Undefeatable – Ch242

Chapter 242 – Big Brother Luo Tian Will Kill You

Those words were roared out in rage!

It looked like Luo Tian had become berserk.

His rage was burning intensely.

The grim reaper’s path of slaughter was burning.

Even the air around Luo Tian’s body had started burning up.

All the people inside the main hall looked on with dumbfounded expressions.

Tears were streaming down Tang Tang’s face like crazy while she bit down onto her lips so that she wouldn’t start crying. Her heart was aching beyond words when she looked at Luo Tian.

Looking at Luo Tian, Blindman Liu felt for sure that he was the person he had been waiting for.

When Feng Lei looked at Luo Tian, he was roaring inside: “I need to be stronger! I need to be stronger! I need to block all those that dare to harm the young master!”

Xuan Yuanyi weakly opened his eyes and shouted internally: “Boss!”

Luo Kun’s gaze turned grim as the muscles at the corner of his eyes twitched faintly. His right hand started moving as he said with disdain: “Putting on an act… you really think you can defeat me by becoming angry? A mere Profound Spirit 9th ranker dares to act arrogant in front of me? Humph!”

In an instant…

Luo Tian shouted: “Level 3 Berserk!”

Immediately after…

His right hand started moving and the heavy 1,800 jin blade appeared.

Blood Devouring Wild Blade.

With the appearance of Wild Blade, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to turn quiet and oppressive. Amidst the silence, a sense of dominance could be felt as well. This was the aura of the world’s number one domineering blade!

Wild Blade and the blade’s spirit had fused together.

The true power of the Blood Devouring Wild Blade had been finally revealed!


An over the top domineering aura gave off a loud sound in the atmosphere.

It directly blocked the pressure that Luo Kun was giving off.

The domineering aura was able to block the oppressive pressure from a Profound King ranker?

It was too strong!

Luo Tian had no time to be excited. His figure started moving as he leapt into the air. With both hands holding onto the blade, he then chopped down heavily!

Luo Kun’s expression drastically changed.

The domineering aura coming from the Blood Devouring Wild Blade had made Luo Kun’s body shudder and his heart terrified. Seeing how Luo Tian was chopping towards him, he firmly grasped the hilt of his own sword and shouted: “Even if a Profound Spirit 9th ranker has a powerful divine weapon, you can only defeat me in your dreams!”

“I’m an expert at the Profound King realm!”

“Accept your death!”

“Sky Sealing Sword!”

The Cold Wind Sword in Luo Kun’s grasp started creating countless sword qi’s. Those sword qi’s then started merging together to form a huge illusory sword. The huge sword was pointed at the sky as if it was trying to seal it, including the figure of Luo Tian chopping down with his Wild Blade.




The two powers clashed together.

The sky darkened as the stars seem to have lost their brilliance.

At this moment…

The entire Heavenly Sword City was shaking and countless experts were watching the sky. Even the middle-aged man in dragon robes above the imperial city underwent a change in his eyes. He then said to himself in an amazed tone: “Even a Profound Spirit 9th ranker can explode forth with such power… he is truly extraordinary.”

The eunuch behind him was hiddenly shocked. He then bowed before saying: “Your majesty, should we send someone to save him?”

After many years, he has rarely heard this middle-aged man praise someone so highly like that.

Except for Murong Wanjian.

And the young phoenix of the Violet organization – Li Xue’er.

Luo Tian was the third person.

And the praise of being extraordinary was the highest praise he had given out of the three of them.

“No need.” The middle-aged man replied.

The old eunuch was a bit startled before he carefully worded himself: “No matter how strong a Profound Spirit 9th ranker is, I’m afraid he’s not an opponent of an expert at the Profound King realm. There is a bottomless gap between the two of them that’s insurmountable.”

The middle-aged man faintly smiled and said: “The gap might be so deep that makes it seem bottomless, but it’s not very wide. It’s actually very easy to cross the gap, but the key is if that person knows how to cross it.”

The old eunuch was internally shocked. Just from the words of the middle-age man, the eunuch could tell that he valued Luo Tian a lot.

The Shattered Sky City had the true dragon Murong Wanjian.

The Purple Soul Temple’s Violet organization had the young phoenix Li Xue’er.

A few thousand years ago, Heavenly Sword City had a Hong Wanfu. And now…


Inside the courtyard…

It was a complete mess. The two hinged main door that many people had stepped on had turned into powder.

To one side…

Luo Tian was gasping for air while his face was extremely pale. The Wild Blade in his hands seemed to be giving off a screaming sound.

Wild Blade was saying internally to Luo Tian: “Hey brat, your cultivation is too weak and cannot display the Wild Blade’s true domineering aura. You’re already out of breath from dealing with this little kid? You’re practically ruining the dignity of I, Blood Devouring Wild Blade.”

It was hard to accept!

The power behind a Profound King ranker was much greater than what Luo Tian had expected.

A Profound Spirit 9th ranker couldn’t be compared to them at all.

Even with level 3 Berserk and eight times the attributes, it was still difficult to surpass the difference in strength. Who knew a mere difference in a single level would be that big? Luo Tian’s heart tightened and said to himself: “If I can’t even deal with a warrior of the Profound King realm, how am I going to stomp Murong Wanjian to death in the future?”

“Become stronger!”

“I have to become stronger!”


Not too far away…

Luo Kun’s face was pale white and his sword had been shattered into several pieces. One of his arms was chopped off and blood was pouring out. Recalling the scene just now, his heart couldn’t help start shuddering at the thought. Even if he was to die, Luo Kun didn’t want to experience that feeling ever again.

Luo Tian walked one step at a time while dragging the Blood Devouring Wild Blade behind him. There was a death like smile on his face as he fiercely said: “Come at me again! Weren’t you just very arrogant? Get up and fight! Let’s do this again…”

Luo Kun struggled to stand up before saying: “You’ve got a lot of guts kid. There’ll be many more days to come and we’ll surely meet again.”

He said that with intention to leave!

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Aren’t you being a bit naive? You think that you can leave after losing an arm?”

Luo Kun stopped and his expression hiddenly changed. “You dare to kill me?”

Luo Tian raised his blade and smiled: “You think I don’t dare to?”

“You don’t have the courage.”

“This place is Forefather Du’s domain; he is the King here. If you dare to kill me, everyone here will have to die. I guarantee that none of you here will be able to see tomorrow’s sun rise. If you know what’s good for you, let me leave or else… heh heh…” Luo Kun showed no fear and still had an arrogant expression on his face. “I am the personal bodyguard of Forefather Du. If you dare to kill me; all nine familial extensions of your family will be exterminated!”



Luo Tian shook his head with a cold smile. “It’s always like this. Every time someone is about to die, they still dare to spout those arrogant words to me. I really don’t know if it’s your mother or your father who gave you this type of courage, because it’s too damn f*cking hilarious!”

His blade rose up…

And the blade’s qi shot into the sky!

In an instant…

Luo Tian was too lazy to continue bullshitting with Luo Kun. As his blade heavily chopped down, he shouted: “All those that act arrogant in front of this daddy has to pay a price!”

The domineering aura sliced through the night sky.

The Blood Devouring Wild Blade then released an explosive power!

Aiming for the space between Luo Kun’s brows, the blade chopped down and split his body in two!


Luo Kun couldn’t react in time as his eyes were still staring at Luo Tian in disbelief.


Northern city’s Du Manor.

An Chunchun angrily looked at the person whom she was kind of afraid of. She then clenched her little fists and fiercely said: “Big brother Luo Tian will definitely come kill you.”

Du Yuansong coldly scoffed as his killing intent intensified.


Above the imperial city…

A middle-aged man was softly laughing with joy as he said: “Hahaha… Hong Wanfu… Hong Wanfu… hahaha…”

The old eunuch was staring in the direction of the northern city. When he heard the middle-aged man’s words, he muttered: “Could it really be another Hong Wanfu?!”

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