Undefeatable – Ch241

Chapter 241 – Damn Mongrel, Come At Me!

Blindman Liu was trembling while holding onto his erhu.

But he still walked forward.

Every step he took, his body would sway and tremble.

His face was even paler than before.

He wasn’t afraid of Luo Kun but afraid of himself.

Tang Tang looked at him and said: “I wanted you to think of a solution and not go out yourself. You’re so scared right now so how can you even fight him like that?”

She thought Blindman Liu was scared.

Because his expression did show a lot of fear.

Blindman Liu smiled and revealed his yellow teeth. “Girl, the moment I step pass the doorway, you need to run as far as possible and not come back. I, I, I will try my best to save Xuan Yuanyi.”

He didn’t dare to make any guarantees.

He could only say he would try his best to save him.


Once the devil inside him comes out, he himself doesn’t know what would happen

There was a condition his master had given him while waiting for that special person in Heavenly Sword City. Before he found that person and until he determined he has found that person, he couldn’t personally take action. His master made him remember that and to adhere to it.

But now…

He couldn’t be bothered with it anymore.

Even though they’ve known each other for less than a day, he had a feeling that Luo Tian was the special person he was waiting for.

If that’s the case…

He shall make a move now!

Tang Tang was similar to someone with their head in a cloud as she had no clue what Blindman Liu was trying to say. Just when she was about to ask…

Blindman Liu said: “Don’t ask! Remember my words: The moment I step pass the doorway, you need to run as far away as possible. Do not come back!”

As his voice faded…

Blindman Liu’s body wasn’t shaking like it was before and started becoming steady.


“Now comes a blind guy…”

Luo Kun sneered and said with disdain: “This is good too; I can send you all to hell together.”

Xuan Yuanyi felt the suppression force double and his body felt like it was as heavy as a mountain. After firmly grasping his sword as support, his body slowly straightened out as he defiantly blocked in front of the door. He firmly remembered Luo Tian’s words before he left, which was to protect this place.

Xuan Yuanyi’s expression turned serious as he shouted: “I still haven’t become the world’s number one swordsman! I cannot die and I will not die!”


A violent aura exploded out from his body.

It was like a flame…

A beast shaped flame.

Luo Kun’s expression showed a sign of shock. “Igniting his demon clan’s primordial spirit?”

This was a martial skill where one would deplete their primordial spirit in order to increase their strength for a short duration of time. Only members of the demon race were capable of this.

Ten thousand years ago, the demon clans used this martial skill to occupy the Red River. Only then did they have a place to settle down in this continent.


This was a martial skill that depleted one’s life force.

Once activated, their longevity will decrease at a crazy rate…

Xuan Yuanyi was surging with power as his gaze looked like a ferocious beast.

At this time…

Blindman Liu was about to step through the doorway. He had become very calm with a faint smile on his face. He then turned around one last time and shouted: “Quickly run!”

Tang Tang didn’t move.

Her eyes were focused outside the main hall towards the courtyard. Tears poured out as she started crying with a shout: “You guys have finally returned! Wuuu~… You’ve finally returned… that lump of muscle Xuan Yuanyi can’t hold on anymore!”

Blindman Liu looked to where Tang Tang was staring at and his fingers clenching his erhu loosened. His right leg still hadn’t stepped past the doorway before an excited grin appeared on his face. “I knew I didn’t calculate wrong!”

At this time…

The beast like flames on Xuan Yuanyi’s body slowly disappeared.

Because he finally saw that person.

His master.

A person he wholeheartedly worshipped; a mysterious man with unrivaled powers.

That man gave a smile, signaling to Xuan Yuanyi to take a break and he would handle everything onwards.

Xuan Yuanyi complied.

Luo Kun’s expression turned serious as the Cold Wind Sword in his hand trembled a bit. As if coming from the depths of hell, an extreme chilly aura was currently encompassing his body. This type of coldness was very similar to a cold lifeless corpse.

Luo Kun slowly turned around and looked at this person. His lips faintly formed a sneer before coldly scoffing. He then said with disdain: “It looks like you’ve returned… this daddy has been waiting for a long time.”

His mind had relaxed a bit.


Luo Tian’s cultivation level was only at the Profound Spirit 9th rank.

This kind of cultivation level was not a threat to him at all. He could play someone to death however which way he wanted.

Therefore, he started smiling with disdain.

Profound Spirit 9th rank – even if one was at the peak of the 9th rank, it was still 108,000 miles away from the power of a Profound King.

The levels were completely incomparable.

A single level was already considered an insurmountable gap, not to mention the difference of a whole realm.

Someone at the Profound King realm could easily kill multiple warriors at the Profound Spirit 9th rank!

Therefore, Luo Kun’s expression was extremely arrogant.

In his eyes, Luo Tian was an ant that was about to meet its death.

Luo Tian’s mouth made a curve, revealing his grim reaper like smile. He then said softy: “Fatty, support Xuan Yuanyi and bring him inside.”

Feng Lei replied: “Understood!”

He didn’t stop and directly helped Xuan Yuanyi up.

Xuan Yuanyi collapsed and fainted. If he wasn’t being supported by Feng Lei, he would’ve toppled to the ground already.

There were countless bloody wounds on his body.

His whole body, the doorway, and the courtyard were covered with his blood. It was hard to imagine what kind of scene happened here and how much injuries Xuan Yuanyi had suffered through.

Luo Tian’s rage had already reached the sky when he found out An Chunchun was kidnapped.

Ghost Dragon’s death made his rage shoot up further.

Now that Xuan Yuanyi was heavily injured and his life uncertain, the rage in Luo Tian’s heart couldn’t be held down anymore and intensely erupted. He then glared at Luo Kun with extremely cold eyes and asked: “You were sent here by Du Yuansong?”

He wanted to make things clear.

Only when things were clear would there be accountability.

Luo Kun’s gaze shook with anger as he shouted: “You damn dog thing, is the name Du Yuansong something you’re qualified to say?”

“It should be correct then.”

“It’s that old bastard Du Yuansong again.”

“Good, good, good!”

“This daddy will show you the consequences of messing with me! I will make you regret ever been born in this world!” Luo Tian pointed at Luo Kun with a glare. He then continued: “Now you can die for me!”

“With just a damn dog like you?!”

Luo Kun’s expression changed and the Cold Wind Sword in his hands once again gave off ringing sounds.

At this moment…

Luo Kun’s sea of consciousness shook, and the oppressive pressure of a Profound King expert smashed against Luo Tian like a raging tsunami.


Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness started shaking violently.

His body sank lower by a bit as a piercing pain assaulted his mind. Luo Tian then started smiling coldly, similar to a mental patient locked away in an asylum.

No defense!

He didn’t even put up any defense at all!

This type of pain to Luo Tian was completely insignificant.

It was not even comparable to one ten thousandth of the pain he felt when Ghost Dragon died. It wasn’t even comparable to one, one hundred thousandth of the pain he felt when he found out An Chunchun was kidnapped.

This little bit of pain was nothing!


Blood seeped out the corner of Luo Tian’s mouth. It was forced out by Luo Kun’s oppressive pressure.

Luo Tian took and lick to taste his own blood – it was a bit salty and metallic tasting. While smelling the scent of his own blood, his eyes started turning bloodshot. Luo Tian started grinning and showed his blood stained teeth before shouting arrogantly: “You damn mongrel, come at me!”

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