Undefeatable – Ch278

Chapter 278 – Sexual Happiness For The Night?


Tang Tang shrieked when her clothes were suddenly stripped off by Qin Yue’er.

Her body was also snow white and possessed a distinctive fragrant smell. Her body was flawless, especially her two trembling rabbits beneath her body wrap. Two pink dots faintly poked out from her chest, showing that they were hard and upright.


“Little sister Tang Tang, I couldn’t tell at all! Your chest is actually bigger than I thought!” Qin Yue’er’s gaze trembled a bit as her expression was similar to Luo Tian’s back then. She gently placed her hand on the back of Tang Tang’s shoulder while touching the butterfly knot string of the body wrap. She gently pulled the string and said: “Do you want the scoundrel to quickly wake up?”

Tang Tang started blushing before faintly nodding: “En.”

How could she not?

Tomorrow was the agreed on 10 day battle date. If Luo Tian doesn’t wake up, what was she going to do?

In addition…

This matter had blown up to the point of the entire city knowing about it.

If Luo Tian doesn’t wake up, Nangong Hao would be incomparably smug and arrogant about it. She would also have to be engaged to him so no matter what, she wanted Luo Tian to wake up.


Luo Tian was still unconscious like he hadn’t slept for over ten thousand years. His deep slumber had made her incomparably anxious.

Qin Yue’er started smiling charmingly. She looked at the silent sleeping Luo Tian and noticed his crotch area had a reaction. “Bastard, if you don’t wake up now, she will become mine to play with. Her clothes are almost all gone so aren’t you going to open your eyes to take a look?”


Luo Tian was desperately trying to open his eyes.


It felt like there was a 10,000 jin weight on his eyelids so no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t open his eyes. “Damn it! Oh heavens, you can’t screw me over like this! This is the perfect time for me to get rid of my virgin status! It’s even a threesome!”

“This is the legendary threesome…!”

“F*ck! Can you not understand it’s a threesome?! Can you not try to pity the bitterness of being a virgin for two lifetimes?!”


This type of bitterness is something others cannot understand.

Two beautiful girls were about to be completely naked before his eyes, yet he was still unconscious and unable to wake up. What kind of scenario was this?!

It’s okay not to wake up but…

Luo Tian’s conscious and brains were functioning so his physiological response was naturally working fine. When those two stripped off their clothes leaving only a small body wrap and small underwear, his groin area reacted fiercely! A fiery rage was burning inside him and that feeling was killing him!

Qin Yue’er grinned and pulled Tang Tang along as they sat on the side of the bed. Her hand was gently placed by Luo Tian’s groin area and her cheeks became rosy. She still maintained her charming demeanor and said: “Bastard, your reaction is quite strong.”

After saying that…

Her hand clenched together and directly grabbed Luo Tian’s little brother in her hand.


Luo Tian’s body was burning hot like a stream of fire was about to erupt. The current him was like a volcano about to spew out magma! The magma was churning about so much that he could barely stand the feeling!

Tang Tang turned even redder when she saw how daring Qin Yue’er was. Even her neck had turned bright red now. Looking at Luo Tian, she slowly undid the butterfly knot on her body wrap and it slowly fell off…

Her little rabbits became big rabbits.

It was standing straight, tall and large. Her skin was like white jade and her veins could be seen in certain areas.

Even though Luo Tian couldn’t see it, he could still sense them.

A person possessing the strength of a Profound King ranker could naturally sense everything around them.

Blood was gushing into his brains.

In less than half a second, a hot metallic liquid gushed out of his nose and mouth.

He had a nose bleed.

Also at this moment, the tent shape in Luo Tian’s groin almost looked like it wanted to reach the skies! That momentum and overbearing aura seemed like it wanted to pierce through the skies! It was becoming thicker and larger causing Qin Yue’er who was still holding onto it to have rippling emotions go through her!

Her emotions were more complicated than Luo Tian’s.

She was also more nervous.

Even though she kept teasing and flirting with Luo Tian, she had only shown such attitude to him alone. She had no experience whatsoever and was only doing things according to her own imaginations. Feeling the huge changes to Luo Tian’s groin, Qin Yue’er momentarily didn’t know what her next step should be. Her cheeks turned redder and were just like Tang Tang, the redness becoming a complete mess.

“Smelly scoundrel, I’ve already done this much and you’re still not waking up?”

“What else do you want me to do?”

Tang Tang pretended to be angry. She pouted and then said: “As long as you wake up, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll give my body to you.”

The moment she said those words…

Tang Tang’s words turned softer and softer and her head bent so low that it almost reached her knees. Her face was so red that juice could come out of them at any time.

Also at this time…

Qin Yue’er’s right hand started moving as she undid her own body wrap. The red body wrap slipped down and a pair of super big rabbits exploded out. They were super big, super firm, and super to the point that it couldn’t be anymore super! Her pair of big rabbits were capable of doing anything!


Awesome to the point of beyond awesome!

Tang Tang was dumbstruck as she muttered: “Big sister Yue’er, yours are really big! How did you make them become so big?”

Qin Yue’er giggled charmingly and said: “Yours will also be this big in the future, hee hee…”


“Of course it’s for real.”

“Is there something you normally eat to make them grow so big?”

“Normally… I have been squeezed by this asshole to the point of them being this big.”


“Hahaha, I’m just kidding with you. But this asshole has really squeezed them quite a few times and they really seem to have become bigger.”


Those two were having a conversation centered on being “big” for almost two hours.


Qin Yue’er suddenly remembered them two were here to stimulate Luo Tian. She grabbed Luo Tian’s groin again and said seductively: “Bastard, could it be that you don’t wish to foster that kind of relationship with us right now?”

“There are two beauties accompanying you right now.”

“If you don’t wake up soon, you will lose this opportunity and will regret it for the rest of your life.”

Luo Tian was actually crying his heart out as he said to himself: “I wish to ask this world if there’s anyone more bitter than me, Luo Tian. I… Bloodfiend, you motherf*cker! If it weren’t for you, this daddy would have f*cked them both already!”

There was so much hatred inside his heart.

Yet he still couldn’t wake up.

The night was becoming later.

Tang Tang was getting more depressed as she muttered: “It looks like tomorrow I will really be getting engaged with Nangong Hao.”

“It won’t happen!”

“This bastard will definitely wake up.” Qin Yue’er tried comforting her. She didn’t know what Luo Tian had experienced but she understood he must be extremely exhausted from the endeavor. Otherwise, he would’ve woken up no matter what by now.

“I can only hope…”

Late into the night.

Those two unknowingly fell asleep. Each one of them was lying on one of Luo Tian’s shoulder as they slept deeply.

Luo Tian’s spiritual senses didn’t sleep the whole night.

He was waiting… waiting for the moment he would wake up and immediately overturn the heavens with his threesome.

But he still didn’t wake up the next morning.

There was a round of knocking on the door so those two girls quickly got dressed. Tang Tang looked at Luo Tian in a depressed mood and said: “Smelly scoundrel, see you later. Thank you for giving me such happiness these past days. Thank you. I will always remember you.”

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