Undefeatable – Ch240

Chapter 240 – The Devil Inside Blindman Liu


“You think you can block me just because you have the physique of the demon race?”

“You overestimate yourself!”

“Today, everyone here has to die.”

Luo Kun was holding a sword exuding a chilling light. His face revealed his disdain as he coldly glared at Xuan Yuanyi blocking the entrance.

Filled with wounds, Xuan Yuanyi struggled to look up as he said: “Even if I’m overestimating my abilities, I still need to stop you.”

His voice wasn’t loud but it was still filled with a powerful energy.

The Giant Fault Sword next to him was giving off a heavy ringing sound.

A big difference!

A big difference in cultivation levels!

Before they even fought, the suppression from their difference in cultivation levels already made Xuan Yuanyi unable to move. Every time he wanted to make a move, it felt like there was a mountain weighing down on his body. It was very uncomfortable! His movement and his sword intent had been completely suppressed.

Demon race.

They were different from the human race.

They had powerful bodies but weren’t proficient at using oppressive pressures. The reason being the development of their sea of consciousness was not as strong as a human’s.

Their defensive ability against the pressure from the sea of consciousness was also rather weak.

This was the demon race’s fatal weakness.

Luo Kun – one of the five strongest killers from the Du manor!

He was an expert at using his oppressive pressure. When dealing with people at lower cultivation levels than him, he could efficiently crush his opponent before they even start fighting. He will practically freeze your movement with his pressure and then slowly play you to death. His methods were extremely vicious and evil!


Today, Luo Kun was a bit annoyed.

He encountered Xuan Yuanyi from one of the demon clans. If it weren’t for his advantage in oppressive pressure, it might be a tough fight for him to subdue Xuan Yuanyi due to his powerful sword intent.


His own cultivation level had already reached the Profound King realm.

Luo Kun’s mouth formed a cold sneer as he said: “Block me? Humph, you want to block me based on you alone? You really overestimate yourself. The body of demon clan members are quite powerful, but so what? Isn’t it merely your skin is a bit thicker and your meat a bit rougher?”

“My Cold Wind Sword will show how your demon race’s so called powerful physical body is merely a joke before it!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Kun’s brows formed a frown. His Profound King cultivation exploded out like a tsunami and smashed into Xuan Yuanyi’s sea of consciousness.


Xuan Yuanyi started hearing a ringing noise in his head and his body suddenly sank down like a large mountain was sitting on top of his head. This feeling was extremely uncomfortable and made him pissed off. Unfortunately, he had no idea how to defend against this oppression.

When facing a difference in cultivation levels, he had no way to defend at all.

Oppressive pressure.

A formless pressure due to differences in cultivation levels and could not be avoided.

Seeing how Xuan Yuanyi’s body slightly sink down, Luo Kun started smiling evilly. He gently shook the Cold Wind Sword in his hand and it started emitting the ringing sounds of a cold chilling wind. The sword qi coming out were like ripples of wind blades as Luo Kun slowly walked towards Xuan Yuanyi.


Inside the main hall.

Tang Tang had a pale expression on her face. She then said in a serious tone: “Blindman, think of a way to save him. If we don’t save him, he’ll definitely die here.”

They were watching how Xuan Yuanyi had been completely suppressed by Luo Kun. Tang Tang wanted to help but… her cultivation level wasn’t even enough to fill one’s tooth gap. Rushing out now would only give Xuan Yuanyi more trouble, and Xuan Yuanyi had already warned them not to get involved.

Blindman Liu also had an ugly expression on his face. He then started making calculations with his fingers trying to divine something.

Tang Tang glared at him and said: “We’ve arrived at such a predicament and you still have time to divine people’s fortune? Are you even still a member of the Flame Dragon Gang? Xuan Yuanyi is about to die soon so can’t you quickly think of a solution?”

She was extremely anxious.

She became even more anxious when she saw Blindman Liu start his divination with his fingers.

Beads of sweat appeared on Blindman Liu’s forehead as if his divination was consuming his vitality. Not long after, his fingers stopped moving and said: “Today he will encounter a crisis but it won’t be a calamity; it won’t be life threatening.”

“It won’t be your big head!”

“Look at how much he’s bleeding! If it were you in his place, you would have lost your life already and you still say there’s no calamity. Once the dragon head comes back, I’ll have him immediately kick you out of the Flame Dragon Gang! Humph!” said Tang Tang in an angry manner. She really couldn’t understand how Blindman Liu’s divination could show such a thing.

The doorway was practically covered in Xuan Yuanyi’s blood right now.

If it was someone of the human race, they would’ve died already from excessive blood loss.

Blindman Liu’s brows were somewhat locked together as he didn’t really care about Tang Tang’s words. He then said to himself: “Did I calculate wrong again? Impossible. I, Prophet Liu have been making a living on this for twenty years and have never made a wrong divination. How could I divine it wrong twice today?”

His head was faintly lowered as he looked at the large figure at the main hall entrance.

His fingers gently touched the erhu’s strings and his brows faintly quivered. He then said internally: “Do I really need to make a move? I promised my old master that unless I was in life threatening danger, I cannot make a move. Do I have to make an exception today?”


There was a change in Blindman Liu’s expression because he had already made up his mind!

He was originally a monk.

He was expelled from the temple after breaking a rule. The day he was leaving, his disheveled master who was responsible for sweeping the grounds gave him a book and made him wait for a certain person to appear in Heavenly Sword City. This special person was someone that could bring him to the peak of life.

He wasn’t clear on who that special person was.

His master didn’t say either and only said: Your heart will know!

He had muddled along Heavenly Sword City for twenty years now. Relying on his master’s book to calculate his divinations, each of them was completely accurate.

During these recent years, he gradually found out his master used to have a title – Daoist Heavenly Secret. He was already famous a thousand years ago. He was able to divine anything in the world and reached the realm of becoming all-knowing, capable of peeking into the secrets only the heavens knew.

That’s why he believed in the words his master had said.

After waiting in Heavenly Sword City for twenty years, he met Luo Tian on the streets today. His heart started beating rapidly and after making some light calculations, he discovered Luo Tian’s life was extremely complicated. And his fate would constantly change every moment!

It was extremely strange and he had never seen such a destiny before!

And when Luo Tian said the words “my fate is controlled by me and not the heavens,” this made Blindman Liu even more shocked. He then started crazily making calculations using the methods of the unnamed book his master gave him and in the end; he could only peer into Luo Tian’s one day of life. Anything after that, he couldn’t divine what would happen to him.

It didn’t mean he was going to die.

Maybe it was really what he had said: My fate is controlled by me and not the heavens.


The fortunes of Luo Tian today clearly showed he would encounter a bloody crisis.

It was only half an hour until midnight, which meant only half an hour until his divination would become inaccurate.

And now…

He made an exception and calculated a second divination for Xuan Yuanyi, precisely showing a crisis but not a calamity – this meant his life was not in danger. But the chilling light exuding from the Cold Wind Sword in Luo Kun’s hands made his heart sink, so he unconsciously blurted out: “Could I have really calculated wrong?”

In order to make up for his mistake…

He decided to take action.

Ever since he descended down the mountain, he had never taken action personally. Even when he was trampled into the mud by the lowly miscreants of this city, he didn’t make a move to defend himself.

He was afraid that once he took action…

He wouldn’t be able to suppress the devil inside him.

Back then…

He was being bullied in the temple and couldn’t restrain himself anymore. The devil inside him was released and in the end, he smashed the Chief of Dharma Hall to death. That day, he killed a total of 108 people… that day was the nightmare he would never forget.

He couldn’t control himself at all.

Thinking back to that day, his heart would unconsciously start trembling.

Did he really have to make a move?

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