Undefeatable – Ch271

Chapter 271 – Finally Escaping

Outside the Spectral Forbidden Grounds.

“Boss, I’ve arrived!”

“Boss, I’ve arrived!”

“Smelly scoundrel, nothing can happen to you!”

“Bastard, if something happens to you, who’s going to battle 3000 rounds with me?!”

“Big sister Yue’er, you’re going to fight with that smelly scoundrel?”

“En, a big fight. That bastard promised to have a big battle of 3000 rounds.”

“That isn’t too good, right? What if someone gets hurt? You shouldn’t plan on fighting anymore because you’re not the smelly scoundrel’s opponent. He’s already at the Profound King realm so he can probably defeat you in one move.”

“Heehee… that’s not definite. Who wins or loses is still difficult to say. What’s so great about a Profound King ranker? I’m not afraid of any experts at the Profound King realm. Little sister, I will secretly tell you: The big battle of 3000 rounds I’m talking about is done on the bed.”


Inside Tang Tang’s mind, the image of two people tumbling around on the bed appeared. Her face immediately turned red and she didn’t dare to ask anything further.

Qin Yue’er then giggled delicately and said: “Little sister, do you want to join us?”

“Big sister Yue’er, you’re so bad!”

“This one is not joining.” Tang Tang’s face turned even redder like juice could be squeezed out of it. Even her ears were starting to turn red. A strange feeling gushed out of her heart as various scenes of rolling around under the bed sheets appeared in her mind.

Qin Yue’er giggled a bit more and didn’t continue to tease Tang Tang. Her expression then turned to worry as she said: “I wonder how that bastard is doing now?”

Four people…

Almost arrived at the same time in front of the array towards the Spectral Forbidden Grounds.

Terrifying sounds of ghosts wailing continuously came out from the forbidden grounds.

Feng Lei took the lead didn’t bother to think too much. He rushed inside as a red light enveloped his whole body. Except for his head, blood red scales had appeared on his whole body now! After ingesting the blood essence of ten thousand demonic beasts, fatty’s transformation had evolved even further!

“Young master, I have arrived!”

Following right behind was Xuan Yuanyi.

His Great Fault Sword started moving and a powerful sword intent exploded out from his body. With another swing of his sword, he then rushed inside as well.

Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er showed no fear as those two rushed inside the Spectral Forbidden Grounds as well.

The four them were now standing inside the gloomy forbidden grounds and could sense the roars and the soul shaking powers of the specters. The entire forbidden grounds then started shaking and a powerful dark aura surged towards them.

It was like facing a mounted army of tens of thousands!

The expression of those four turned grim.

Feng Lei clenched his fists, making the atmosphere feel like a ferocious beast was about to burst out from behind the blood red scales. Feng Lei’s bloody gaze turned serious as his body leaned forward. He then shouted: “Whoever dares to mess with my boss, I will kill their entire family!”

His voice shook the sky!

And it contained an endless amount of domineering aura!

Xuan Yuanyi glanced over. Seeing the red bloody glow from Feng Lei’s body and the blood red scales, he suddenly recalled the red tattoo at the back of Feng Lei’s head. “Ancestor of the demon race!”

“Could he be a descendant of one of the first ancestral demons?”

“Or is he a reincarnation of an ancestral demon?”

“If this matter gets spread back to the demon race territories, most likely…”

Xuan Yuanyi’s gaze showed a trace of excitement before turning serious. His Great Fault Divine Sword slashed the air, and a super powerful sword intent pulverized the surrounding dark gloomy aura into nothing. He too shouted: “There’s also me!”

“And me!”

“And me!”

The two girls shouted at the same time.

Also at this time…

Wang Jinke was holding onto Luo Tian running for his life when he appeared in their sight.

Seeing there were people here, Wang Jinke immediately shouted: “Run! Quickly run! Run out!”

Behind him was a huge group of out of control spectrals chasing behind Wang Jinke like they had gone berserk. Wang Jinke was currently hating his mother for not birthing him with 18 extra legs. It was such an embarrassing situation where he was being chased to the point of pissing his own pants!

He has never been in such an embarrassing situation in his entire life.

Rage was also growing inside Wang Jinke’s heart as he shouted ferociously: “You bunch of damn specters better not let this daddy live or else I’ll wipe all of you out next time! Your granny, this daddy is getting pissed!”

At this time…

Luo Tian’s spiritual intent was still awake and could sense the anger inside Wang Jinke. He then said to himself: “I should bring him along next time I kill these specters. The speed of two people killing will definitely be faster than one. Uh… since I’m bringing an extra person…

“Screw it, this daddy will form a group to come and clean up this Spectral Forbidden Grounds. This would be like introducing the human race to the dangers of a forbidden grounds!”

Luo Tian had made a final decision.

He will definitely bring a group over here to kill them.

He still needed about 500,000 devil race deceased soul points. If Luo Tian had to kill them by himself, most likely one month of time was not enough for him. If there was a group of people who could beat up the specters to a half dead state and let him do the finishing blow, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

“Uncle Wang!”

“He’s Uncle Wang!”

Tang Tang became happy upon making out Wang Jinke’s face. When she saw Luo Tian unconscious and draped over Wang Jinke’s shoulder, she couldn’t help start to feel worried in her heart. “Smelly scoundrel, nothing can happen to you. I’m still waiting for you to beat Nangong Hao, and then… and then… and then I’ll have my father betroth me to you!”

“Everyone get out!”


“Uncle Wang is an expert at the Profound Ancestor realm. He will definitely be able to bring the boss out so we should wait outside!” shouted Feng Lei before quickly rushing out. With them hanging around this place, it would only bring Wang Jinke unnecessary trouble when dealing with these Profound King specters.

The decision was promptly made.

The four of them quickly rushed out.

Wang Jinke’s brows scrunched up. He glanced back at the nearest specter that was only a few meters away from his ass and cursed out: “Come bite me you motherf*ckers! Come at me, come! Next time, this daddy will definitely send you bunch of damn ghost crap straight to hell so that you cannot even reincarnate if you wanted to!”

Luo Tian’s heart was super anxious as he wanted to say out loud: “Big brother… grandpa… wait, I will call you my Lord! Can you run a bit faster?! If this specter reaches me, not to mention killing them the next time, most likely I’ll become a deceased soul myself!”


Luo Tian’s body was unconscious so they couldn’t hear him.

Wang Jinke had overused his profound energy and was practically clenching his teeth while trying to run out of the forbidden grounds.

After finally exiting the forbidden grounds, his butt directly plopped onto the ground while trying to catch his breath. “Your granny! I’m going to die from exhaustion! Who would’ve thought that I, Wang Jinke would have such an embarrassing day? Kiddo, you better not die or else I’ve exhausted myself for nothing!”

Feng Lei took over to hold onto Luo Tian. Upon seeing his pale white face, Feng Lei clenched his teeth and tried to hold back the tears coming down his face. “Boss, nothing can happen to you!”


“Smelly scoundrel, quickly wake up!”

“Bastard, are you still going to battle with me for 3000 rounds?”

Wang Jinke was still gasping for air as he said: “He should be fine. Bloodfiend had taken over his body back then but Bloodfiend’s aura suddenly disappeared. My guess is that he has already left Luo Tian’s body which has made it extremely exhausted. There’s no way a human’s fleshly body can withstand the power of Bloodfiend’s primordial spirit. He should wake up after resting for a few days.”

“Rest for a few days?”

“Then, then, then what should we do about the battle date with Nangong Hao the day after tomorrow?”

“If Luo Tian doesn’t show up for the battle, then I’m going to have to marry that bastard, Nangong Hao!”

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