Undefeatable – Ch255

Chapter 255 – Killing The Boss

“Level 4 Berserk!”


The moment Luo Tian roared out, 30,000 points of profound energy was consumed!

Level 4 Berserk!

It required 5 million experience points to level up.

Each time it was activated, 30,000 profound energy would be used up.

One could imagine the power stimulated by 30,000 profound energy! Sixteen times the base attributes!

The moment it was activated, thunderous roars could be heard inside Luo Tian’s body as he released his aura in an unrestrained manner. Luo Tian’s expression showed that he too was a bit stunned as his whole body felt like it was on fire.

He was extremely red!

At this time…

Luo Tian was just like Luffy in One Piece activating his Gear Second.

The flames in his body were spinning rapidly and enshrouding his entire figure. He was entirely red and every part of his skin was releasing a powerful energy.

Luo Tian slowly raised his head as he was excited like crazy.


Power released from sixteen times his base attributes! This type of power was like the roaring arrogance of an ocean! At this moment, Luo Tian was excited to the max because this type of power was simply too strong!

The surrounding people were stunned by this.

“His body looks like it’s on fire.”

“Such terrifying aura! What kind of martial skill did this kid train in?”



Everyone was thoroughly shocked by Luo Tian’s level 4 Berserk.

Luo Tian’s gaze faintly rose up as he glared at Du Yuansong whose expression had hiddenly changed. He then said coldly: “You sent people to kill my war pet Ghost Dragon. He is my brother so you need to die. You sent people to kidnap my little sister so you need to die. You sent people who seriously injured another one of my brothers so you need to die!”

“Du Yuansong: There are many things you shouldn’t have done and one of them is provoking me, Luo Tian.”

“There’s only one outcome for those that mess with me – death!”

Every word and sentence was extremely cocky and didn’t put Du Yuansong in his eyes.

He was completely held in disregard!

Du Yuansong was secretly clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard. He then said with an effeminate voice: “Good, good, good! A mongrel like you who’s merely at the Profound King 3rd rank dares to be presumptuous in front of me? You’re really overestimating yourself!”

“Even if the heretical skill you train in is great, you shouldn’t forget your own cultivation level. One’s cultivation level will still shackle your martial skill output and cannot jump levels in a fight. I am a Profound King 6th ranker so killing you is just a mere thought for me.”


A Profound King 6th ranker killing a 3rd ranker will only take a mere moment of his time.

But there is one thing Du Yuansong has stated wrongly.

There are some martial skills that aren’t restricted by one’s cultivation level, such as Luo Tian’s divine skill Berserk. It’s not restricted by the user’s cultivation level but is restricted by the user’s physique. The level 4 Berserk with sixteen times the attributes was too violent. If Luo Tian wasn’t in the Profound King realm, his body wouldn’t be able to bear the power at all.

If it were level 5 or higher Berserk, most likely the power in Luo Tian’s current body would cause him to explode upon activation.

This was the limit of one’s fleshly body!

This was the reason Luo Tian didn’t quickly level up Berserk.

If this was allowed, Luo Tian wouldn’t even bother to level up anymore. He would directly level up Berserk to the last great perfection realm. A thousand plus times his base attributes… who the f*ck could block him then?!

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Oh really?”

“Isn’t it?” Du Yuansong counter asked.

Luo Tian didn’t want to converse with him or waste any more time on that question. He directly asked: “Where’s the little girl?”

Du Yuansong took a step forward and a small sword appeared from within his sleeves. The sword was really small and looked more like a thorn. He then revealed a gloomy smile that only eunuchs were capable of and said: “You mean the little demon fox clan girl?”


Luo Tian’s eyes shifted as he clenched his fists.

A powerful energy rippled out from the clenching of his fists and the air around him made a series of explosions.

His grim reaper’s path of slaughter started surging out!

At this moment, Luo Tian was enraged.

Completely and utterly enraged.

An Chunchun’s identity cannot be known to others, especially in the midst of Heavenly Sword City. Once her identity has been publicly revealed, all those nobles and aristocrats would start hatching schemes to get her. She will then fall into a cycle of either being chased or captured.

The demon fox clan was no more.

Luo Tian didn’t want An Chunchun to be captured and didn’t want her to live an unhappy life.


“Looks like you really care about that little demon fox girl. But that’s only natural since an immature demon fox girl can be taught properly and then personally enjoyed in the future. Enjoying a man’s most happiest thing in this world… and even if you aren’t into such a thing, she can still be sold for a few hundred million and you can become a wealthy tyrant of some place. It’s even possible to buy your own city if you wanted.” Du Yuansong said in a smug manner.

The aura on Luo Tian’s body become even colder and the killing intent became stronger. He then said in a low tone: “I’m going to ask you one more time – where is she?”

“Beg me.”

“Kneel on the ground and beg me.”

Du Yuansong’s expression became even more smug.

“You’re really not telling me?” asked Luo Tian.

Du Yuansong replied with a playful smile: “Kneel down and beg me with kowtows. If I’m happy with your performance, I might just tell you. There are plenty of people in Heavenly Sword City that wish to have girls of the demon fox clan as servants.”

“You’re courting death!”

Angry to the extreme.

Luo Tian’s fist started moving and a powerful force smashed towards Du Yuansong.

Du Yuansong’s expression turned cold. The small sword in his hand started moving and created tens of thousands of sword qi. He coldly shouted: “The one courting death is you! A Profound King 3rd ranker dares to act arrogant here? Die for me!”


Two different forces collided together.

Luo Tian’s punch managed to shatter Du Yuansong’s thousands of sword qi, while his chest was clawed by Du Yuansong’s left hand and a piece of meat ripped off.


“Overestimating yourself!” Du Yuansong said with disdain. The small sword in his hand started moving again as he shouted: “Rainbow sword penetrates through all, Myriad Sword Qi, activate for me!”

The sword stabbed out…

The sword qi was like a rainbow, forming a pressure that smashed towards Luo Tian.

“Accept your death you damn dog thing!”

Luo Tian frowned before shouting: “Wild Blade, come out for me!”


The Blood Devouring Wild Blade appeared. Luo Tian gripped his right hand before shouting: “Level 4 Berserk!”

“A stupid rainbow should just die for me!”

“This daddy shall chop it into pieces!”

“Domineering Slash!”

While both hands were grasping the handle of the blade, his grim reaper’s path of slaughter intent was injected inside. Energy of sixteen times the attributes were also injected inside. The full domineering power of the Blood Devouring Wild Blade had been agitated, creating an endless amount of tyrannical power!

This was the domineering power that was capable of suppressing everything!

Luo Tian leapt into the air and faced the tsunami like rainbow sword qi. He then smile ferociously before shouting: “Slash for me!”

The blade chopped down!

The domineering power of suppression from the Blood Devouring Wild Blade surged out like crazy!

The spirit of the Wild Blade’s power had been all released as well.

At this moment…

The originally dark bloody red Wild Blade had turned pure black – the black that represented death! It then struck down heavily!



The blade slash completely shattered the rainbow sword qi, and the domineering slash’s power had completely rocked the entire Heavenly Sword City.

Du Yuansong raised his head and roared out: “Aggghhh…!”

His long hair came unbunched and his robe shredded apart.

The domineering power continued slashing through, directly smashing Du Yuansong into powder. At this instant, the system gave off an alert tone in Luo Tian’s mind!

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