Undefeatable – Ch272

Chapter 272 – Chaos In Heavenly Sword City

“An ancient devil has appeared in the northern city! Black Dragon Legion will head out for support!”

“An ancient devil has appeared in the northern city! The Palace Guards will head out for support!”

“An ancient devil has appeared in the northern city! All disciples of the Sea Cloud Sect will head out for support!”

“All Upper Heaven Sect disciples listen up! Everyone head to the northern city for support!”

“Heaven’s Secret Sect listen up! Everyone head to the northern city for support!”



Complete chaos!

Northern city was like a porridge with a bunch of random ingredients dumped into it!

An ancient huge devil had actually appeared there.

It wasn’t a creature from the Tianxuan Continent. It was extremely huge and no one knew the name of this devilish creature. No one has actually seen it yet except the entire northern city was covered in an ancient energy. It was without a doubt that it was a huge devil that had escaped from the ancient world!

Northern city…

Was in dire straits.

Over several tens of thousands meters tall, its entire body was like black iron and it had a pair of huge fleshly wings. It gave out a roar that sounded like thunder from the nine heavens!


Ferocious to the extreme!

Beneath its foot was a corpse.

A corpse that was clothed in black.

A corpse belonging to an expert at the Profound Ancestor realm.

This caused Qi Fu to have an extremely ugly look on his face because the expert at the Profound Ancestor realm was sent out by him to capture the demon fox clan girl. Who would’ve imagined that…

An ancient beast was stepping on that corpse. It was continuously stomping down over and over again. It was as if that expert had murdered the ancient beast’s father, so the ancient beast kept stomping like it was afraid the expert would get back up.

Strangely enough, there was a broken erhu stuck to the ancient beast’s body.

It was extremely out of place.

“Ancient huge devil. Ancient huge devil…”

“My heavens! How could an ancient huge devil appear in the Heavenly Sword City?”

“It’s coming from the courtyard of the Flame Dragon Gang! They had just killed Du Yuansong and now made some type of ancient huge devil appear. What the hell are those people up to?!”

“Quickly run for your life! If you don’t run and keep hanging around here, you’re definitely going to die!”


The northern city was in complete chaos. Everyone was trying to escape like crazy while a bunch of people was rushing towards the ancient huge devil.

Black Dragon Legion.

Palace Guards.

Disciples from many famous sects.

There were also many squads of adventurers.

There were also many hidden experts carefully advancing while looking for opportunities.

Every part of the ancient huge devil’s body was considered precious treasures.

Its meridians can be merged with one’s self.

After consuming the meat on its body, it can make one’s fleshly body become stronger.

Its blood essence can make one’s cultivation increase.

Its bones can be refined to become weapons and armors.

Everything was considered rare treasures and many people were eyeing them. Especially those powerful adventurer squads since some people have already offered them high prices to harvest the ancient huge devil.


The ancient huge devil was standing tall in the northern city and didn’t step out from the Flame Dragon Gang’s courtyard. It just kept stomping on the corpse. The corpse had already turned into a meat paste texture yet the devil didn’t stop its actions.

It didn’t go out…

So some people began to rush in. Those were the desperadoes who were willing to do anything for money.

The moment they attacked, a formless aura from the ancient huge devil struck downwards and instantly flattened the attackers. Half the courtyard was dyed red and showed a huge spider web like pattern.


“Everyone scram!”

“Otherwise, you will all die, die, die…”

Roared the ancient huge devil. Unfortunately, no one understood him so there was a trace of helplessness and pity in his eyes. There was also a naturally fierce aura that a typical ancient creature possessed.


In a certain corner somewhere…

An Chunchun was crying her eyes out. “Uncle Blindman, don’t do this! Don’t do this!”

Tang Jiu’s face turned grimmer by the second. He then said: “Uncle Chen, take care of this little girl for me. No matter what, she cannot fall into the hands of others. I’m going to go stop the Black Dragon Legion and the Palace Guards.”

Chen Donglai naturally knew who the ancient huge devil was and immediately replied: “Your Highness, you need to be extra careful. He’s already transformed to an ancient huge devil and won’t recognize you. You mustn’t get too close to him.”

Tang Jiu nodded and said: “I know…”

Immediately after…

Tang Jiu raised his speed to the maximum and quickly rushed off towards the direction of the Black Dragon Legion.


“Black Dragon Slaughter Formation!”

“Eighteen people in each team – one hundred and eighty people to form a small group. We will combine together to make a huge Black Dragon Slaughter Formation. No matter what the price we need to pay, we have to kill him! We cannot let him threaten the safety of our Heavenly Sword City!”



The Black Dragon Legion quickly set up their formation.

Tang Jiu landed near them and shouted: “Where is the Black Dragon’s General?”

“Hei Long is here!”

“Your Highness, why are you here? It’s too dangerous here so you need to go back.”

“Someone come! Escort the Ninth Prince away from this place!”

One of the eighteen Generals of the Black Dragon Legion – Hei Long!

His face was dark like ink with big eyes and bushy eyebrows. His figure was giving off an endless aura of arrogance while commanding the Black Dragon Legion.

Tang Jiu quickly said: “General Hei Long, please don’t attack. He… he… he’s my friend so there’s no need to attack. He will not endanger the safety of the imperial city so please believe in me.”

Hei Long was startled and quickly responded: “Ninth Prince, are you joking with me? This ancient huge devil has already killed many people and you say he’s not going to endanger the safety of the imperial city? The entire northern city is about to be destroyed by him.”

Each time the ancient huge devil stomped down, several buildings in the northern city would collapse.

His powers were too strong.

A single stomp from him was equal to a powerful quake.

Hei Long continued saying: “Your Highness, you say he’s your friend? How could that be possible? No matter what, this ancient huge devil needs to be killed or else he will endanger the safety of our imperial city. And I will never allow anyone or creature to threaten the safety of the imperial city.”

Immediately after…

Hei Long shouted: “Black Dragon Legion listen to my command: Advance at full speed!”

Tang Jiu had an extremely anxious expression on his face. Blindman Liu did all this just for him and An Chunchun. He allowed an inner devil that he too was afraid of, to come out. Tang Jiu couldn’t just watch as Blindman Liu got hurt because of that.

Tang Jiu directly kneeled down and said: “General Hei Long, consider me begging you! Please have the Black Dragon Legion withdraw from here!”

Hei Long’s expression changed. Before Tang Jiu’s knees hit the ground, a powerful energy supported Tang Jiu and made him stand back up. “Ninth Prince, the mission of the Black Dragon Legion is to protect the safety of the imperial city. I am really sorry but I cannot have then withdrawn from here.”

“Someone come! Bring the Prince away from here!”

Tang Jiu felt completely helpless. Watching how wave after wave of people rushing towards Blindman Liu, his heart felt like it was bleeding. He then suddenly rushed over towards the direction of the Palace Guards.

Just like the Black Dragon Legion…

No one in the Palace Guards listened to him.

Everyone was advancing forward at full speeds!


Harmony Palace.

A middle-aged man was looking at the direction of the northern city with a frown.

Behind him was a eunuch standing with a slight bow who didn’t dare to breathe loudly.


The middle-aged man softly said: “Send out my orders: Have the Black Dragon Legion and the Palace Guards come under the command of the Ninth Prince. All large and small sect disciples must immediately leave the northern city. There’s no need to bother with the other people.”

The old eunuch’s brows scrunched up as he replied: “Yes!”

“But sire, this will allow the ancient huge devil to ravage the northern city. If something goes wrong…”

The middle-aged man smiled calmly and said: “We’ll consider it as the kid owing me a favor this time.”


Also at this moment…

Luo Tian and company were quickly rushing back to Heavenly Sword City!

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