Undefeatable – Ch25

Chapter 25 – Legendary Skill – Charm

In another area where Zhou Hengran was at.

He was using his advantage in speed and kept on harassing the Furious Thunder Bull, increasing the bull’s already short temper. Its long horns were smashing around all over the place causing a complete mess wherever it went by.

With Zhou Hengran’s deliberate provocation, the Furious Thunder Bull was quickly heading towards the direction where Luo Tian and company were at.

Zhou Hengran lightly landed on the branches of the thick trees before staring off into the distance with a sneer, exactly where Luo Tian was currently killing demonic beasts. He then said to himself in a cold tone: “Go and just die. Once you die, the Luo family’s balance will be shattered and infighting will begin. We won’t have to use a lot of time before our Zhou family can swallow your Luo family, and by that time, my Zhou family will be able to rule the entire Jade Mountain City. Hahaha…”


A storm like wind swept past Zhou Hengran causing him to frown. Cold sweat appeared on his back before he quickly jumped away landing at a safe distance. He then said to himself in fear: “A 4th rank demonic beast is truly too scary.”

The Furious Thunder Bull was a powerful existence and was pretty much invincible amongst all the 4th rank demonic beasts. It had tyrannical strength and a super strong defense, and its only weakness was that it was rather slow.

Its slow speed was due to its body which was like a small mountain. There was no way for it to become faster even if it wanted to.

It was due to this point that Zhou Hengran could piss it off so much. He used the speed behind a Profound Master and continuously led it towards the center of the hunting grounds.

The Luo family disciples in the hunting grounds were like frightened birds that flew away in all different directions.


There was some that fled but there were some that was rushing towards it.

“Did you hear that Luo Lin was going to make his move against Luo Tian?”

“The location of Luo Tian is exactly where the Furious Thunder Bull is. That is nevertheless an invincible 4th rank demonic beast, isn’t he afraid of death?”

“Shit, that motherf*cker Luo Tian is a big piece of trash and he isn’t afraid of the Furious Thunder Bull, so why should we be scared? Let’s go, we’re going to watch a good show.”

“You don’t want to keep living?”

“Of course I want to keep living, but if I can assist young master Luo Lin in getting rid of that trash Luo Tian, one will definitely gain the Patriarch’s special treatment. By that time, wouldn’t becoming a core disciple be a drop in the bucket?”

“It’s been a long time already and we still haven’t killed a single demonic beast. If we can help young master Luo Lin, we’ll definitely gain a lot of benefits.”

“Go go go, let’s all go and welcome the new young master.”


Once Luo Tian dies, Luo Lin will automatically become the Luo family’s young master.

If one can kiss up to the Luo family’s young master, even if they cannot become a core disciple, they’ll still gain some benefits out of it in the long run.

Those disciples that didn’t kill any demonic beasts were all thinking like this.

The Furious Thunder Bull was indeed a dangerous existence, but the temptation of being a Luo family’s core disciple was much stronger.

When there was one person, there would be a second, and then eventually be a crowd of them. And then, it became everyone as if they didn’t care about their own lives and started moving towards the location where Luo Tian was at.


The Furious Thunder Bull was getting closer and the demonic beasts were running everywhere. Luo Tian was killing demonic beasts like crazy and his experience points were rising rapidly. He then anxiously said to himself: “Only a bit more, just a little bit more and I’ll level up…”

The surrounding area was firmly under the grasp of his spiritual senses.

What worried him the most was that the Luo family disciples were continuously increasing, and there was no doubt these people were all standing on Luo Lin’s side.

Apart from these people, there were even more that were coming and nearing the Furious Thunder Bull.

How come this originally gentle demonic beast that didn’t even bother chasing him would suddenly become so irritable? And somehow, it has been continuously rushing towards his direction. This was definitely a deliberate act by someone.

Someone that dares to mess with a 4th rank demonic beast will certainly be not simple, so who could it be?

Luo Tian didn’t have time to ponder these questions. The only thing he could do now was to make a breakthrough!

If he wanted to keep living, he had to make a breakthrough!

This world followed the laws of the jungle, a world for only the strong. Wanting to continue living meant one had to be stronger than others. All conspiracies can be shattered with a single punch!

“Act now!”

Ordered Luo Lin, and those eight originally in position immediately rushed out!




Eight people descended with swords pointing at Luo Tian and eyes filled with killing intent.

Luo Tian’s mouth sneered before smiling, “Fatty Lei, you should retreat to the side first.”

Feng Lei swept his eyes past the eight of them and showed a goofy grin, “Boss, I still have a few demonic beasts here that I haven’t had time to cut off their heads. You busy yourself with your stuff and I’ll take care of my stuff.”

He was very calm and didn’t feel any pressure at all. After saying that, he started busying himself with his own task.

Li Xue’er’s figure flashed and immediately blocked in front of Luo Tian. She pointed her sword at a person and shouted: “I want to see which one of you dares to harm my big brother Luo Tian.”

Li Xue’er stared in anger while putting on an air that told everyone whoever dared to mess with Luo Tian, this lady will fight with her life on the line.

These eight were all at the Profound Pupil 6th rank!

The strength of all of them striking at the same time was very powerful. It was simply too easy to deal with another person at the same Profound Pupil 6th rank!

When at the same level, there was no chance of winning when it was one versus eight!


Luo Tian’s expression was very calm while his mouth formed a smug smile. “Girl, move aside and I’ll take care of this matter myself.”


“Big brother Luo Tian, they all have the strength at the Profound Pupil 6th rank. You are alone while there’s eight of them so there’s no way I’m going to let them harm you.” Li Xue’er didn’t move away while her face became even more serious.

Li Xue’er’s actions made Luo Lin who was still in hiding curse in his heart: “You cheap slut!”

Because of Li Xue’er’s unique status, the eight didn’t make any moves while they awaited further commands from Luo Lin.

Luo Lin stepped out and within a blink of an eye, had appeared in front of Li Xue’er and gently said: “Little sister Xue’er, why are you together with this piece of trash?”

“You’re the trash.”

“My big brother Luo Tian isn’t trash.” Li Xue’er glared at him before solemnly saying: “Luo Lin, you’re the one I despise the most so please don’t keep calling me little sister Xue’er.”

Luo Lin’s eyes changed while he lightly clenched his teeth. “Little sister Xue’er, you should move aside.”

“I told you to not call me little sister Xue’er; I’m not your little sister. Also I’m not moving aside, there’s no way I’m going to allow you to bully my big brother Luo Tian.” Li Xue’er was filled with righteousness and didn’t back away.

Luo Tian was secretly moved by her continuous support.

Since the ancient times, there were only heroes saving beauties and not beauties saving the heroes. Luo Tian was rather amused and pleased with this in his heart.

Luo Lin’s face started to darken as a burning fire of rage rose to his head. He then cursed out: “You cheap slut, get the f*ck away for this daddy!”

In an instant…

Luo Lin suddenly made a move.

A slap went straight for Li Xue’er’s face.

Shock appeared on Li Xue’er’s face as she never imagined Luo Lin would suddenly strike, thus she didn’t have time to respond.

She wasn’t prepared but Luo Tian had prepared early on.

The moment Luo Lin made his move; Luo Tian also moved and threw out a punch to meet it.


The power of a palm and the power of a fist collided together. Luo Tian’s arm felt like it was going to fall off as he never imagined Luo Lin had already broken through to the next level.

Whether it was strength or speed, a Profound Pupil 6th rank could not compare to someone at the Profound Pupil 9th rank at all.

Luo Tian’s eyes darkened as he exploded backwards while feeling intense pain in his arm.

Sounds of cheers arose from the surrounding.

“Young master Luo Lin is so powerful.”

“That piece of trash Luo Tian is not his opponent at all.”

“Calling himself the Luo family’s young master… he can’t even receive a simple palm strike of young master Luo Lin. Just go ahead and die already.”

More and more Luo family disciples appeared in the gathering.

A mere palm strike forced Luo Tian backwards causing Luo Lin to be in the middle of the limelight. This feeling he was experiencing was simply too awesome.

Luo Lin stood in place and made a contemptuous laugh, “A piece of trash like you wants to fight with me? You’re simply courting death.”

As he was saying this, his hands had already grabbed onto the momentarily confused Li Xue’er. He then smiled evilly, “Little beauty, this daddy will love you tenderly tonight. Hahaha…”

He gently caressed Li Xue’er’s snow white cheeks, causing her whole body to tremble and her face to pale. Her strength at the Profound Pupil 7th rank was completely suppressed by Luo Lin’s Profound Pupil 9th rank strength.

Fear appeared on Li Xue’er’s expression.

Luo Tian’s rage exploded as he clenched his fists, “Luo Lin, you’re courting death!’

“I’m courting death?”


Luo Lin started laughing out loud into the air but then suddenly stopped. An expression of interest then appeared on his face, “Listen up Luo family disciples: If a punch lands on Luo Tian, you’ll gain a single head of a demonic beast. Slash him once and you gain two; stab him once and you will gain three. Everyone that participates will automatically gain a head of a demonic beast to become a core disciple of the Luo family.

As his voice faded, the gathered crowd started boiling in excitement.

Greed was seen in everyone’s eyes as they stared at Luo Tian in excitement. They all then started rushing forward to surround Luo Tian.

This was a perilous situation!

Luo Lin pointed at Luo Tian and laughed: “You don’t have anyone to back you up and you don’t have the strength when necessary. What qualifications do you have to fight with me? What are you going to take out to fight with me? Hahaha…”

No matter how powerful Berserk was, there’s no way he could deal with this many people.

Not to mention there was still Luo Lin present who was at the Profound Pupil 9th rank.

At this moment, Luo Tian had entered a death trap!


The Furious Thunder Bull knocked over a large tree. It then looked out the crowd of people gathered here before roaring out hysterically.

The Furious thunder Bull was like an angry King Kong as white mist came out of its nostrils. An aura of savageness exuded off its body making it look like a peerless existence!

In front was a Furious Thunder Bull and behind were Luo Lin and a crowd of disciples.

No matter which angle one viewed this at, it all lead to Luo Tian’s death.

Luo Tian was quite annoyed when a Green Eyed Tiger running away happened to dash past him. Luo Tian viciously smashed down onto the demonic beast’s head.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a Green Eyed Tiger. You have gained 200 experience points, 20 profound energy…”


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for leveling up. Your current level is at the Profound Pupil 7th rank!”


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for leveling up and gaining the reward for reaching the Profound Pupil 7th rank – a support martial skill, Magic Charm!”


“Magic Charm, a spell used by Wizards in the game The Legend of Mir?”

“Holy shit!”

Luo Tian’s blood started boiling up like crazy!

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