Undefeatable – Ch263

Chapter 263 – An Assassin Comes


“Way too awesome!”

Wang Jinke sighed with emotions as he muttered: “No wonder the Ninth Prince said he was fierce to a complete mess. Looking at this kid right now, he can’t be described as fierce anymore. He’s simply fierce to the point that they heaven might not tolerate his existence! How awesome is he to think of such a method to kill these deceased souls!”


Wang Jinke was suddenly startled by a thought and said: “This kid told me to get out first while he stayed behind. Could it be that he’s worried that I’d get injured so he planned on taking them on by himself?”

Wang Jinke was a bit moved by this.

He almost started weeping like an old bitter man.

Seeing how Luo Tian was killing without a care for his own life, he made up his mind and shouted: “Hey kid! Today, I will accompany you in killing to our heart’s content!”

Wang Jinke started pulling up his sleeves like he was going to devote himself to this big fight when Luo Tian immediately tried to stop him. “Uncle Wang, Lord Wang, Ancestor Wang, consider me begging you! Just take a rest at the side and let me handle everything here!”

What would happen if Wang Jinke suddenly rushed in as well?

He would scatter all the specters and then be chased all over the place by them. Luo Tian’s tactic would be broken and would be quite difficult to restart it. One old and one young will deliver their lives to this gloomy grounds and no one will enter this godforsaken place for the next few decades.

Wang Jinke was startled by those words and scratched his head. He then grinned foolishly: “Kid, I just want to help you.”

Luo Tian understood this and said: “Uncle Wang, I know you want to help me but just resting to the side is considered the biggest help you can give me right now. I can handle them by myself. Please go take a break and we’ll talk more after I take care of these specters.”

With Wang Jinke’s Profound Ancestor realm strength, the speed of cleaning up this place would be indeed much faster.


This was all experience points!

These were all devil race deceased soul points!

How could Luo Tian allow others to kill them?

This cannot be allowed to happen!

Therefore no matter how painful and bitter it was, Luo Tian had to clench his teeth and endure it. He could not let a single specter, a single point of experience, nor a single devil race deceased soul point go. These things were all of utter importance to him.

Especially that Becoming A Devil skill!

Wang Jinke felt bitter about this as he sat on top of a rock. He then muttered in a slightly sulking tone: “Sigh, I’m getting old and useless. Even a Profound King kiddo isn’t putting me in his eyes, sigh…”

His voice wasn’t that loud…

Yet Luo Tian still heard it very clearly and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But he still didn’t let Wang Jinke step up and quickened his actions. He then shouted in a deep voice: “Myriad Thunder Roar, descend for me!”

“Level 4 Berserk!”

Sixteen times his attributes surged out like crazy!

There was a tear on his chest and blood was gushing out. There wasn’t a single part of Luo Tian’s body that wasn’t uninjured. The attacks of these specters were extremely strong so even if Luo Tian had Golden Shield to protect him, he still suffered quite serious injuries all over.

“Healing Art!”

“Healing Art!”

After casting a few healing spells, Luo Tian then popped a medicinal pill he refined into his mouth and felt a bit better. He then once again shouted: “Myriad Thunder Roar!”


After another half an hour…

The health bar of these specters was almost gone.

Wang Jinke was watching for the full half an hour without blinking a single time. He really couldn’t make heads or tails out of what Luo Tian was trying to do. Lightning bolts would smash onto the specters but couldn’t kill them, yet Luo Tian kept doing it over and over again.

What use was there in killing these specters?

It would be better if he found an opportunity to escape.

The longer he watched, the more he couldn’t figure out what Luo Tian was trying to do.

“Is he planning on dashing about madly like this forever?”

“This kid didn’t lose his marbles right?”

Wang Jinke was mumbling out his thoughts. The only thing he was shocked by was Luo Tian’s profound energy, which raised a question in his mind: “With his way of depleting profound energy, even Profound Ancestors might not be able to support it. How is he doing this? Could it be that his dantian has already surpassed the experts of the Profound Ancestor realm?”


“What kind of background does this kid come from? His entire existence is shrouded in mystery! I’ve lived for several centuries and have never met someone like him before. Could it be that he’s not a human?”

“That’s it!”

Wang Jinke must be bored to tears because he kept conversing with himself and creating questions constantly. There were many times he wanted to speak up and ask but then held it back in. After half an hour, not a single specter had died yet. He then really couldn’t hold back anymore and loudly asked: “Hey kid, what the hell are you doing? You’ve been messing with them for so long yet not a single one has died. Do you think I can keep sitting here without doing a thing? I promised the Ninth Prince to ensure your safety so if this continues, you’re definitely going to die.”

At this moment…

Luo Tian showed a faint smile and glanced at all the specters with extremely low health bars. He then shouted: “Uncle Wang, watch carefully because it’s time for the harvest!”

After waiting a brief moment for his profound energy to go back up, it was just enough for another shot of Myriad Thunder Roar. The skill was activated and started smashing down!



Numerous lightning bolts shot down and zapped through the specters.

Every one of those specters was struck to the point of disappearing from the spot.




The system alert was like a machine gun dinging non-stop.

Luo Tian experience bar started soaring.

His devil race deceased soul value was soaring as well.

Wang Jinke suddenly stood up with his eyes wide, watching over a thousand specters dying left and right. He was shocked once again as he muttered: “Motherf*cking hell, this kid… I can’t find any words to describe him anymore.”

A short while later…

Wang Jinke’s mouth spat out the word: “Perverse!”

Upon hearing all those system alerts, Luo Tian became even more excited. He then threw out several more Myriad Thunder Roars. Out of the original thousand plus specters, only a hundred or so was left now. They were all practically on their last breath and no longer showed any signs of being arrogant like when they had just woken up.

Luo Tian lifted up his Blood Devouring Wild Blade and started chopping them up like chickens. “Motherf*ckers, who told you guys to chase this daddy? Come on, chase me again, chase me!”

One slash for each one of them.

His arm will rise up, and then the blade would chop down.

It looked just like he was cutting up cabbage.

In less than 10 minutes, over a thousand specters had been cleaned up. Luo Tian dropped to the ground on his butt and started gasping for air. “I’m so f*cking tired! If this happened for a second round, my life will definitely be gone for sure.”

At this moment…

Luo Tian then said: “Uncle Wang, would like you to see an even cooler scene?”

Wang Jinke was startled by those words and mumbled to himself: “Could it be that this kid still has some powers he hasn’t shown yet?”

He then nodded and said: “Kiddo, what kind of ultimate skill do you have left?”

Luo Tian responded with a smile: “Of course I still have something left, but this time you really can’t randomly make a move. Just sit tight and watch me. We still have 9 days left so I have to break through into the Profound King 4th rank in this timeframe. Otherwise… you don’t want to see me lose to that villain Nangong Hao right?”

Wang Jinke’s expression sank as he exhaled forcefully. “This daddy won’t make a single move… I won’t make a move even if you die!”


Heavenly Sword City, Internal Minister’s Manor.

Li Wenzong was standing next to a person exuding a thick and powerful killing intent.

Flowing Sand’s King of Assassins – Mo Long!

“That kid went to the Spectral Forbidden Grounds; I want you to go there and twist his head off!”

“I obey!”

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