Undefeatable – Ch280

Chapter 280 – Dragon’s Might

On the way back to the imperial palace, she was already thinking about this.

Her thoughts were in a mess as she thought about everything.

She started smiling when she thought of Luo Tian. Her smile was really brilliant completely filled with joy. In the end, she started crying her eyes out.

The moment she entered the imperial palace…

Her thoughts were in order as if she made up her mind. No matter what happens, she would never get engaged to Nangong Hao. Even if Luo Tian doesn’t appear and Nangong Hao wins by default, she would not become engaged to him. She would rather choose to die first!


This was her last choice.

To her, this was practically the only choice she had.

It was better to die than to marry someone she hated.

This determination became firmer and firmer inside Tang Tang’s heart. In the end, she clenched her fists and said internally: “Smelly scoundrel, you must remember me in the future!”

Tang Jiu frowned as he shouted: “Thirteenth Sister, what nonsense are you talking about?! What to die or not to die are you spouting about? Luo Tian will definitely rush here, and he will definitely defeat Nangong Hao. Even if he doesn’t rush here in time, you still don’t need to commit suicide. Every problem has a solution. I know you don’t like Nangong Hao and I also dislike him as well, but there’s no need for you to use your life as the stakes. I believe imperial father has his plans. He cherishes you the most so he will definitely not let you marry someone that you don’t like.”

Tang Jiu’s heart also started getting anxious.

He was very clear on Tang Tang’s personality; once she makes up her mind, it would be really hard to change it.

The choice she made had really worried Tang Jiu now. In order to not put their imperial father in an awkward position, she was really capable of doing anything.

“Luo Tian, how come you still haven’t woken up yet?”

“Tang Tang has already made the choice to kill herself. If you don’t show up soon, you will never see my little sister in your life again. Did you know that you’re her idol? You don’t know how much she worships you when I told her about all of your deeds. She admires you more than my admiration to you!”


Flame Dragon Gang.

Luo Tian’s room.

“Boss, can you quickly wake up? If you don’t wake up soon, sister-in-law Tang Tang will be gone.”

“Boss, how can you be unconscious at such a critical time?”

“Bastard, if you don’t wake up soon, this old lady is going to flip out on you!”

“Big brother Luo Tian, big sister Tang Tang was crying really hard when she left. You need to quickly wake up! Chunchun is really sad when seeing big sister Tang Tang like that, wuuu~…”

“Dragon Head, do you want me to play you the Melody of Death?”


The three of them shouted at Blindman Liu at the same time.

Blindman Liu had started to play the something something Melody of Death but the song sounded so horrible that one wanted to seek death themselves.

An Chunchun had a serious look on her face as she said: “Uncle Blindman, you shouldn’t play this song. If you continue playing this awful sounding song, I’m afraid big brother Luo Tian will never wake up.”

Blindman Liu didn’t care about the blows to his confidence. He smiled while revealing his stained yellow teeth and said: “It sounds awful? I feel that it’s not that bad. Maybe it’s the cultural level of you guys that can’t keep up with my rhythm?”

Everyone present wanted to throw up.

Everyone glared at Blindman Liu until he had to hide his face from shame. It was only then did they stop glaring at him.

Luo Tian was lying on the bed.

He was actually the one that was the most anxious.

Tang Tang was a nice and pretty girl. Even if Luo Tian cannot marry her, she cannot marry a scum like Nangong Hao.

At this time…

Luo Tian was desperately trying to wake up, but the impact of Bloodfiend’s primordial spirit was simply too huge. Even if he was capable of controlling his own thoughts, he had no way to control his body to wake up.

His fleshly body had been overdrawn to the limit.

Until his body recovers, Luo Tian still won’t be able to wake up even if he tries desperately.

In regards to this…

He had started to hate himself. If Tang Tang had to be engaged to Nangong Hao due to his fault, he would hate himself to the max. But he will later kill his way to the Sea Cloud Sect and then bring Tang Tang back.

This was the choice Luo Tian planned to make.

No matter what the conclusion will be, he was not going to let Tang Tang marry Nangong Hao.

If he doesn’t wake up today, he will lose by default.

But as long as he can wake up, Nangong Hao will be guaranteed to lie beneath his foot.


Noon, the hot sun was high in the sky.

Nangong Hao was standing at a peak of the imperial city. There were small beads of sweat on his forehead and a very annoyed expression on his face. He then said in a tone full of blame: “Ninth Highness, how much longer until that bumpkin comes?”

“My guess is that he won’t be coming today.”

“Since he still hasn’t appeared by now, it looks like his heart doesn’t have Tang Tang or you, Ninth Highness. These types of people who disregard an emperor’s prestige should have all nine familial connections exterminated.”

Nangong Hao was extremely annoyed.

What kind of status did he have? What kind of status did Luo Tian have?

He had been waiting for half a day and not even Luo Tian’s shadow was seen. The worst thing about this was that he had to continue waiting, which was extremely humiliating for him.

Tang Jiu was trying to suppress the anger inside him as he said with a faint smile: “Brother Nangong, don’t be anxious. You made a ten day agreement with him but the tenth day isn’t over yet. If we knew this was going to happen, we should’ve made a ten day agreement with a specified time of the morning hours. That way, you would’ve already won by default.”

There was no other way.

Tang Jiu could only use this kind of method to delay the fight.

And to give Luo Tian more time.


Half a day passed by yet Luo Tian still hadn’t woken up yet. Tang Jiu’s heart turned grim as he said internally: “Idol, how come you still haven’t shown up yet? If you still don’t show up, I really won’t be able to hold on any longer.”

Tang Tang was sitting off to the side with a dull and expressionless face.

At this moment…

The crowd of spectators sitting around the square that wanted to see a big battle started complaining.

“Isn’t that kid a bit too arrogant?”

“What are we waiting for? Just announce that Nangong Hao has won! That kid won’t show up. My guess is that he’s currently hiding in a dog’s hole shivering in fright!”

“That’s right!”

“Just make the announcement! Princess Lasting Peace and young master Nangong are a pair made in heaven. The two of them are practically a perfect match for each other. The Great Tang and Sea Cloud Sect will have a closer relationship with each other, so doesn’t that work out well? Why are we still even waiting?”


The crowd started clamoring and discussing this.

They were all outraged on behalf of Nangong Hao.

A long-awaited big battle ended in such a manner, which made them extremely annoyed.

At the same time…

Inside the hearts of the crowd, they clearly believed that Luo Tian wouldn’t show up because he was desperately afraid for his life.

If they were in Luo Tian’s shoes, they most likely wouldn’t show up either.

The result of showing up here would be death, so why would they make their own lives difficult like that?

Hearing the complaints getting louder as time passed, Tang Jiu’s frown became even deeper. He then inquired again: “Uncle Chen, has Uncle Wang returned yet?”

Chen Donglai shook his head and said: “He hasn’t. I’m afraid Luo Tian hasn’t woken up yet, sigh~…”

Tang Tang smiled bitterly as she muttered: “Ninth brother, you don’t understand how much pain Luo Tian has suffered. His body has been overexerted so don’t force him; let him rest a while longer. I will solve my matters by myself.”

Tang Jiu’s heart started aching as he looked at Tang Tang.


Around this time…

While still lying on the bed, Luo Tian’s body started twitching.

A stream of unparalleled energy containing dragon’s might coursed through his body. After being stimulated by this energy, the pain in his fleshly body felt like it had been alleviated by a lot.

“Hey kid, if you don’t wake up soon, my daughter will be marrying someone else.”

Dragon’s might?!

Great Tang’s Emperor – Tang Zhanlong’s voice!

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