Undefeatable – Ch264

Chapter 264 – Only Ghosts Would Be Worried About You

The moment Li Wenzong rose up to become the Internal Supervisor of Ministers, he had started to secretly train his own forces.

Even though he was only in charge of the civil officials, he was still clear that this was a world ruled by strength and martial might. No one can change this fact. If he wanted to stay in his current position for a few more years, he had to have his own forces.

Flowing Sand has been established for twenty years now.

They had accomplished countless tasks for Li Wenzong in these twenty years, allowing him to sit at the head supervisory position in a stable manner.

Of course…

There were times that they had failed him.

But they have never failed him to the likes of a few days ago.

Therefore Li Wenzong was irritated. This irritation had exceeded the time when Qiu Badao was killed, basically touching his reverse scale.

It was mostly due to those words of warning.

Within Heavenly Sword City, he was considered the highest authority except for the Emperor. Perhaps there were some very strong people about but Luo Tian was a nobody. He had no status or strong background since Li Wenzong had investigated all eighteen generations of the Luo family.

He was nothing more than a bumpkin from a remote village.

Since someone wanted to protect Luo Tian, then Li Wenzong wanted to kill him even more to smack the face of the person behind the scenes.

Therefore, he had Mo Long who was undergoing closed door seclusion to exit.

Mo Long, the King of Flowing Sand.

He was a powerful expert that Li Wenzong personally groomed. In the twenty something years of Flowing Sand, he has never failed a single mission. This was the reason why he was known as the King of Flowing Sand.


Mo Long brought a small squad of Flowing Sand members towards the Spectral Forbidden Grounds that was about 800 kilometers from Heavenly Sword City.

At the entrance to the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, Mo Long hesitated for a brief moment before shouting: “Enter!”

There was a sign of hesitation from those behind him.

One of them said: “Head, this place is the Spectral Forbidden Grounds. Even experts at the Profound Ancestor realm won’t dare to randomly enter without a good reason. What if that person isn’t inside? Isn’t it too risky for us to go in just like that?”

“That’s right. We aren’t afraid of death but our death must be for a worthwhile cause.”

“If we enter just like that and those deceased souls of the devil race entangle us, I’m afraid it would be difficult for us to escape.”

“It’s still fine if we’re talking about the deceased souls of the devil race. Have you guys forgotten that there’s a devil race wraith called Sovereign Bloodfiend? His primordial spirit is still inside. Even though it has suffered a serious injury, it’s been 10,000 years already so who knows if it has recovered or not. If it has recovered, not to mention Profound Ancestors, even an expert at the Profound Venerate realm would not be his opponent. Head, how about we just wait outside here for him?”

“We could just sit back and wait. If he is in there, he will naturally die upon exiting. If he isn’t in there, our group doesn’t have to take the risk.”

The group echoed their approval.

Mo Long’s eyes turned serious as his brows formed a faint frown. Looking at the gloomy entrance and the constant devilish energy surging out, his heart showed some hesitation. Just like his group said – what would they do if that kid wasn’t inside?

A short while later…

Mo Long shouted: “Setup a formation and wait for him to come out!”


Several dark figures darted off. Each of their location was very hidden and in a strange place.

This was their Flowing Sand’s killing formation!

Everyone’s eyes were locked onto the entrance. As long as someone exits the place, they would immediately be slaughtered!

Mo Long stepped closer and looked at the entrance. The inky dark devilish energy looked like it wanted to devour everything from the heaven and earth. He then stopped and suddenly leapt up and disappeared from the spot. Even his aura drifted away with the wind and couldn’t be sensed any longer.


Inside the forbidden grounds.

Wang Jinke was half lying on the ground. It was unknown where he found a long piece of grass from but it was dangling out from the corner of his mouth. He was chewing and sucking on it like it was a tasty treat, and would occasionally glance up at Luo Tian. He then muttered to himself in an annoyed manner: “This kid is making me watch him kill specters one at a time. What is he trying to do?”

“It’s been eight days already and it’s the same thing over and over again.”

“I think this kid is gonna go nuts soon!”


Eight days.

After a full eight days, Luo Tian had been cleaning up the specters non-stop. This time, the circular pattern he was making was even bigger than the one last time. The specters asleep within it were packed even more densely than before and one couldn’t see where it ended.

Luo Tian killed another specter and surveyed around him. Seeing all the specters inside the circle, he said to himself happily: “This time there’s at least 300,000 of them. Add the ones from before and there’s definitely going to be more than 500,000 devil race deceased soul points!”

“Heh heh…”

“Becoming A Devil… this daddy will definitely complete the quest!”

Dual occupations were extremely attractive to anyone.

If he was able to attain the dual occupations, Luo Tian’s strength would improve by leaps and bounds. This soon to be reward would be capital for him to steamroll over Murong Wanjian!

“Hey kid…”

“It’s been eight days already so are you done with whatever you’re doing?”

“We should head back if you cannot breakthrough into the Profound King 4th rank. This barren place doesn’t have wine to drink nor meat to eat, and it’s annoying the hell out of me” said the irritated Wang Jinke. He lifted up the wine gourd hanging from his waist and tipped it over his mouth, but not even a drop of liquor came out.

His expression became even more frustrated.

Luo Tian said with a faint smile: “Uncle Wang, just wait a bit more because it’s almost done.”


“Kid, you think I’m a 3 year old toddler? You’ve said those words to me at least 180 times now, so do you really think I’ll believe you?” Wang Jinke had a struggled look on his face as he regretted betting with the Ninth Prince.

If he didn’t make the bet, then he should be inside some random bar in Heavenly Sword City enjoying his alcohol right at this moment.

Luo Tian knew this was very boring. Not to mention Wang Jinke, even he felt this repetitive dullness was hard to endure. But he had no other choice; this was the only option if he wanted to kill them on a large scale and wanted to achieve a million devil race deceased soul points in two months.

This was the only solution.

Luo Tian’s heart felt a bit embarrassed and said: “Uncle Wang, you can go back first if you feel bored. I can stay here by myself. When I’m done with my task, I will immediately head back so don’t worry.”

“Worried my ass!”

“I’m not worried about you one bit!”

Wang Jinke rolled his eyes and then softly mumbled: “If I hadn’t lost the bet, I would have never followed you to this god forsaken place. How can anyone be worried when you’re such a perverse existence? This old man would be enjoying myself if I didn’t have to worry about you.”

Recalling how he almost dragged them both to their deaths when they had just entered, Wang Jinke started becoming irritated again.

Luo Tian shook his head with a smile and didn’t say anything else. He then increased the speed of his actions.


The ninth day!

Luo Tian had setup all the attributed demon cores in their proper places and silently waited for the cool down timer.

When Luo Tian was pulling an unending amount of attributed demon cores, Wang Jinke’s saliva almost spilled out of his mouth. He then excitedly said: “How did a kid like you have so many demon cores? And each of them seems to have a unique attribute!”

Luo Tian didn’t bother answering him and pulled out a handful of them from his spatial plaque. He then handed it over to Wang Jinke and said: “Do you want some? I’ll gift these to you!”

It looked like he was gifting someone some radish and cabbages.

There were no signs of heart ache on his face.

Wang Jinke became dumbstruck and thought he heard wrong. But looking at Luo Tian’s serious expression, he wet his lips and said: “If it’s for free, I might as well take it!”


The system gave off an alert tone. Luo Tian stood up and mumbled: “The cool down timer is up. Uncle Wang, I will let you witness what an ancient power is!”

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