Undefeatable – Ch251

Chapter 251 – This Daddy Has Returned

Luo Kun had died.

Du Yuansong was pissed because he was one of the most competent helpers he had.

It was Luo Kun that controlled all the chess pieces in the northern city.

This past half a month, Du Yuansong wanted to eradicate all the trashes from the Flame Dragon Gang but An Chunchun’s appearance made him focus all his efforts on her.

Looking through all the records of the continent’s myriad races, his attention was finally caught on the words “Demon Fox Clan.”

Du Yuansong smiled.

His smile was rather ugly looking. The wrinkles on his face all folded like a hundred year old man, capable of making any little kid cry right away.

An Chunchun’s big eyes trembled a bit and the doll in her hands was clenched a bit tighter. Her body faintly retreated a step while moisture gathered in her eyes. She then mumbled: “Big brother Luo Tian, where are you? Chunchun is really scared.”

Her little mouth formed a slight pout.

He face was slightly pale. Especially noticeable were her large eyes sparkling with tears that would make any beholder experience heartache.

Du Yuansong lowered his body with a ferocious smile before saying: “Little girl, your big brother Luo Tian will not come back. Even if he does come, I’m going to kill him so you need to understand no one in the northern city can help you.”

“From today onwards, I am your master. You must do whatever I tell you to do, but if you dare not listen… heh heh…”

When he said that…

Du Yuansong’s eyes turned grim and his voice become much lower.

Demon fox clan!

And it was a little demon fox that was not even 10 years old yet!

Her price would most likely be…

Du Yuansong only imagined the low end and he felt his blood starting to boil. It would be an amount that he would never be able to gain his entire life. The Dao Shang Alliance will auction off a mature demon fox and her low estimates would be 50 million.

All those noble aristocrats and rich people would definitely increase the price like crazy.

It might even exceed 100 million before the transaction ends!


A mature demon fox could not be compared to a little demon fox because they were on completely different levels.

It was very difficult to control a mature demon fox woman because they could commit suicide if they weren’t watched carefully. It was simply too hard to tame them. But a little demon fox was different… as long as one spent some time to make them docile, then…”

Du Yuansong smiled excitedly once again.

“Train her?

“Or should I just directly sell her?”

Du Yuansong was hesitating before he shouted: “Someone come!”


Someone ran in from outside and waited silently for his orders.

Du Yuansong then said: “Head over to the Dao Shang Alliance and meet with a manager level staff. Ask them what price a 7 year old demon fox girl can sell for. If they offer less than 200 million, don’t negotiate with them and just leave.”

The lowest reserve price was 200 million!


That person then withdrew from the area.

“200 million!”

“As long as I have 200 million, I can leave this disgusting northern city.” Du Yuansong had a smile as he imagined his new future. His wonderful future was all placed on the little girl before his eyes.


An Chunchun’s expression suddenly changed as a smile broke out on her face. “Big brother Luo Tian has come!”

At this moment…


The Du Manor’s main entrance was kicked open!

“Du Yuansong! You old bastard better scram out here for me!”

He had a vicious looking expression on his face.

The aura on his body was like a living flame as his Profound King realm energy exploded forth. His expression was viciously gloomy as he shouted into the air again: “Du Yuansong! You old bastard better scram out here for me!”

His voice shook the sky!

The entire north district shook because of it!

Liu Tingyu was woken up by this. He kicked the woman out of his bed before quickly putting on some clothes. He was about to exit his bedroom before he suddenly remembered that jade plate. His expression turned cold before mumbling: “Du Yuansong, take good care of yourself.”

Immediately after…

He smiled perversely and helped the woman up before bringing her back to the bed.

The woman mounted below him then started moaning louder and louder…


“The boss’s voice!”

“It’s the smelly scoundrel’s voice.”

“Hahaha… the dragon head is finally back.”

“Let’s go!”

“To the Du Manor!”


In another area.

Wang Jinke’s face sank as he muttered: “That kid, that kid… how did that kid come back alive? He must’ve not entered the Spectral Forbidden Grounds. That’s definitely it! A Profound Spirit 9th ranker going there is basically courting his own death, so it’s impossible for him to come back alive.”

He refused to believe it.

But Tang Jiu next to him smiled faintly and said: “Uncle Wang, I bet he has already broken through to the Profound King realm.”


Wang Jinke immediately refuted and said: “Breaking through to the Profound King realm in half a month? You think he’s the Shattered Sky City’s Murong Wanjian? He doesn’t have a true dragon’s bloodline; I can tell he just has a common body and doesn’t have any special bloodlines. No matter how great a talent he possesses, it’s impossible for him to break into the Profound King realm in such a short time. You’re portraying the Profound King realm as cabbage being sold on the streets – anyone can break through whenever they want huh?”

Tang Jiu started chuckling before saying: “Uncle Wang, he really isn’t ordinary.”

“No matter how extraordinary he is, he’s still a human and not a God!” Wang Jinke then said with disdain: “Chen Dong and I are considered not bad talents on the martial path yet we still used 10 years of time to breakthrough from the Profound Spirit 9th rank to the Profound King realm. Now that we are 500 something years old, our cultivation has already reached the Profound Ancestor early stages and wanting to increase to the next level is extremely difficult. A greenhorn like him at a dozen plus years wants to break into the Profound King realm?”

“The Profound King realm is the true watershed for those on the martial path. Just this level has stopped tens of millions of cultivators in their tracks. Even if their talent is really good, it’s possible that they would never be able to break through their entire lives.”

Wang Jinke refused to believe this!

He refused to believe that Luo Tian could break through into the Profound King realm in just half a month.

Immediately after…

Wang Jinke started chuckling and said: “Your royal highness, the wager we previously had about him coming back alive from the Spectral Forbidden Grounds seems to be won by you. But if he didn’t even enter the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, then…”

Tang Jiu faintly said: “If he has broken through to the Profound King realm, then that means he has entered the Spectral Forbidden Grounds. If he hasn’t broken through, then that will equate to me losing. Uncle Wang, what do you think about this?”


“We will consider it that way then!”

Wang Jinke started swallowing his saliva is if the ten jugs of Dragon Jade Wine was before him.


Northern city, the most luxurious private room in a restaurant.

A handsome person in all white with a gentleman’s flair heard the angry shout at the Du Manor. His lips turned to a cold sneer as he said: “Damn dog thing, you’ve finally returned!”

“Snatching a woman from me? Even if the heavenly Gods come today, they still won’t be able to save you!”

In an instant…

A white blur flashed off and the man inside the private room disappeared from the spot. There were several flashes of a white blurs in the sky, similar to a crane disappearing from one’s field of vision.



“You’ve finally decided to come back.”

“This sister almost couldn’t handle the suffering from missing you so much.” Qin Yue’er put on some thinly transparent clothing. She then used a cloth to bind her chest which somehow still looked like her mounds were going to break out anytime soon. She then said with a sultry smile: “Let’s see where you can escape to this time, heehee…”

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