Undefeatable – Ch254

Chapter 254 – Debut Of The Boss

The atmosphere drastically changed.

The expression of the two Profound King experts in the Du Manor’s courtyard also changed.

“Kid, you’re dead this time.”

“Forefather has come.”

“Let’s see how long you can maintain your arrogance for.”


A powerful aura diffused to the airspace above the Du Manor, creating an endless amount of oppression along with it. It was similar to the world’s gravity had suddenly increased by a 100,000 times. Luo Tian’s body almost instantly sank down as beads of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. But he still had an excited smile as he said: “You old bastard, you’ve finally come out.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian turned around and said to Feng Lei: “Fatty, have everyone back out.”

Fatty and Xuan Yuanyi were still okay.

In the short half a month’s time, their cultivation had also increased by leaps and bounds.

Especially fatty.

The power inside him was like 10,000 beasts surging about as he became unprecedentedly stronger.

As for Xuan Yuanyi, even though his cultivation didn’t increase as quickly as fatty, he was already at the doorsteps of the Profound King realm. He was only missing a tiny opportunity before he could make a breakthrough.

Those two could kind of resist the powerful aura but when it came to Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er and Blindman Liu, those three almost collapsed to the ground. Their bodies were bent over; their faces extremely pale and they could barely maintain their breathing.

Feng Lei nodded seriously and quickly supported Tang Tang and Blindman Liu.

Xuan Yuanyi went over to support Qin Yue’er.

The five of them were about to leave the Du Manor…


At this moment, an extremely cold voice descended before them.

“You want to leave?”

“Do you think the Du Manor is a place where you can come and go as you please?”

His voice wasn’t very loud…

But for over a thousand people present, it gave the sensation of their heart exploding. It also felt like someone had suddenly dug their heat out of their chest. Most of the people could feel cold sweat on their backs while some just directly fainted.

As his voice faded…

The oppressive pressure on Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi suddenly increased multiple times. Their knees were bent and they almost kneeled down onto the ground.

The corner of Luo Tian’s eyes twitched. Anger flared in his heart as he instantly clenched his fists and shouted: “Level 3 Berserk!”


A powerful force inside his body exploded out.

Right after that, the grim reaper’s path of slaughter inside Luo Tian’s sea of conscious manifested itself and shot out a killing intent. It became a monstrous aura like a powerful dragon charging into the sky.




Ear deafening explosions were heard in the sky.

Two different auras had collided together and continuously ravaged each other. The powerful collisions were similar to continuous bomb explosions that created shock waves one after another.

“Very powerful!”

Luo Tian’s expression faintly changed as he said to himself: “The power of the aura shows that he should be around the Profound King 6th rank. It looks like this Du Yuansong is definitely not an ordinary individual.”

The two auras in the sky then exploded.

Du Yuansong’s special exertion of pressure to Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi decreased. The five of them didn’t dare to stay any longer and quickly ran out.

After bringing Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er, and Blindman Liu to the end of the street, Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi glanced at each other. They both showed a smile before they ran back towards the Du Manor.

Feng Lei smiled foolishly and said: “Boss, it’s very lonely for you to be here by yourself so this one has come to keep you company.”

Xuan Yuanyi’s Great Fault sword was issuing a low ringing sound as he said: “I’m here to accompany you as well.”

After saying that…

Those two rushed to Luo Tian’s side. One to the left and one to the right, just like they had become warrior attendants again.

Luo Tian smiled with joy. With brothers like them that neither feared life or death, honor or disgrace, this was considered great fortune to him. He then grinned madly and said: “Good! But you need to remember one thing…”

Without waiting for Luo Tian to finish, those two said in unison: “Understood! Same old rules!”




The three of them started laughing in unison.

They were laughing in an extremely arrogant, overbearing and cocky manner!

This made Du Yuansong who had come out of the rear courtyard rather annoyed. The clothing on his body was moving without any wind as his skinny body arrived at the stairs. A gust of wind blew by and his body moved along with it like he was about to be blown over.

“Those that invade my Du Manor shall die!”

“Those that kill my Du Manor’s people shall die!”

“Those that destroyed my Du Manor’s main door shall die!”

“Those that dare clash against my aura shall die!”

“The three of you here, plus the three that had just left – all six of you must die. I will use the cruelest methods possible to end your lives here today” said Du Yuansong in a dry voice.

His expression was gloomy and the wrinkles on his forehead looked like the bark of a tree.

The moment Du Yuansong appeared, Luo Tian’s eyes widened and his mouth formed curved into an excited smile. He then said to himself: “Boss! He is indeed the northern city’s boss!”

Golden glow!

A golden glow that brightened up the sky!

There was a bright golden glow surrounding Du Yuansong’s entire body which meant he was the northern city’s big boss without a doubt!

Hearing his effeminate dry voice and looking at his throat, Luo Tian started laughing out loudly. “Rumors say that you were a eunuch which I didn’t believe, but who knew you really were one! You’re missing a little winky down there so I’m curious – how do you take a piss? Can you still stand up or do you do it like a woman and sit down? Hahaha…”

“Eunuch, hahaha…”

“Damn eunuch, hahaha…”

The three of them started laughing with each other in an unrestrained manner.

“They’ve lost their minds!”

“All three of them are lunatics!”

“They actually dared to call Du Yuansong a eunuch out right! They’re goners now; they’re going to die right away. This is Du Yuansong’s reverse scale; these guys actually dare to make fun of him to his face… they must be tired of living!”

In the eyes of the spectators, Luo Tian and company were going to die immediately!

The conclusion will be exactly as Du Yuansong had said – they would die a miserable death. Daring to touch the reverse scale of the northern city’s king while in the northern city, was basically seeking one’s own death!

The expression of the remaining two in the Du Manor’s courtyard changed as they almost yelled in unison: “You’re courting death!”

Before their voice faded, those two already rushed forth!

Luo Tian faintly frowned.

Feng Lei took initiative and stood out. “Boss, let me play with these two pieces of trash.”

Xuan Yuanyi was holding onto the chain as his Great Fault Sword had already shot out. He then shouted: “Leave one for me!”



The four them immediately clashed.

The powerful collision was not weaker than the clash between the two Profound King experts.

It might be even a bit stronger.

Feng Lei’s arms had already underwent a beast transformation. Fierce looking blood scales that were giving off a bloody light had appeared on them. The entire courtyard had the metallic taste of blood in the air, as if his arms had been soaked in a pool of blood for a long time.

Xuan Yuanyi’s sword was even more ferocious. Compared to half a month ago, the power within it had at least doubled!

Luo Tian was excited…

Seeing how their strengths have been increased quite a bit in a short half a month.

Luo Tian no longer worried about those two. He looked up and smiled coldly, “It’s about time for me to show my true strength. Du Yuansong, you damn old eunuch! You want to play this daddy to death? This daddy shall let you experience how overbearing I can be!”

“Level 4 Berserk!”


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