Undefeatable – Ch273

Chapter 273 – Ancient Huge Devil Goes Berserk

“Stop attacking!”

“Black Dragon Legion and Imperial Palace Guards shall cease attacking!”

“Disciples of the Sea Cloud Sect listen up! Immediately withdraw from the north district!”

“Withdraw from the north district…?”

The rescue troops that had flooded the north district as a tide had now retreated like a tide as well.

Many people were confused.

Could this be the start of abandoning the northern city?

If this continued, the ancient huge devil would make the northern city into the northern ruins. How could they allow this devil to continue its destructive actions? What would the Great Tang’s prestige become?

The common citizens of the northern city started wailing in grief because they thought the government had given up on them.

The ancient huge devil was still stomping on the corpse in the Dragon Flame Gang’s courtyard. The corpse was turning from meat paste into a meat pancake now.

There were still many adventure squads rushing forth to attack, but they would be instantly killed the moment they got near.

“One hundred million!”

“I will offer one hundred million! As long as anyone brings me the body of the ancient huge devil, I will immediately pay up!”

“I offer two hundred million! I only want the ancient huge devil’s blood essence. Whoever brings it to me, I will immediately pay up! You can choose from demon cores or xuan stones as an alternative; whatever you want!”


In a tall building right outside the northern city were a bunch of wealthy merchants who continued offering high prices.

The original two million had now become two hundred million.

The more ferocious the ancient huge devil was, the more excited these merchants became. Every one of them wished to obtain the ancient huge devil’s blood essence, bones, and its fleshly body. If these things were to undergo further refinement and modifications by them and then put into an auction, most likely the prices would be shockingly high!

Many adventure squads re-entered the northern city upon learning of the potentially huge profits.

Those experts that were hiding in the shadows or peeking through the void were now in deep thought. There was a Profound Ancestor expert who had entered the periphery but now, no more Profound Ancestor rankers got close to the ancient huge devil. They were all thinking…

How powerful was this ancient huge devil?

It was clear the devil was under some type of suppression or else based on its temper, the northern city should have been destroyed already.

What they felt really strange was why did the government stop attacking? What was the reason behind this?

An ancient huge devil had appeared in the imperial city. Not to mention the old ancestor, the Great Tang’s Emperor didn’t even send out their personal experts. Now they even made their city guards withdraw to the side. Was there some type of inside story behind the scenes?

When Tang Jiu saw those common citizens wailing, he immediately ordered: “General Hei Long, have your people bring those citizens away.”

“Palace Guards: You guys surround the entire northern city to prevent the ancient huge devil from leaving this district. Don’t let anyone else enter the northern city. If they don’t listen, make sure they know they are entering at their own risk.”

“We obey!”

Everyone quickly went off.

Hei Long was perplexed as he asked: “Your Highness, are we just going to stand here and watch? What if the ancient huge devil…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Tang Jiu immediately interrupted and said: “He won’t; he’s my friend. He only became like this because of me. And have you noticed that during the entire time, he’s still inside the courtyard and hasn’t taken a step out? And don’t you think his gaze still retains the look of a human?”

Hei Long looked over and carefully observed. He then nodded his head and said: “It’s truly exactly what you’ve said, but no matter what, he’s still an ancient huge devil that has threatened the safety of the imperial city. Your Highness, you must think things through carefully because this could affect your future.”

If this matter wasn’t handled well, then Tang Jiu would no longer have that so called future.

The other Imperial Princes were watching him coldly. If there were any mistakes in dealing with this matter, Tang Jiu will definitely fall out of favor and might even be sent away to some distance place. Most likely then, he would never be able to step back into Heavenly Sword City his entire life.

Tang Jiu didn’t think that far because he was only focused on one thing: If it weren’t for Blindman Liu releasing the ancient huge devil within him, most likely he would be dead already. Even Chen Donglai was shuddering in fear at what could’ve happened.

Chen Donglai never noticed the aura of the person in black.

This clearly showed the person in black was much stronger than him.

The number one assassin in Dao Shang Alliance Great Tang’s headquarters was naturally very strong.


In the face of the ancient huge devil, not to mention making a move, he didn’t even have the chance to escape. He was directly smashed to the ground by the ancient huge devil’s claw! His internal organs were all shattered, and then repeatedly smashed to his death!

There was a faint frown on Tang Jiu’s brows as he said: “Thank you for your advice General, but I know what I’m doing.”

For a good friend…

Tang Jiu would pay whatever price necessary!

In addition to Blindman Liu helping him out, he was Luo Tian’s brother. Just based on that alone, Tang Jiu couldn’t give up on him.

“Blindman Liu, you need to hold on.”

Tang Jiu then said to himself: “I wonder how Luo Tian and Uncle Wang are doing… they can’t be still inside the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, right?”


Battered and bruised from anxiety!

Tang Jiu felt like an ant on a hot pan and didn’t know what to do. He could tell the ancient huge devil was being suppressed by Blindman Liu which was why it didn’t leave the courtyard. But what if he couldn’t suppress it anymore?

Northern city… the entire imperial city…

Tang Jiu’s expression hiddenly changed as he shouted internally: “Luo Tian! Hurry up and come back!”



The ancient huge devil howled into the air.

The sound created a ripple of energy that the naked eye could see. It was similar to a sonic shock wave shooting out and covering the entire Heavenly Sword City! Its eyes started turning bloodshot and the original human like gaze was slowly disappearing.

The ancient huge devil was about to go berserk!




Another three howls rang out! The ancient huge devil had now stopped stomping on the meat pancake while its wings unfurled and created hurricane like winds. The wind kicked up countless stones and debris while causing it to scatter throughout the northern city.

At this time…

Those adventure squads who hadn’t even gotten near the ancient huge devil yet were instantly pulverized by its tyrannical energy! They were unable to resist the ancient suppressive might that contained an unparalleled violent aura!

“Your Highness, the ancient huge devil has become berserk.”

“If we don’t make a move now, I’m afraid not only will the northern city be destroyed, even the entire imperial capital will be threatened.”

“Your Highness, give the command. It’ll be over if you don’t give the command now.”

“Give the command!”

“Even if he’s your friend, he would probably want you to kill him under these conditions. I don’t think he wants to kill any innocent people. Your Highness, quickly give the command!”

Several Generals beside Tang Jiu said this while filled with anxiety.

Since he still hasn’t fully become a devil yet, they still stood a chance. If they waited for all the ancient power inside the devil to explode forth, most likely ten times the amount of Black Dragon Legions would still be not enough to block the ancient huge devil’s movement.

Inside Harmony Palace.

The middle-aged man had a slight frown. His gaze wasn’t on the ancient huge devil but on the figure of Tang Jiu. He was waiting for Tang Jiu to make a choice.

“Ming Er, what decisions will you make?”

The eunuch behind him bowed and said: “Ninth Highness will definitely have the Black Dragon Legion attack. If they don’t attack soon, the northern city will be completely finished. Ninth Highness will definitely have these kinds of judgment in mind.”

The middle-aged man faintly smiled but didn’t say anything.


Tang Jiu was currently waiting while clenching his fists a few times.

Also at this time…

An Imperial Palace Guard came forward to report: “Your Highness, Princess Lasting Peace has brought a group of people with her and wants to enter the north district. Should we stop them?”

Tang Jiu’s eyes widened and felt like a 10,000 jin rock had been lifted from his heart. “Quickly let them come through!”

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