Undefeatable – Ch274

Chapter 274 – A Bunch Of Perverted Existences

Finally back!

They were finally back!

Tang Jiu almost couldn’t hold on any longer.

Not only were these Generals watching him, his father, and his brothers who couldn’t wait for him to mess up were all watching as well. Maybe everyone in the imperial city was watching his every move so the pressure he felt was extremely heavy.

If Luo Tian didn’t show up soon, Tang Jiu really didn’t know what choice to make.


Since Luo Tian was back, there was no longer any need for him to personally make a choice.

In Tang Jiu’s heart, Luo Tian was a figure capable of everything.

No matter what difficulties one encounters; nothing would go wrong and everything would be solved as long as Luo Tian was present.


What Tang Jiu never imagined was that Wang Jinke returned with an unconscious Luo Tian!

He was dumbstruck.

If Luo Tian was unconscious, how was he going to settle this matter of Blindman Liu transforming into an ancient huge devil? How was this situation going to solve itself?

At this time…

Chen Donglai came over while holding onto An Chunchun.

Feng Lei looked at the ancient huge devil not too far away and asked: “Your Highness, what’s going on? How did this place encounter trouble as well? That’s a pretty fierce guy over there and it doesn’t look like a demonic beast from our Tianxuan Continent. Could it be that it shattered space and come through from a spatial tunnel? Or was this some sort of chain reaction due to Bloodfiend appearing in the Spectral Forbidden Grounds, making a demonic beast come from a spatial tunnel in search of him?”

Wang Jinke had a serious expression on his face as he asked: “Old Chen, what’s going on?”

An Chunchun was the first to respond while crying: “He’s, he’s, he’s Uncle Blindman! Uncle Blindman was trying to save us so he let an evil devil come out of his body. You guys cannot kill him! No matter what, he’s still Uncle Blindman!”

“Blindman Liu?”

“Prophet Liu?”


The expression of Feng Lei and others turned grim.

Even though they had known him for less than a month, they knew this Blindman to be a greedy fellow who was extremely afraid of death. Although his face was wretched looking and his mouth filled with yellow stained teeth, he has never retreated in the face of danger. He didn’t run away even when dealing with Luo Kun who was an expert at the Profound King realm.

Immediately after…

Tang Tang recalled what happened the other day and her expression changed. She then muttered: “No wonder he told me to quickly run away and not to look back. So it was because… because…”

Tang Jiu’s expression sank and he exhaled a long breath out. He then said: “This only happened because he wanted to save us… a Profound Ancestor 5th rank expert suddenly arrived targeting An Chunchun. In order to protect us, Blindman Liu rushed out to the courtyard and released the ancient huge devil hidden within him. If it weren’t for him, I’m afraid we would be all dead and An Chunchun would be captured by now.”

“What to do?”

“What should we do now?”

Xuan Yuanyi waved his sword and shouted: “No matter what, we cannot have anyone hurt Blindman Liu. We also cannot let him go berserk and start killing the innocent. When our demon race encounters a demonic beast going berserk, there’s only one method to make them submit…”

“What method?”

“Xuan Yuanyi, can you quickly say it?”

Everyone present was looking at him.

Wang Jinke and Chen Donglai’s expression hiddenly changed as they didn’t expect this youth with a sword to be someone of the demon race.

Wang Jinke then started mumbling to himself: “Damn! The people around this kid aren’t ordinary people either! Blood Baldy with some type of mysterious power; Xuan Yuanyi with an identity as a demon race member; and Blindman Liu is even more awesome with his ancient huge devil. This…”

“Even his highness practically worships him.”

“Fine, even I almost can’t hold back and want to worship him as well.”

“What kind of mysterious energy does this kid have to attract these talents? Anyone of them is extraordinary by themselves yet they are all willing to follow him?”

Wang Jinke couldn’t understand the reason.

He couldn’t figure it out at all, while Chen Donglai was even more confused.

Xuan Yuanyi’s brows furrowed to show his seriousness and said: “We should use an even more powerful energy to suppress him. Demonic beasts are different to humans where they only submit to power. This ancient huge devil is most likely very similar, where only demonstrating power stronger than his would he yield.”

“Blindman Liu definitely knows there’s an ancient huge devil inside him.”

“Which means this transformation has happened in the past. This also means he can still revert back to his human appearance. The only problem is the amount of time he will be in this devil state – it could be one hour, one day, or one year. It’s too hard to tell right now.”

As a member of the demon race, Xuan Yuanyi obviously understood the nature of a demonic beast.

The ancient huge devil was also a type of demonic beast, except it came from a world of antiquity possessing unparalleled ancient powers. As long as there was a power to suppress it, it should be able to calm it down. And once the time limit for the transformation is up, Blindman Liu will naturally revert back to his original appearance!


“We’ll act accordingly to that!”

Feng Lei clenched his fists and didn’t bother waiting. His right leg stomp down and his figure shot into the air towards the ancient huge devil. While he was still in the air, he roared out: “Beast Transformation!”


As his voice was heard, his body underwent a drastic change.

Feng Lei’s skin turned blood red before pieces of ferocious looking scales that gave off a scarlet glow appeared. His body also doubled in size and gave off a metallic bloody scent while containing a powerful aura.

Ancestral demon!

Xuan Yuanyi had a shocked expression on his face. Sensing the powerful aura coming from Feng Lei’s body, he was now certain it was the power of an ancestral demon. The ferocious beast on the back of Feng Lei’s head had the form of a demonic beast, and its whole body was blood red. Even though the current beast transformation wasn’t fully complete yet, what was seen to the eye clearly showed it was related to the demon race.

Ancestral demon – an early demonic beast that was the ancestor to the demon race!


“Another perverted existence!”

“This fatty… what, what, what kind of backgrounds does he have?!”

Also at this time…

Xuan Yuanyi’s brows formed a frown as his breathing started synchronizing with his Great Fault Sword. Man and sword as one! Boundless sword intent started surging out from his body before his figure shot off as well.

“Damn! Another one!”

“Man and sword as one… this kid’s comprehension of the sword dao has already reached the highest level of man and sword as one! He too is merely a child in his teens! These guys, these guys, these guys are too strong!”

“Old Wang, are we getting too old for this?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The Generals beside Tang Jiu were also dumbfounded.

These guys didn’t have an ounce of fear and rushed out just like that? This was an ancient huge devil man! Even experts at the Profound Ancestor realm cannot handle the ancient huge devil so where does your confidence come from?

Or can we say these guys don’t have the word fear in their vocabulary?!

Wang Jinke faintly smiled and said: “Old Chen, this one on my shoulder is even more fierce. You haven’t seen what I’ve witnessed or else you would immediately feel you’ve wasted your life away these years. These bunch of kids are too extraordinary!”

“We are really getting old; we can’t even follow in the footsteps of these children anymore.”

Tang Jiu showed a grin and said: “That’s of course! How can my, Tang Jiu’s idol be ordinary?”

At this time…

An Chunchun looked at Luo Tian and asked: “Grandpa Wang, how is big brother Luo Tian doing?”

Without giving Wang Jinke a chance to respond…


A loud bang was heard in the sky and Feng Lei was directly smashed flying. His figure crashed into a house completely demolishing it. Another explosive sound was heard as Feng Lei’s figure shot out from the rubble with a shout: “Your granny! This daddy refuses to believe that I can’t handle you!”

Also at this time…

Wang Jinke heard Luo Tian’s voice inside his mind: “Uncle Wang, bring me over!”


(T/N: In Chinese culture, demons and devils are from similar backgrounds and their Chinese vocabulary is interchangeable. In my translations, I have categorized demons as the animals or plants that become humanoids while the devils are ones that practice or follow a path that mankind labels as evil/immoral etc.)

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