Undefeatable – Ch279

Chapter 279 – Prepared To Die

At a certain peak of the imperial city…

Nangong Hao stood in the air with a hint of cold arrogance on his face. The white robe he was wearing was fluttering in the wind while the Yellow Dragon Sword beside him gave off a powerful sword intent in an overbearing manner.


Was a big day for him!

It was time to stomp Luo Tian to death, who had been in the limelight stealing all the attention.

He wanted to prove to the world that Luo Tian was just a bumpkin with a bit of luck. In front of him, Nangong Hao, Luo Tian was just a piece of trash and nothing more. Luo Tian was someone doomed for failure and will never be able to get back up in his life.

Early in the morning.

Nangong Hao had arrived already.

According to his designs, news of his battle with Luo Tian had been spread throughout the city.

He wanted to step on Luo Tian in front of everyone in the city.

He had to humiliate Luo Tian to the point of no redemption.

He had to release all the resentment inside him that had accumulated these past few days. He had to send a warning to the world that those who try to snatch his, Nangong Hao’s women will only have one outcome – death!


The sky was blue and the sun was slowly rising.

There was a large square in the imperial city that was filled with people. These spectators had already arrived here last night in order to get a good seat in anticipation for this big battle.

They didn’t know who Luo Tian was.

They kind of knew what happened in the northern city but they didn’t know who destroyed the King of Northern City Du Yuansong. They didn’t know who had assaulted the Spectral Forbidden Grounds single-handedly; they didn’t know who killed one of the top ten Devil Sovereigns Bloodfiend, and they didn’t know who made the ancient huge devil kneel before them and call them King.

The spectators didn’t know any of these things.

They obviously didn’t recognize who Luo Tian was but they all know who Nangong Hao was.

Sea Cloud Sect’s future Sect Leader.

He was currently the junior sect leader; Nangong Jue’s only son who broke through to the Profound King realm in his twenties. When he was born, he woke up the Yellow Dragon Sword who had been slumbering for over ten thousand years. What terrified everyone the most was his sword intent had been cultivated to the highest realm – man and sword as one.

There were also rumors that through the Yellow Dragon Divine Sword, he comprehended some type of super sword skill.

Practically everyone in Heavenly Sword City knew about this.

Very strong!

In the younger generation, Nangong Hao was ranked in the top ten!

Apart from the Shattered Sky City’s Murong Wanjian and the Purple Soul Temple’s Violet Organization young phoenix Li Xue’er, there weren’t that many people in the younger generation that could be compared to him.

All of this…

Was the capital that allowed Nangong Hao to walk around proudly.

And originally, nothing was going to change. Nangong Hao would only progress in an ideal direction – marry Princess Lasting Peace and gain the imperial qi that only the Great Tang imperial family possessed. When that was fused with his cultivation, he will quickly propel himself forward and break into the Profound Ancestor realm.

He will then be Sea Cloud Sect’s youngest and most powerful Sect Leader.

He will also become third place in Tianxuan Continent’s Gold Ranking List.

This was something Nangong Hao planned himself and everything would turn out perfect. But somehow, a Luo Tian appeared.

Luo Tian’s appearance made his perfect plans all go awry and distorted.

He hated Luo Tian.

A bumpkin from the countryside wanted to compete with him?

Was Luo Tian even qualified to snatch a woman from him?

And he was trying to snatch a Princess of the Great Tang. This made Nangong Hao very annoyed. Luo Tian had been in the limelight these few days with the upper ranks of the city and had completely suppressed Nangong Hao’s reputation, which made him even more annoyed.


The annoyance he had been feeling had disappeared today.


Today, he was going to use the most humiliating method to smash Luo Tian down with a single sword strike. He was going to make Luo Tian kneel before him! Thinking to this point, Nangong Hao started unconsciously laughing like crazy: “Hahaha! Luo Tian, a damn dog thing like you will definitely die today! Hahaha…”


There was a commotion in the crowds.

“Princess Lasting Peace has arrived!”

With their mighty auras, the Palace Guards were opening up a path.

Tang Tang had changed back to her Princess attire and looked extremely graceful. Her expression showed a majestic look that only the imperial family would possess, and her appearance immediately caused a commotion with the spectators.

“Princess Lasting Peace is so beautiful.”

“No wonder Nangong Hao would lower his status to battle an unknown village bumpkin for her.”

“This isn’t right! Who is Nangong Hao and what status does he have? He is Sea Cloud Sect’s junior sect leader! His status is not lower than the status of our Great Tang’s Prince. Fighting with an unknown bumpkin in a battle is truly harming his identity. But since he’s fighting for his beloved woman, hurting his prestige is still an act that others would admire.”

“It would be great if I could marry a man like Nangong Hao. Look at him standing in the air with his Yellow Dragon Sword moving to his will; he basically looks like an immortal! He’s so handsome that it’s a complete mess!”


When Tang Tang appeared, her expression was cold with a trace of sadness in her frown. One could also tell there was a look of worry on her face.

Tang Jiu went forth to meet them and asked with a frown: “Luo Tian still hasn’t woken up?”

Tang Tang shook her head and didn’t say anything.

Tang Jiu’s expression turned grim and asked: “Uncle Wang, what happened in the Spectral Forbidden Grounds? It’s almost three days now and he still hasn’t woken up.”

Wang Jinke exhaled heavily and said: “I don’t really know what happened but I do know the pain he has experienced is beyond our imagination. If it was me in his shoes, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold on at all.”

Wang Jinke wasn’t exaggerating.

He really didn’t know what happened inside Luo Tian’s body.

The only thing he knew was that that pain Luo Tian had suffered was beyond what words could describe. This type of pain was something Wang Jinke would never in his life encounter nor tolerate.

A tear slowly slid down Tang Tang’s face as she said: “Elder brother, I really don’t want to marry Nangong Hao. I really don’t want to marry him.”

After saying that…

Tears started flowing down.

She was crying her eyes out.

Filled with pain.

Tang Jiu’s heart ached from looking at her and said: “I will go plead with imperial father.”

Tang Tang shook her head and said: “It’s useless; imperial father won’t even see me. You going to plead him will be the same. Since this matter was proposed by me, then the responsibility will be shouldered by me.”

It was Tang Tang that proposed the battle in ten days.

It was her that said if Nangong Hao wins, she will be engaged to him.

Everything was said by her.

As a Princess, she had to be responsible for the words she had spoken.

Tang Jiu frowned as he couldn’t think of any solutions.

At this time…

Nangong Hao’s voice that contained a trace of smugness said: “Your Highness, how come that bumpkin hasn’t shown up? Don’t tell me he’s afraid of me and doesn’t dare to come? Or has he hidden himself somewhere like a turtle?”

“Wasn’t he really arrogant back then?”

“Why does he not show himself now?”

Nangong Hao’s voice was loud and clear.

The surrounding crowd immediately erupted into discussions.

“That village bumpkin kid is definitely afraid to show up.”

“Apart from Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er of the younger generation, who would dare to be Nangong Hao’s opponent?”

“That’s right! That kid is definitely scared.”

Tang Tang’s heart turned grim and wanted to curse out, but was held back by Tang Jiu. Tang Jiu then said with a smile: “Brother Nangong, it’s still early now so there’s no need to be in such a rush.”


“It’s not early anymore. Didn’t Ninth highness arrive here very early already? A village bumpkin like him not appearing is considered a great disrespect to your highness” said Nangong Hao as he pretended to have the moral high ground.

Tang Jiu’s expression faintly turned serious.

Tang Tang couldn’t endure anymore and directly scolded: “Nangong Hao, don’t act so smug you despicable villain! Bumpkin this, bumpkin that, what gives you the right to call him a bumpkin? What kind of crap do you think you are? With your high and mighty look, do you really think you’re all that? In reality, you’re the real bumpkin here, humph!”

Immediately after…

Tang Tang said softly: “Even if I have to die, I refuse to be engaged to you.”

She was already prepared to die!

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