Undefeatable – Ch270

Chapter 270 – Heaven Defying Loot Explosion

Bloodfiend had died.

Wild Blade’s primordial spirit was extremely weak.

On the Altar of Souls, Li Xue’er’s aura was very weak. She had depleted all her energy and eventually fainted.

Luo Tian’s mind and sea of consciousness had suffered a serious injury.

His body was so exhausted that it felt like a train had run him over a few times, but his heart was extremely excited because he was waiting for the system’s alert tones.

Sovereign Bloodfiend.

One of the ten great Sovereigns under the command of a Devil God.

Even though he was just a strand of his primordial spirit, he still managed to be an incomparably huge existence!

The things exploding from his corpse…

“Should be awesome!”

Luo Tian couldn’t stop swallowing down his saliva.

At this moment in time…

The sweet melodious alert tone sounded off!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing the primordial spirit of Bloodfiend. You have gained 800,000 experience points, 100,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Blood God’s Ring.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Blood God’s Armor.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Blood God’s Heaven Region Sword.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining Myriad Devil. Will you be cultivating this?”



Luo Tian was so excited that he became dumbstruck!

If his body hadn’t fainted, Luo Tian would definitely jump up in joy and then laugh out loud like a mad man. “This f*cking explosion… is too motherf*cking awesome! It’s so awesome that it cannot get more awesome than this!”

“A whole set!”

“A whole set of the Blood God’s equipment!”

“Holy f*ck…”

“A set of armor that would only appear in video games. How fierce is this daddy for it to appear in a loot explosion?! A strand of Bloodfiend’s primordial spirit could explode with such good stuff, then what if it was his real body… my heavens! Those legendary ten great devil sovereigns are truly not simple; their wealth is even more tyrannical than the local tycoons!”

Video games had things called equipment sets.

But in the real world, Luo Tian never imagined a set of equipment would explode out.

He never imagined that after killing a strand of Bloodfiend’s primordial spirit would result in such a heaven defying loot explosion. So how could he not go crazy with excitement?

Immediately after…

Luo Tian couldn’t wait anymore and quickly opened up the system interface to take a look.

Item: Blood God’s Ring

Grade: Demigod ¹

Description: This ring is made from the blood of Bloodfiend, containing 1% of his powers. Each attack can be overlaid on top of each other. (Note: The full Blood’s God set can increase the base powers by ten times!)


“Due to the restriction of your occupation, you cannot wear it!”

Item: Blood God’s Armor

Grade: Demigod

Description: This armor is made from the blood of Bloodfiend, containing 5% of his defensive properties. It can block 50% of the attack power from someone in the same cultivation realm. It can block 20% of the attack power from those at a higher cultivation realm. (Note: Possessing the full Blood God’s set can increase the armor’s defensive properties by ten times!)


“Due to the restriction of your occupation, you cannot wear it!”

Item: Blood God’s Heaven Region Sword

Grade: Divine

Description: This sword was created by using the Heaven Region’s Divine Stone and the blood of Bloodfiend. It contains 10% of Bloodfiend’s attack power. It contains 1% of the Heaven Region’s Divine Stone power. Each attack can be superimposed five times, and each attack power can be doubled by consuming one-fifth of user’s life vitality. (Note: The full Blood God’s set can raise the attack power by ten times.)


“Due to the restriction of your occupation, you cannot wear it!”


“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!”

“Heaven defying!”

“So heaven defying! Two demigod and one divine grade item! This…” The excitement Luo Tian was feeling couldn’t be described with words anymore. Three pieces of heaven defying items were simply too awesome! The only damper was that he couldn’t wear them.

“Restricted by occupation?”

“Could it be that it’s due to me being a human?”

“That’s definitely the reason, or else the system wouldn’t mention being restricted by my occupation.” Luo Tian fully affirmed his thoughts and his heart tightened. Then he remembered the quest for killing specters and started saying to himself: “I still have about a month. No matter how difficult this quest is, I have to accomplish it to become a devil. I have to get the second occupation or else the Blood God’s set will become a total waste.”

He currently had a little over 500,000 devil race deceased soul points.

A few more Ancient Dragon Execution Arrays will give him the million deceased soul points in order to complete the quest.


There was a slight problem – because of the summons by Bloodfiend, all the specters in the forbidden grounds had woken up. Wanting to set up the Ancient Dragon Execution Array under these conditions wouldn’t be that easy anymore. Most likely he would have to kill them personally now.

“No matter what, I definitely have to complete this quest!”

When Luo Tian looked at the three pieces of equipment giving off a faint bloody glow, he started getting excited again. “Divine grade! Does Murong Wanjian have any divine grade items? Can Murong Wanjian transform into a devil? Motherf*cker, just wait for this daddy!”

“That’s right!”

“There’s also that Nangong Hao!”

“That damn dog thing was acting cocky in front of this daddy and wanted to snatch a woman from me. You just wait motherf*cker and watch how I’ll play you to death when I return.” Luo Tian started off in his tirade. But when he remembered that the day after tomorrow would be the battle, his mind turned serious and muttered: “Shit, this daddy won’t faint for too long right?”

This was something that worried him.

Luo Tian then started getting worried even more.

A while later…

A feeling of relief appeared inside Luo Tian’s heart as he said: “It shouldn’t be long.”

Also at this time…

There was an item inside the system that hadn’t received any confirmation from Luo Tian yet and kept giving off a red glow inside his body.

An ancient looking book that gave off a faint bloody red glow.

A martial skill!

Luo Tian was faintly startled and casually said: “I almost forgot that there was a martial skill as well. Let me take a look at what it is…”

Item: Myriad Devil

Grade: Divine

Consumption: 0

Cool down: 0

Description: This skill is considered to be a passive magical skill that Bloodfiend cultivated. Every devil race member killed can give the user an extra layer of power that can be stacked. It can be repeated to reach 10,000 layers, hence the name Myriad Devil.


“Due to the restriction of your occupation, you cannot cultivate it!”

Luo Tian was once again shocked.

If we were to say the Blood God’s equipment was awesome, then they have now become dog shit in front of this martial skill. Maybe even beneath dog shit! What kind of existence was having 10,000 overlapping stacks of power? This type of attack could most likely slash the sky apart!

Have you played League of Legends before?

Have you seen Mejai’s Soulstealer?

Then imagine Mejai’s Soulstealer that allows 10,000 stacks of glory! ²

This kind of power was beyond crazy!

Luo Tian’s blood was boiling so much that it almost spurted out. His heart was beating so fast that it almost couldn’t handle it anymore. He was going to have a heart attack soon! With his eyes wide and mouth agape, Luo Tian couldn’t think of any more words to say except for: “Awesome, awesome, super awesome!”

“I want to wake up as quickly as possible!”

“I want that skill Becoming A Devil now! Even if I become a little devil soldier, it won’t matter because I have these equipment. In the vast heaven and earth, who will still f*cking dare to battle with me?!”

A heaven defying loot explosion!

One would even cry with joy in their dreams.


Wang Jinke picked up Luo Tian’s body and started running out like crazy while a million spectrals chased after his ass.


“Kid, you better not die. If you really do die, then there won’t be anything lively to watch in the future of Tianxuan Continent.”


¹ – On the whim of the almighty author, we now have a half-step divine category, so I just named it demigod to save myself from typing half-step divine.
² – I don’t play League of Legends but based on its wikipedia, 1 glory = +5 attack power. Grants 4 glory for a champion kill and 2 glory for an assist kill, and a maximum of 25 glory for +125 attack power. So in the author’s mind, Luo Tian will gain something similar to +50,000 attack power?

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