Undefeatable – Ch24

Chapter 24 – Crisis

Early morning, the Luo family’s main hall.

Luo Jianshan was frowning as he looked at the Fourth Elder Luo Kunshan in a gloomy manner. He then acted like the family’s boss and blamed: “Fourth Elder, how did you clean up the hunting grounds? You didn’t even notice a 4th rank demonic beast? If you can’t even take care of a little matter like this, I’m afraid there’s no use for you to keep being an Elder!”

Luo Kunshan was responsible for this matter and he had no clue why there would be a sudden appearance of a 4th rank demonic beast.


This was a handle that Luo Jianshan had grasped onto to ridicule him so Luo Kunshan couldn’t even raise his head. After all, this was truly considered his negligence.

Luo Xiaoshan had a sneer on his face and used this opportunity to add: “Brother Kunshan, for the Furious Thunder Bull to enter the hunting grounds, this is equivalent of a tiger entering a sheep pen. For such a big flaw to appear, I bet the parents of the disciples won’t be letting this go away just like that. The image of our Luo family in the Jade Mountain City will also greatly weaken so I think you should just resign your position as an Elder.”

Luo Kunshan’s eyes tightened and he lightly replied: “When I cleared the grounds, I definitely did not find any traces of the Furious Thunder Bull. There’s bound to be accidents in the Ghostly Mountain Range so you can’t just put all the blame on me.”

Luo Xiaoshan coldly roared in anger: “If we don’t blame you, should we blame ourselves? You’re still shirking responsibility at this time, are you even thinking of shouldering this?”

“IF it was my fault, I of course will be shouldering the responsibility.”

“But we still don’t know if this is my fault or not so I’m not shouldering a single portion. You want me to resign my position as an Elder? Stop dreaming! No one has the right to force me. Luo Jianshan, don’t forget your current status. You are only an Acting Patriarch so you don’t have that power.” Said Luo Kunshan in an agitated manner.

The word “acting” made Luo Jianshan’s expression change, and the corner of his eyes unconsciously twitched.

“Enough arguing.”

“No one wanted to see the Furious Thunder Bull charge into the hunting grounds. The first thing we need to do is to get it to leave the hunting grounds or else it might be too late.”

“The words of Second Elder are right; we should quickly have the disciples leave the contest grounds.”

Luo Jianshan’s eyes changed as he stood up and shouted in a majestic manner: “That won’t do, the hunting contest was originally a game to eliminate the weak. This world is where only the strong survive, so this sudden change will be considered a more comprehensive testing for them.”

“You’re obviously not worried because your son’s Profound Pupil 8th rank strength since it’s enough for him to escape danger, but what about the others?”

“Jianshan, you should look at the bigger picture for this matter. They are all the hopes of our Luo family and your son is there too. What if…”

“Humph!” Luo Jianshan gave a low humph before lightly saying: “Second Elder, Third Elder, I’m worried too since my son is there. But you guys shouldn’t forget our Luo family’s rule: Within the three days of the hunting contest, no one is allowed to interfere with it whatsoever. Even if a 10th rank demonic beast appears, we still cannot interfere. Unless you guys want to violate the clan rules…?!”

Violating the clan’s rule is considered a big crime. And once that happens, Luo Jianshan will have something to hold above their heads so by that time, who would dare compete with him for the Patriarch’s position?

The appearance of the Furious Thunder Bull made Luo Jianshan want to chuckle to himself; the bull was the best catalyst for his plans.

As for Luo Lin, he believes his son will definitely make a breakthrough to the Profound Pupil 9th rank with the help of the xuan stone – that amount of strength was fully enough to protect himself. Not to mention there’s Luo Ming by his side, so there’s no way the Furious Thunder Bull can harm Luo Lin at all.

As for the Second and Third Elder’s sons, they…

“Hahaha… a man of great ambitions can’t be bothered with the trifles. Luo Tian has to die. The Second Elder and Third Elder’s sons also need to die. Let’s see what qualifications they’ll have to fight with me then… hahaha.” Luo Jianshan was laughing in his heart before saying to himself: “Even the heavens are helping me!”

The Luo family was now rotten to the bones!


“What? They’ve died?”

“Those two pieces of trash, they can’t even accomplish a simple task!” Luo Lin said in disdain. It was clear he didn’t even care about the deaths of Luo Qin and Wang Cheng.

After a short while, Luo Lin then asked: “That piece of trash Luo Tian, have you guys found him yet?”

A disciple of the Luo family immediately replied: “Responding to young sire, we’ve found him. He’s halfway up a small mountain to the south that’s about 40 kilometers from here. And also…”

Luo Lin lightly asked: “Also what?”

That Luo family disciple continued: “Miss Li Xue’er is also with him.”

“With who?” Luo Lin’s eyes changed as he roared out.

“Together with Luo Tian…”


“You f*cking trash, you dare to make a move towards this daddy’s woman? Today we’re not going to hunt demonic beasts anymore; we’re going to kill you first!” Luo Lin’s eyes started exuding killing intent.

“Young sire, there’s a very powerful demonic beast to the south. We…”


Luo Lin slapped that disciple and then kicked him before cursing: “As if I’m scared of that motherf*cker!”

Upon knowing that Li Xue’er was together with Luo Tian, his anger had already reached unprecedented levels. Recalling back to the time in the back mountains when those two were all touchy feely towards each other, he started cursing in his heart: “You cheap slut, watch how this daddy takes care of you!”

After hunting all afternoon yesterday and last night, his space plaque already had over a hundred demonic beast heads. There were also a lot of people helping him kill those beasts right now so the first place for this hunting contest will definitely be his.


While fighting yesterday, he made a breakthrough and was already at the strength of a Profound Pupil 9th rank. This meant he had accomplished half his goal of entering the hunting contest now.

The other half of his goals was to get rid of Luo Tian and then push Li Xue’er down to get on top of her!

Thinking of Li Xue’er’s seductive figure, Luo Lin couldn’t help swallowing back down his saliva. His lips curved into a perverted and evil smile and said to himself: “This daddy will definitely give you a good time today!”

Immediately after…

Luo Lin yelled in a low tone: “Luo Tian you dog thing, watch how this daddy plays you to death!”

“Move out!”

Eight Luo family disciples gathered behind Luo Lin before they rapidly dashed towards a southern direction.

Not far away from this group, Luo Ming was following behind them through the gloomy forest while cautiously paying attention to his surroundings.




The loud noise resounded through the heavens while demonic beasts scattered in different directions. Luo Tian and company were keeping their distance from the Furious Thunder Bull while taking advantage of the situation.

A 1st rank demonic beast was completely helpless in front of a 4th rank demonic beast so they could only run away with their lives on the line.

This gave Luo Tian an ultimate opportunity to hunt. He didn’t have to search all over for demonic beasts since they would run directly towards him while trying to get away. And these demonic beasts had no way of fighting back and were similar to fishes jumping onto the shore.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a Metal Skinned Pig. You have gained 200 experience points, 20 profound energy…”

“Big brother Luo Tian, there’s another one here. Catch!”

Li Xue’er waved her sword and flicked a demonic beast into the air allowing it to land in front of Luo Tian. Luo Tian then followed through by smashing his fist down onto it. “Break!”

The demonic beast died and the System would make an alert.

“Big brother Luo Tian, catch…”



Li Xue’er kept sending demonic beasts over and Luo Tian flawlessly received them. He was very busy but happy at the same time because the speed he was progressing was just too awesome. The experience bar could be seen continuously increasing with the naked eye. After two hours of killing, he was only about 10 percent away from being a Profound Pupil 7th rank.

This speed was too f*cking fast.

He was going to level up in less than half an hour.

Luo Tian would toss the demonic beasts he had killed towards Feng Lei who was drenched in blood. “Fatty Lei, can you hurry it up? Don’t waste so much of these demonic beasts.”

Feng Lei had just finished sucking dry the blood essence of a demonic beast and a faint red light shone on his bald head. On the back of his head were some vein lines that briefly flashed as well before disappearing.

Feng Lei didn’t notice any abnormality as he scratched his head, “This one understands!”


Another round of intense footsteps was heard. Luo Tian’s eyes narrowed and he yelled in reminder: “Pay attention to your distance, don’t let it find us.”

“I know.” Li Xue’er had a smile in her heart as she sweetly said to herself: “Big brother Luo Tian is worried about me; big brother Luo Tian is worried about me, heehee…”

Luo Tian watched Li Xue’er lightly smile before he mumbled to himself: “What is this girl thinking about? I only told her to watch out so is there a need to be that happy about it?”

“But this girl is really attractive when she smiles!”

In a covert area…

Luo Lin started grinding his teeth upon seeing this scene. He waved his right hand and viciously said: “Make the move!”

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