Undefeatable – Ch265

Chapter 265 – Nearing Profound King 4th Rank

The Ancient Dragon Execution Array’s cool down was over.

Luo Tian stood up and looked back at Uncle Wang before saying: “Uncle Wang, no matter what, do not step into the circle later. Don’t worry about my life or death because I will be fine. You must remember not to step into the circle at all!”

This was a matter of one’s life and death.

In the event that Wang Jinke stepped into the Ancient Dragon Execution Array, he may not die but being injured wasn’t something ideal.

Wang Jinke shook his head and said: “I understand. Go do your stuff and don’t worry about me, I don’t have time to bother with you anyways.”

He was currently biting onto an attributed demon core and excitedly said: “Heh heh, it is indeed a fire attributed demon core. Sigh… and I also have a wood attributed demon core worth 3 million gold. Damn man, I’m freaking rich now. Old Chen will definitely envy me to death this time, hahaha…”

Attributed demon cores were extremely precious.

Even the Profound Ancestor realm expert Wang Jinke treated it like a supreme treasure.


It was also extremely precious to Luo Tian as he couldn’t waste a single one of them. He had given Wang Jinke so many demon cores because Wang Jinke had accompanied him for so many days and he felt a bit embarrassed about it. And even though Wang Jinke’s mouth was grumbling about him, his actions showed he had treated Luo Tian quite well these days.

Especially that day when Nangong Hao appeared. The two elders behind him exerted their aura but Wang Jinke stepped up to protect him.

“It’s starting!”

“This time, I definitely have to breakthrough to the Profound King 4th rank!’

Luo Tian looked at the densely packed specters. He became serious as he shouted internally: “Level 4 Berserk!”


A dull thunderous sound was heard inside his body.

When sixteen times his base attributes surged out, his body structure turned stronger and became red.

No matter if it was his strength, speed, or his defensive capabilities; they were all increased by sixteen times.

Afterwards, Luo Tian made another shout: “Golden Shield!”


An illusory golden bell shrouded around Luo Tian and became an energy shield to protect his entire body. Luo Tian’s brows quivered as he activated Shadewind Steps and dashed off.

The moment Luo Tian rushed off…

Wang Jinke stared with wide eyes and mouth agape as he stood up. He was staring at Luo Tian’s original position with a serious expression before shouting: “Hey kid! You don’t need to do this even if you wish to die right? If you die, how is this daddy going to explain myself to the Ninth Prince?”

There were a few hundred thousand specters here.

Not to mention experts at the Profound King realm, even if Profound Venerates were here right now would only end up dying. Luo Tian was currently rushing into a gigantic pack of specters so if this wasn’t courting death, what else was?

Wang Jinke wanted to rush in but then remembered Luo Tian’s words.

His raised leg returned to the ground as his brows formed a frown. “Damn kid, you’re making life difficult for me! If you wish to die, there’s definitely no way I can explain this to the Ninth Prince. But if I rush in and ruin your plans, you’ll probably nag my head off afterwards. Should I rush in or not?!”

He was put in a really difficult position!

Wang Jinke had lived for a few centuries now and has never been put in such a position like now.

In the end, he chose to stay here without entering. He did however send out his spiritual sense to follow Luo Tian’s actions. As long as there was a hint of danger towards Luo Tian, he would immediately rush in. Even if he had to fight with his old life on the line, he couldn’t allow Luo Tian to die in this place.

It was very clear that Wang Jinke liked this kid!

Luo Tian’s speed was extremely quick as he woke the specters up as fast as possible. He then returned to the center of the array and his eyes turned serious. He looked over at Wang Jinke in the distance and shouted: “Uncle Wang! Take a good look at what’s called an ancient power!”





“Eight trigrams, ancient gate open for me!”

As his voice faded, Luo Tian’s right palm smashed onto the ground. Sixteen lines of runic characters shot out like lightning towards the demon cores setup at specific locations. The demon cores gave off a bright crystal light before flying up into the air and becoming something similar to a sky full of stars.

At this moment…

An illusory stone door started opening and a powerful light shined through the opening gap.


An ancient feeling power then started surging out like crazy.

Wang Jinke looked up at the ancient door in the air. His heart was palpitating and there were huge waves in his sea of consciousness. “This power… this array… could it… could it be the Ancient Dragon Execution Array that killed a real dragon over ten thousand years ago?”

“A secret skill that the gnome race never passes on to others!”

“This kid…”

“My heavens! How did he learn to engrave arrays? And how did he comprehend the esoteric of the Ancient Dragon Execution Array? This is too crazy!”

Wang Jinke’s expression had become distorted.

He couldn’t understand this.

There was no way he could understand how Luo Tian accomplished this. Was this kid still even human? Wang Jinke finally understood why the Ninth Prince was practically worshipping Luo Tian because he couldn’t hold back the feeling of wanting to worship him as well!

The ancient power surged out as Luo Tian shouted: “Ancient Dragon Execution Array, activate for me and smash these f*ckers to pieces!”

His right hand slapped down!

“Underground Array!”

Luo Tian’s figure disappeared from his spot and entered deep into the ground.

Also at this moment…

The specters inside the array started running like crazy for their lives as if they saw some scary looking ghosts.

“Ancient Dragon Execution Array!”

“How did that damn human know the gnome race’s secret skill?!”




The energy inside the array was going crazy and the ancient power was instantly killing the specters in large groups. This was the true meaning of when one said that not even a blade of grass could survive.




The system alerts were like millions of ear deafening cannons firing off at the same time.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Specter. You have gained 2000 experience points, 1000 profound energy…”


“Devil race’s deceased soul value +1. Your current deceased soul value is 289,700.”

Large groups of specters died continuously and Luo Tian’s experience bar soared like crazy.

Luo Tian was laughing to the point that he couldn’t close his mouth. He then excitedly said: “This array is simply too awesome! Hahaha… The only bad thing is that it takes too long to setup. If I can set it up in seconds, then is there any further need for me to make a move at all? I could directly play everyone to death with an array!”

The Ancient Dragon Execution Array was already complete mess of perverseness.

If the array could be setup in seconds, then Luo Tian could arrogantly walk sideways however he wanted!


Outside the forbidden grounds.

Mo Long had an ugly look on his face. Hearing the loud booming sounds inside the forbidden grounds, he shouted: “Everyone come on out and enter for me!”

The eighth day!

He had waited for a total of eight days.

Not even a piece of hair came out. The usually patient Mo Long had started becoming annoyed, and he even doubted whether Luo Tian had come to the Spectral Forbidden Grounds or not. When he heard the loud booming sounds inside the forbidden grounds that managed to shake the grounds out here as well, he realized he had waited eight days for nothing.

This was the first time he has ever had such an ugly look on his face during a mission.

He was trying to suppress the anger inside his heart right now. He no longer wanted to wait anymore and directly rushed inside…

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