Undefeatable – Ch275

Chapter 275 – King

Luo Tian wanted to wake up!

He desperately tried to wake up but his body just wouldn’t listen.

The suppression from Bloodfiend almost destroyed his fleshly body. Only when Bloodfiend’s primordial spirit died did his body feel like it had become free again. But during the whole process, his body felt like a piece of rock sinking from a height of thousands of meters high and was extremely uncomfortable.

His consciousness was awake…

But his fleshly body couldn’t handle it. No matter how hard Luo Tian tried, he just couldn’t wake his body up.


He could only send out his thoughts into Wang Jinke’s mind so that he would bring him to the ancient huge devil.

Luo Tian clearly heard everything when the group was talking and he was in agreement – no matter what, Blindman Liu cannot die. He became like this in order to save An Chunchun, and because he was Luo Tian’s fellow brother.

They were brothers. There is no need for further explanations.

A mountain of blades, a sea of fire, a pot of oil or even hell; they had to rush right in no matter what.


Even experts at the Profound Ancestor realm were not the opponent of the ancient huge devil, so the half beast transformed Feng Lei and Xuan Yuanyi were obviously not its opponent either. They were definitely going to be in deep trouble.

Also another important point…

Was Blindman Liu’s appearance really a coincidence?

He called himself a Prophet that was capable of divining out everything in this world. How could he not calculate his own fate?

It was difficult for Luo Tian not to wonder about these things.


Everything was linked to him!

Luo Tian wasn’t completely sure but there was a small chance it was related to him. This was an intuition that’s very hard to describe, which was what we would call the sixth sense. “Uncle Wang, bring me over!”

Wang Jinke was a bit startled was he became serious. “Kid, it looks like you’re okay now. Your consciousness is fine yet why haven’t you woken up yet?”

Luo Tian didn’t bother explaining and said: “Uncle Wang, now’s not the time to explain this. Bring me over or else it might be too late. I’m afraid fatty and Xuan Yuanyi will be in danger. The ancient huge devil has already gone berserk so it looks like Blindman Liu cannot suppress it any longer. If we are too late, most likely the entire imperial city would also be in danger as well.”

Ancient huge devil…

Possessed an incomparable power from the times of antiquity.

How strong was this ancient power? Most likely even Profound Venerates would be suppressed instantly. If it became fully berserk and breaks away from Blindman Liu’s control, then there wouldn’t be anyone around capable of resisting him.

Wang Jinke didn’t continue asking. There was a frown on his face as he said in his mind: “Hey kid, have you thought things through? There’s no way you can activate any attacks in your current condition. If you go over there right now, the only outcome would be your death. And there’s no way Princess Lasting Peace and his Ninth Highness will agree with my actions.”

How could a person unconscious deal with an ancient huge devil?

So what if his mind was awake? He couldn’t exert an ounce of strength and was no different than a piece of trash.

Luo Tian had already thought of these issues.

He didn’t have time to bother with this. Luo Tian only knew that Blindman Liu was his brother and that he cannot die. He also believed in his intuition. Although his intuition had never been right, he was still very confident in it this time.

Luo Tian then said: “Don’t tell them. Uncle Wang, just bring me over. If you encounter any danger, don’t worry about me and just throw me down.”

Wang Jinke shouted: “What kind of dog’s fart are you talking about?! Am I, Wang Jinke that kind of person?!”

Immediately after…

Wang Jinke released his Profound Ancestor realm powers and said with a smile: “Kid, I will accompany you in acting crazy this one time!”

Immediately after…

Wang Jinke leaped into the air and disappeared as he shot towards the ancient huge devil.

“Uncle Wang! What are you doing?!”

“Old Wang! Did you lose your mind?!”

“Where are you taking the smelly scoundrel?!”

“Don’t think you’re from the senior generation and I won’t dare to scold you! You damn old fogey, you better bring this old lady’s bastard back here! You are sending him to his death! He’s already injured so for you to bring him over to such a dangerous area… You’re, you’re, you’re freaking nuts!”

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Wang Jinke’s sudden rush towards the ancient huge devil was completely unexpected. What the hell was happening?! Everyone was just staring at each other with a clueless expression.

At this time…

An Chunchun suddenly said: “Uncle Chen, can you bring me over as well?”

Her expression was very serious.

She had never been this serious before and had no thoughts of playing around.

Chen Donglai asked in shock: “What did you just say? You want to go over as well?”

An Chunchun firmly replied: “En, I want to go there to help big brother Luo Tian. I’m, I’m, I’m afraid with my strength, it will take me forever to reach there. That’s why can you bring me over? Just leave me there and don’t worry about me.”

“Chunchun, what nonsense are you speaking about?”

“Uncle Chen, you can’t bring her over there.”

“That place is very dangerous and even more so if you go there. You are someone Luo Tian is most fond of so nothing can happen to you. If something happens to you, none of us can shoulder that responsibility.”

Everyone unanimously denied her.

An Chunchun was grateful but still said: “Big sisters, big brothers, Uncle Chen, I… I…”

An Chunchun glanced at the Generals beside Tang Jiu before saying with hesitation: “I can understand what the ancient huge devil is saying.”



“You can understand what the ancient huge devil is saying?”

“How is that possible?”

An Chunchun mustered her courage and said with a nod: “I can understand the words of every living creature in this world. This includes trees, flowers, grass, and species people haven’t even discovered yet. Basically… basically, the creatures on this continent aren’t the only living things I can understand.”


Incomparable shock!

An Chunchun’s hidden ability finally exploded out.

This made everyone present incomparably shocked.


This ability was only a fraction of the abilities she possessed.

The Vice President of the Dao Shang Alliance wasted a lot of money in search of her. In the Ghostly Mountain Range, she was almost in the grasp of his hands but An Chunchun managed to escape. He knew the demon fox clan had a girl with special abilities, and it was capable of making anyone go crazy for!

“Another one!”

Chen Donglai was the first to wake up from the shock. He then said internally: “Every person around this kid is extraordinary!”

Tang Jiu only knew An Chunchun was a member of the demon fox clan and didn’t expect her to possess such an ability of this magnitude. His heart was filled with shock as he said internally: “No wonder they sent out an expert at the Profound Ancestor 5th rank. It looks like An Chunchun is extremely unordinary.”

Immediately after…

Tang Jiu laughed out loud and said: “Good! Today we shall go crazy just this one time! Everyone will go!”

“Your Highness!”

“Your Highness, please don’t be so reckless!”

“Your Highness must think twice about this.”

Those Generals all kneeled down.

Tang Jiu smiled lightly and said: “General Hei Long: You guys don’t need to go and just need to stand guard here. If we happen to die, you guys should all withdraw from this place and have my father invite the old ancestor out of seclusion. If we don’t die, you need to guarantee that the Black Dragon Legion and the Palace Guards don’t attack.”

“Your Highness!”


Tang Jiu shouted: “This is my command!”

Tang Tang and Qin Yue’er looked at each other before flying up. “We will go ahead first.”

Also at this time…

Chen Donglai held onto An Chunchun and started laughing wildly. “These old bones of mine have lived long enough already, so today I will accompany you in acting crazy!”

Tang Jiu followed right behind.

“Bang~, bang~!”

Two loud sounds were heard as both Xuan Yuanyi and Feng Lei were smashed flying.

At this time…

Wang Jinke finally arrived while carrying Luo Tian. His mind felt like it was sinking as the oppressive pressure of the ancient powers was too strong. He almost couldn’t handle it.

The ancient huge devil’s eyeballs started moving and then focused right at Luo Tian on the shoulders of Wang Jinke.

His mouth started moving and gave off a series of incoherent noises.

An Chunchun climbed out of Chen Donglai’s embrace and looked up at the ancient huge devil. She then said in confusion: “You’re calling him King?”

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