Undefeatable – Ch243

Chapter 243 – I Want To Breakthrough To the Profound King Realm

Who was Hong Wanfu?

A single person slaughtering a million members of the devil race and then chasing after them for over ten million miles.

With just his strength alone, he crushed the devil race’s path to rising up in this world.

Back then…

He had another name given by the people – Human Emperor.

He was the most fierce warrior ever since the Great Tang Dynasty has been established.

He was so fierce that one could not be more fiercer than him.

Back then, the Shattered Sky City didn’t have anyone as the so called child of the true dragon.

The Purple Soul Temple’s Violet organization didn’t have the so called young phoenix either.

There was only Heavenly Sword City’s Hong Wanfu.

As years passed by, the Human Emperor Hong Wanfu slowly existed only as a legend. Replacing him was the Shattered Sky City’s true dragon Murong Wanjian and the Purple Soul Temple’s Violet organization Li Xue’er. Everyone in the Tianxuan Continent knew those two and when their names were brought up, it would be said in a tone of awe and respect.

There was never a second appearance of a Hong Wanfu like prodigy in Heavenly Sword City!

One could easily tell the expectations of the middle-aged man towards Luo Tian when he said the name Hong Wanfu.

The old eunuch silently followed behind the middle-aged man. Only now did he realize why when Princess Lasting Peace entered the city, no one was sent to bring her back and no one went to notify the Nangong family. So Princess Lasting Peace was allowed to casually follow that kid around because…

Everything was within the grasp of this middle-aged man!

Domineering aura!

The domineering aura of an Emperor!

The old eunuch turned around to look at the dark night sky above northern city before showing a faint smile.


Northern city was filled with darkness.

Several human figures fleeted by. They were able to stay hidden quite well with a silent killing intent flowing around them. They were similar to drifting sand except possessing an unfathomable aura and power.

Tang Jiu had a bad expression on his face.

His mood was bad as well.

When one’s mood was bad, it was inevitable for them to feel anger as well.

He then said towards a dark area: “Uncle Chen, Uncle Wang, the killers of Flowing Sand has come as well. Since they want to deal with my people, kill them for me. But leave one alive so they can send a message back to their organization. No matter who they are, they need to know Luo Tian is one of my people. If they dare to make another move, it will no longer be as simple as killing a few of their members anymore.”

Within the darkness…

A figure faintly moved and said: “Understood.”

Immediately after…

Those figures disappeared from the spot and no aura could be detected. The moment they disappeared, not the slightest fluctuation in the air was felt either. Only experts at the highest cultivation realms were capable of performing such a feat.

Tang Jiu didn’t stop and continued hurrying forward. Thinking of Luo Tian and the previous explosive collision of power, he couldn’t help start to worry for his safety. He then said to himself: “Idol, you should be okay right?”

At the same time…

Tang Jiu’s heart started getting excited. “He can already go head to head with an expert at the Profound King realm, which means his cultivation has been improving by leaps and bound in just a few months. My idol is truly an idol… my admiration to you is too much now!”

Thirty something years old…

And still worshipping people like a child.

His identity was the Ninth Prince, and most likely no one would believe it if they knew what he was thinking.





Several muffled loud sounds were heard in the night sky.

Every time the sound was heard, someone would die. Gradually, the killing intent like flowing sand disappeared into the night sky.

Two figures silently descended behind Tang Jiu.

“The job is done!”

Their speed was extremely quick as the task was accomplished in less than a minute.

Tang Jiu was not shocked by their performance and faintly said: “Thank you Uncle Chen and Uncle Wang.”

There was no response from the darkness.


Inside the courtyard…

Luo Tian’s chest was heaving and his mouth gasping for air. He had an ugly look on his face as he stared at Luo Kun’s corpse. “Someone at the Profound King realm is truly too strong. If I didn’t rely on the Blood Devouring Wild Blade, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be his opponent at all. I need to think of a way to breakthrough to the Profound King realm as soon as possible.”

After this battle, Luo Tian felt a lot of pressure for his future.

He felt that one’s cultivation level was getting even more important.

With just a single level difference, their gap in strength was actually so far apart. This was truly not a video game.

Inside a typical game, a single level difference wouldn’t have such a big difference. As long as you can position yourself correctly, activated your skills at appropriate times, and had a good set of equipment, you can easily counter-kill someone of higher levels.

This place wasn’t a game.

A single level was so hard to surpass, let alone a whole realm in cultivation.

Luo Tian’s heart was feeling rather down. And once he thought of An Chunchun, his heart seemed to feel constricted. “Du Yuansong’s strength was already at the Profound King 5th rank a decade ago. Based on my current strength, there’s no way I can kill him. An Chunchun…”

His heart started aching.

He then struggled to stand up while everyone stood around staring at Luo Tian.

Tang Tang’s eyes had become a blur from crying too much.

Blindman Liu was motionless, while Feng Lei was supporting the seriously injured Xuan Yuanyi.

Luo Tian looked at them with a serious expression.

Tonight was too embarrassing for their group!

They were in such an embarrassing shape because his powers weren’t strong enough.

Luo Tian clenched his fists a few times before entering the main hall. He first gave Xuan Yuanyi some medicinal pills before casting several Healing Art on him. The wounds on Xuan Yuanyi’s body quickly closed up and his face seemed a few shades rosier.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian brought out a spatial plaque and placed it on the table. “Inside are all attributed demon cores. You guys are free to use as much as you want, with the goal of making further breakthroughs in your cultivation. What I have is lots of demon cores; I can give you as much as you want, but you guys must make more breakthroughs!


Luo Tian heavily emphasized on that word.

After that…

Luo Tian opened up his system interface and saw the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage was just missing one more blood essence. The last bloodline was the Jiao Dragon’s essence he had gotten back in the Ghostly Mountain Range with the gnomes. Luo Tian made a thought…

And the system gave off an alert tone.


“Are you fusing the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage?”


All the blood essence he possessed started fusing together and the blood started roiling about like it was being boiled.

After several seconds…


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for successfully fusing the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage. Will you be consuming it?”


Luo Tian refused it without any hesitation. The successfully fused bloodline essence then appeared in Luo Tian’s hand. He then said to Feng Lei: “Fatty, this is the blood essence of ten thousand beasts I especially prepared for you. They are all blood essences from high ranked demonic beasts.”

Once the Ten Thousand Beast Lineage essence appeared, Feng Lei’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

Looking at the roiling blood essence in Luo Tian’s hand, Feng Lei licked his lips with a thirsty look. He didn’t make a move to take it and asked: “Boss, what about you…?”

“I have others.”

“These are the ones I prepared for you in the Ghostly Mountain Range. I planned on giving you this later for your birthday present… so I’ll be giving you this now in advance. I hope that you can quickly make more breakthroughs because a Profound Spirit ranker in Heavenly Sword City is completely inadequate.” said Luo Tian.

Feng Lei didn’t hesitate. He took the blood essence and directly swallowed it.


The ferocious bloody looking beast on the back of his head seemed to come alive while howling out. It was howling out filled with excitement! As for Feng Lei’s body, a bloody red glow started pulsating in cycles.

Feng Lei then sat down cross-legged.

He was wholeheartedly and crazily digesting the blood essence.

His face showed how excited he currently was. The power in the essence was so fierce and strong that the blood colored demon on his head was practically dancing in joy.

Also at this time…

Tang Jiu had entered the courtyard. Looking at the mess of this place, his face turned grim. He originally wanted to welcome Luo Tian in an enthusiastic way, but never expected it would turn out to this kind of scenario.

This made him extremely annoyed.

He wasn’t able to accomplish the words he promised Luo Tian.

Luo Tian directly walked out and asked: “Ninth brother, are there any places around Heavenly Sword City that has a lot of demonic beasts around? I want to breakthrough to the Profound King realm!”

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