Undefeatable – Ch26

Chapter 26 – Everyone Must Die

Entering a death trap?

After hearing the System’s alert, Luo Tian started smiling.

Amongst the hundreds of online novels, some were video game related. One of his favorite novels amongst the video game genre was The Legend of Mir. As someone born after the 80’s, The Legend of Mir was the ultimate classic game. He was once a player in the Hall of Fame and was familiar with all the Wizard spells. He was obviously very clear about the usage of the System’s reward – Magic Charm.

Magic Charm – a spell that Wizards can learn when they’ve reached level 13.

Upon using that spell on random monsters, they will then become his minions. But it can only be used on five monsters at a time and will only last for two hours. During this time, those minions you’ve charmed can kill other monsters and level up. The highest level they can get to is the 7th level, and their names would even turn dark blue.

After two hours, the minions will revert back to normal but they can be charmed again.

The personal skill levels of the minions under your control will increase as the minion levels up.

This was the explanation of the skill within The Legend of Mir.

Luo Tian never imagined the martial skill reward he would get at the Profound Pupil 7th rank would be Magic Charm. He thought that after being completely surrounded, death would be unavoidable. But now…”

He started smiling.

While smiling, he opened up the System to view the information.

Martial Skill: Magic Charm

Grade: 2nd grade

Proficiency: 0/1000

Consumption: 20 profound energy

Cool down time: 10 seconds

Skill description: This skill will allow you to recruit monsters as your own minion. The stronger the monster, the lower your success rate. Level 0 success rate is 10% (The success rate will also decrease for monsters higher level than the Player), Level 1 success rate is 15%, level 2 success rate is 20%, level 3 success rate is 25%… the final level 10 success rate is 75%.

Description two: One can recruit the minion for two hours. Two hours later, they will revert back to normal and cannot be recruited again.

Description three: When the skill fails, the monster will immediately attack. (Note: Every monster in the Legend of Mir is susceptible to Magic Charm. After successfully being recruited, the monster’s name will become yellow and enter a passive stage and cannot auto attack by itself.)


“Cannot be recruited again after the skill ends and will be attacked after failure? Isn’t this something the System changed by itself?” Luo Tian complained in his heart.


“Inside The Legend of Mir, the game would limit the levels the Player can control while this world didn’t. It only had the problem of success rate. But this means as long as one had enough levels of charm, even a 10th rank demonic beast can be recruited!” Luo Tian’s whole body started boiling.

Charm, everything relied on charm.

The charm of a twenty something year old virgin shouldn’t be too bad right?

Looking off into the distance at the Furious Thunder Bull that looked like a tank, Luo Tian narrowed his eyes and excitedly laughed, “If that could successfully become my minion…”

He became excited secretly as his eyes flashed and he clenched his fists.

Around the same time…

Luo Lin had one hand holding onto Li Xue’er while the other hand pointed at Luo Tian. He then roared out: “What are you guys waiting for? Kill him for me!”

Those under the temptation of rewards weren’t brave heroes but cannon fodder that didn’t want their lives anymore!

As long as they participated, they would become a core disciple of the Luo family so who wouldn’t join in?

Even if they were to deal with the 4th rank demonic beast Furious Thunder Bull, no one was going to back out. Everyone rushed towards Luo Tian like they didn’t care about their own lives.

“This is bad!”

Still hiding off in a distance, Song Yanqun couldn’t help start frowning. Recalling the words of his big brother Song Yannan, he clenched his teeth and said to himself: “Kiddo, I hope big brother didn’t make a mistake in his decision with you!”

Immediately after…

Song Yanqun started roaring in laughter as his Profound Master 3rd rank power exploded forth. Like a flash of lightning, he landed right next to Luo Tian and looked towards Luo Lin with a smile. “Yo, the Luo family disciples are killing each other…”

“Song Yanqun?”

Shock flashed in Luo Lin’s eyes as he softly asked: “Elder Song, what are you here for?”

Luo Lin was also secretly shocked as his body made a slight adjustment as a precaution.

He didn’t recognize Song Yanqun and didn’t know what his motives were so he had to be cautious. Luo Tian knew the saying that staying cautious can allow one to sail their vessel for all eternity.

Song Yanqun looked at Luo Tian and faintly smiled, “Don’t be scared kid, I’m here to protect you.”

“Protect me?”

“You want to protect him?”

Luo Tian and Luo Lin uttered those questions at the same time.”

“That’s right!”

“I’m here to protect this kid, what are you going to do about it?” Song Yanqun sneered. He then placed his hand on Luo Tian’s shoulder and said: “Kid, once I make my move, start running to the west while I hinder them.”

“Senior, I appreciate your kindness but there’s no need. I’m not leaving because I cannot leave!” Luo Tian honestly said.

“Elder Song, this is a matter for my Luo family so it’s best that you don’t interfere. Don’t offend the entire Luo family because of a piece of trash; you should be clear on the consequences of it.” Luo Lin’s eyes narrowed and his mouth revealed an arrogant smile before grabbing onto Li Xue’er’s hair and dragging it down.

“Aghh…” Li Xue’er screamed out.

Luo Lin the glared at Luo Tian with a cold smile, “Go ahead and run. The moment you step out, I’ll rip off her clothes. This girl is a virgin with snow white skin, a complete stunner of this mortal world. I will allow every single one of the Luo family disciples here to enjoy the taste of her, hahaha…”

There’s no way he was going to let Luo Tian get away. He was here to kill Luo Tian and couldn’t wait any longer!

Li Xue’er’s body was trembling and her face paled but she still yelled out: “Don’t bother with me big brother Luo Tian, quickly run away! Nothing will happen to me!”

“Shut your mouth you cheap slut.” Luo Lin forcefully pulled Li Xue’er’s hair and almost made her fall over.

Although she was undergoing this, Li Xue’er still yelled out again: “Big brother Luo Tian, just quickly run and don’t worry about me!”

“You dare to mess with master’s woman? This one will fight you to the death!” Feng Lei angrily roared and stood up. Just like King Kong, an aura of killing intent burst forth as he rushed out.


“A servant of the Luo family dares to act wildly in front of me? You’re courting death!” Luo Lin’s eyes changed as he struck out with his palm.


Luo Lin’s palm strike caused Feng Lei to fly backwards five to six meters before landing heavily on the ground. A mouthful of blood then sprayed from his mouth.

The strength of a Profound Pupil 9th rank was too powerful; there was no way Feng Lei was his opponent!

Without waiting for Feng Lei to crawl back up, several Luo family disciples pounced towards him and started pummeling him right there.

Feng Lei’s face was continuously pressed into the dirt as he struggled with all his might. His two eyes looked like they were going to spray out flames, “Boss, quickly run, quickly run now!”

Feng Lei’s heart was relentless as his clenched jaws gave off cracking sounds. He was roaring inside his heart: “Why, why, why can I not cultivate? Why can’t I protect the young master? Why…?”


A strange power erupted from his body that came from the depths of his dantian. On the back of his head, blood red hideous lines started appearing…

Song Yanqun frowned as he said in a low voice: “Luo Tian, a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. Quickly run away now before it’s too late.”

The Furious Thunder Bull was about to arrive so if he Luo Tian didn’t run now, there’s no way he could protect him.

Luo Tian’s eyes were now blood red. While he was looking at Li Xue’er and Feng Lei, an unprecedented amount of killing intent erupted from him.

He wasn’t moving at all as he glared at the oncoming Furious Thunder Bull while his fists kept clenching on and off.


“Young master, quickly run away!”

“Big brother Luo Tian, quickly run!”

“Hahaha… this piece of trash must have been scared witless by young master Luo Lin. Look at his dumb expression right now, and he wants to be the Luo family’s young master? That’s like the world’s biggest joke!”

“Hey trash, just quickly go die.”

With all these insults and ridicule, Luo Tian’s heart started calming down to the point where he couldn’t hear anything.



Luo Tian roared out as he speed was raised to its limit before rushing forth.

Everyone was surprised thinking Luo Tian was going to struggle with his life on the line. But when they saw him rushing off in a certain direction, they all started laughing.

“That piece of trash is rushing towards the Furious Thunder Bull… probably thinks he won’t live for long and decided to commit suicide.”


Song Yanqun was surprised as well but followed after him without hesitation.

It was also at this time that Luo Ming’s shadow flashed next to Luo Lin, afraid that Song Yanqun would sneak attack Luo Lin.

Still around this time…

Another black shadow burst out of the dark forest and started laughing out loudly. “Hahaha, this kid Luo Tian knows what’s good for him and has decided to commit suicide. This Furious Thunder Bull was especially prepared for him!”

Zhou Hengran descended with an arrogant look as he watched Luo Tian rush towards the Furious Thunder Bull.

His goal was to have Luo Tian die. Once Luo Tian dies, the Luo family will fall into chaos and he would have achieved is objective.

All three hidden experts at the Profound Master realm had now appeared.

Song Yanqun’s heart became dejected as he said to himself: “Crap, looks like I won’t be able to protect this kid’s life.”

Luo Ming and Zhou Hengran both wanted Luo Tian to die and they were both experts at the Profound Master 3rd rank. Song Yanqun was not strong enough to deal with them two at the same time.

He might even be in danger himself.

If he escaped right now, no one would be able to catch up to him. But…

Watching Luo Tian still rushing towards the Furious Thunder Bull, Song Yanqun’s eyes tightened as he said to himself: “Kiddo, what on earth are you trying to do?”

“Magic Charm!”


Upon reaching the minimum distance to cast Magic Charm, Luo Tian immediately cast the spell and the System showed his success rate of recruitment: 1%

He was still under the effects of Berserk where his attributes had been doubled.

Yet the success rate was still at the lowest point where it couldn’t get any lower.

Upon casting the skill, the Furious Thunder Bull was enshrouded with a white light. In less than half a second, the light then disappeared.

“Recruitment failed!”

The Furious Thunder Bull pounced towards Luo Tian and he narrowly dodged. Once the cool down finished, he once again cast out Magic Charm.”

“Recruitment failed!”

He dodged again and tried recruiting again.

No one present knew what Luo Tian was trying to do while Song Yanqun had a forehead filled with sweat at the side. The Furious Thunder Bull was getting closer to Luo Tian with each attack and Luo Tian’s situation was becoming more life-threatening by the second.

“Magic Charm…”

“Recruitment failed!”

“Magic Charm.”

“Recruitment failed!”

The Furious Thunder Bull had become enraged by Luo Tian’s actions and was only three steps away from him at all times. Its long horns shimmered a cold light as its murderous aura burst out everywhere. If one was smashed by its horns, it still wouldn’t be enough if they had a hundred lives at their disposal!

“Watch out young master!”

“Big brother Luo Tian!” Li Xue’er was so scared that she closed her eyes.

Song Yanqun frowned as he wanted to rush up to save him but it was too late. Even he was helpless when facing against a 4th rank demonic beast.

A complacent smiled appeared on Luo Lin’s face as he said in ridicule: “Damn piece of trash, you should’ve died a long time ago.”

Zhou Hengran lightly smiled while clapping his hands and mumbling: “My mission has been accomplished!”

Luo Tian frowned as he didn’t have much strength left to keep dodging. He stopped his breath and once again roared out to cast Magic Charm.

A white light once again enshrouded the Furious Thunder Bull and a crackling sound was heard.

The horns of the Furious Thunder Bull were less than half a meter from Luo Tian when it suddenly stopped.

The System made an alert.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for your successful recruitment!”

In that instant…

The Furious Thunder Bull then acted like a calf while rubbing against Luo Tian’s arm. It then dropped to the ground and started rolling around playfully.

At this time…

Luo Tian turned around with a somber look at everyone present. He then coldly enunciated every single word: “Everyone, here, must, die!”

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