Undefeatable – Ch262

Chapter 262 – This Kid Is Too Awesome


The thing that Luo Tian was most worried about had happened.

The moment Wang Jinke’s figure moved and disappeared from the spot, Luo Tian’s heart immediately sank as he shouted: “Uncle Wang, don’t mess around…”

His voice hadn’t faded yet and all the specters started waking up. Their blood red eyes slowly opened up before glaring at Luo Tian and Wang Jinke. Their deep and low voices sounded like they came from the depths of hell.

“Human race!”

“Humans that deserve death…”

“You humans need to die… die…”

A large group of specters had woken up.

Luo Tian stared in a dumbstruck manner while his heart was dead silent. He then said to himself: “We’re screwed now.”

Wang Jinke realized he made a mistake and smile embarrassedly: “Brother Luo, I’m really sorry. I saw how you easily killed them so I wanted to give it a try as well. I didn’t expect to provoke a whole bunch of them… so what should I do now?”

He had completely lost all face.

If this happened outside in public, most likely his reputation would’ve turned into a joke.

Wang Jinke’s heart tightened as he questioned himself: “How come he can do it while I can’t? Could this kid have some type of treasure on him? Or has it grasped the weakness of these specters?”

“Uncle Wang, don’t over think it and just run!”

Luo Tian didn’t need to think as his legs started moving already. “Shadewind Steps!”

“Whoosh~… whoosh~…”

After several drifting leaps, Luo Tian’s ass had pulled away from a chasing specter. He then once again shouted: “Uncle Wang, why are you still daydreaming?! Quickly run!”

Wang Jinke didn’t dare loiter around anymore and quickly ran for the exit.

It was the same for Luo Tian.

As long as they could evade them, it would be similar to the game where the player leaves the aggro range. They could then slowly find a way to kill them off one at a time because there was no other way. There were simply too many specters bunched together in this group; at least over a thousand.

Imagine over a thousand Profound King experts bunched together.


The other alternative was being smashed into meat paste.

Wang Jinke never thought it would end up like this. As for his speed, he deliberately made himself slower than Luo Tian a tiny bit to protect his rear, in case a specter caught up. He had to protect Luo Tian’s safety since he had promised the Ninth Prince.

Moreover, this incident was caused by him.

“Uncle Wang, we’re almost at the exit. Ignore them and directly rush out.” Luo Tian advised as his speed increased. He was planning on just rushing out of the array.

Wang Jinke didn’t dare to show any other response other than nodding his head and saying: “Okay.”



The speed of those two were raised to the max and arrived at the exit in a blink of an eye.

Wang Jinke was originally a bit slower than Luo Tian but he rushed out first.

As for Luo Tian, he suddenly stopped the moment before exiting the grounds!

It was due to this that Wang Jinke shot out of the grounds before Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was dumbfounded…

Because at that moment, the system gave off an alert tone!


“Player is still in a combat state and unable to leave!”

“Player is still in a combat state and unable to leave!”


Luo Tian was speechless. He then started scolding the system: “Damn it! Are you trying to play this daddy to death?! What stupid combat state and unable to leave? Your sister! This daddy is going to be played to death by you!”

This type of situation was often seen in games.

Since you haven’t escaped the aggro of the specters, that meant you haven’t left the combat state yet. This type of occurrence was limited to certain map regions or zones so you couldn’t leave the place!

Luo Tian understood this but his life and death was on the line. Could the system want him to stand against a thousand specters at the Profound King realm by himself? This isn’t a joke buddy!

Luo Tian tried leaving the forbidden grounds a few times and it still didn’t work.


“This daddy will fight it out with you!”

Luo Tian frowned. He no longer had a path of retreat and could only fight with his life on the line.

His eyes started surveying the area.

Luo Tian’s gaze was locked at a certain place before his body dashed over. He was now standing at a corner of a wall, looking with gloomy eyes at the specters rushing over like a tidal wave. He then shouted: “Come! Come bite this daddy if you can!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian roared internally: “Level 4 Berserk!”

“Blood Devouring Wild Blade, come out for me!”

“Golden Shield, activate for me!”

“Magma Fire, level 4, activate for me!”




After every roar, a thunderous boom could be heard inside of Luo Tian’s body. The powerful energy was surging out in an unrestrained manner. His right hand was tightly holding onto the Blood Devouring Wild Blade while his left hand had magma dripping down onto the ground.

Inside his sea of consciousness…

The grim reaper’s path of slaughter was also surging out.

Luo Tian smile ferociously before angrily saying: “You guys will not be able to handle my fury.”

“Domineering Slash!”

His right hand raised the blade up before chopping down at the front most specter arriving.


A single blade smashed the specter into powder, causing it to instantly disappear!

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Specter. You have gained 2000 experience points, 1000 profound energy…”


“Souls of deceased devil race +1.”

After killing one, another hundred had already rushed over.

Luo Tian once again chopped down.


Several of them toppled over.

At this time, several more specters had already reached the front of Luo Tian. The Golden Shield on Luo Tian gave off a bright golden light and a large golden bell appeared like a shield around him. The attacks of the specters then started smashing down.

Luo Tian didn’t block those attacks because he didn’t have any extra energy to do so.

He allowed the attacks of three specters to land on his body while he himself was constantly attacking them in return.

Luo Tian had no other choices.

He could only rely on positioning and natural barriers, which was a very common move in video games.

Out of a thousand specters, only three of them could attack him at the same time. The other specters were blocked in the outer area and could only shriek and scold in rage. They indeed possessed the powers of the devil race except their intelligence seemed to be weak to the max.



“Ding~, ding~, ding~…”

The system gave of alert tones like crazy.

His experience bar was flying up.

The devil race deceased soul value was soaring as well.

But Luo Tian’s profound energy points were being depleted like crazy. The worse thing of all was that every time three specters attacked him, their Profound King strength would continuously smash against his body. Golden Shield was able to block a majority of the attacks, but a small portion would still continue to rain down on his chest.

Luo Tian’s face turned pale as a mouthful of blood would spray out one after another. As he was attacking, he would also continuously use Healing Art on himself. He couldn’t help feel his heart tighten as he thought to himself: “I don’t think I can do this if it continues any longer.”

Luo Tian then swallowed ten plus attributed demon cores.

His profound energy was rising up like crazy but it still wasn’t proportionate to his consumption rate.


“I need to use some Area Of Effect attack or something.”

Luo Tian frowned as he shouted: “Level 4 Berserk!”

“Myriad Thunder Roar!”

“Innumerable Thunderbolts, destroy these f*ckers for me!”



Over ten thousand lightning bolts descended, and the health bar of these specters only went down by about 10%.

This made Luo Tian see some hope in his plight!

“Heh heh…”

“All you damn beasts should just die for me!”

Standing at the entrance, Wang Jinke looked on in a dumbfounded manner as he muttered: “This kid is awesome to a complete mess!”

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