Yuanyi’s expression was the same.

Apart from Luo Tian, everyone in the area also had the same expression.

They were gaping at her in a dumbstruck manner!

They had been in the northern city for several decades and have never seen Liu Tingyu kneel before anyone. Yet now, he was kneeling before a bumpkin of a kid so it was rather difficult for them to grasp the situation.

Could this kid have casted some type of evil spell?

All the constables were looking at each other in surprise. Seeing how Liu Tingyu was kneeling down trembling, they didn’t know what they should be doing right now.

Liu Tingyu was deeply regretting it; he was regretting this on behalf of all eighteen generations of his ancestors. Even his guts were shivering as he thought: “How could it be like this? Why would this place have a Prince? How could this be happening? I am finished this time, completely finished.”

Seeing how his subordinates didn’t kneel down, Liu Tingyu was like an angry lion as he shouted: “You guys quickly pay your respects to the Pri…”


Tang Tang coldly harrumphed in a low tone.

Liu Tingyu quickly corrected his words and almost peed his pants in fright. “Kneel down! Why haven’t you damn dog servants kneeled down for this daddy yet?!”


Anger to the extreme.

He practically wanted to kill every single constable right now.

Not kneeling upon seeing a Prince is considered a serious crime.


No matter how powerful he was, a little official in the north district would never dare to confront a Prince from the Great Tang Dynasty. The depiction of a dragon on the jade plate was so lifelike and accurate that he would never forget it for the rest of his life.

The constables didn’t dare to hesitate any longer and immediately kneeled down heavily as well.

Although they didn’t know what was going on, they didn’t dare to defy Liu Tingyu’s command.

Tang Tang faintly smiled before saying: “Have all these irrelevant people scram out of here.”

Liu Tingyu immediately said: “Everyone scram out of here! If you guys don’t scram immediately, I will capture every single one of you! Hurry up and scram!”

Wang Dachui and the others had no clue what was going on.

Wasn’t it just a crappy jade plate? Was there really the need to be that scared?

They were feeling irritated but didn’t dare to go against the words.

Most of the crowd left the courtyard but before they did, they coldly glanced at Luo Tian with killing intent. It was as if they were saying that today’s incident wasn’t over.

Luo Tian was annoyed.

He fiercely glared at Tang Tang while saying bitterly to himself: “This girl… this daddy is going to die of anger because of you! A big wave of experience and undefeated points have all disappeared just like that. Sigh…”

He could only sigh in his heart.

And then helplessly shake his head.

Tang Tang then shouted: “Have your people scram out of the courtyard as well!”

Liu Tingyu immediately shouted: “Scram for me! Quickly scram out of here!”

Those constables too left the courtyard.

At this time…

Tang Tang walked forward and lowered herself before whispering to Liu Tingyu: “Do not reveal a single word of what happened here today; otherwise you should know the consequences of it.”

“Drip~, drip~”

Yellow substance started dripping out of the opening of Liu Tingyu’s pants. He then nodded furiously: “This lowly official won’t dare, this lowly official won’t dare.”

Tang Tang covered her nose and coldly said: “Scram then!”

Liu Tingyu scrambled out of the courtyard and started to hate his mother for not birthing him with a pair of extra legs.

Once Liu Tingyu disappeared from sight, Tang Tang smiled like flowers were blooming on her face before saying: “You smelly scoundrel, how was it? This Miss was pretty cool huh?”

Luo Tian glared at her and said: “The saying that people with big breasts have no brains is too accurate. You’ve created a big disaster this time and we’re going to be buried to our graves because of you, sigh…”

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