Undefeatable – Ch281

Chapter 281 – This Big Brother Has Arrived!

Luo Tian felt like his body was sinking.

The energy of the dragon’s might was coursing through his meridians, blood, bones, and his skin. It seemed like every inch of his body was undergoing a change. This energy was extremely strange as it made the pain from his fleshly body rapidly disappear.

Luo Tian felt so comfortable that he almost moaned out loud!

And the voice that sounded off in his mind made him unconsciously shiver.


“Dragon’s might?”


“The monarch of the Great Tang – Tang Zhanlong?” Luo Tian was frightened at the thought of this as he never expected his well-being to be something the Great Tang Dynasty’s Emperor would care about. And the Emperor didn’t care about depleting his true energy by using his dragon might on him! This made Luo Tian extremely grateful.

“Thank you!”

“There’s no need for thanks. My cute, innocent, and usually happy girl has been made very unhappy by you. If you don’t wake up soon and make her happy, I will not spare you.”


Luo Tian was startled but said: “I will make her happy her entire life!”

“It’s good that you’re tactful.”

“Now wake up for me.”

As his voice faded, another round of dragon might’s energy coursed through Luo Tian’s body. All the pain in Luo Tian’s fleshly body seemed like it was flushed out and disappeared. He opened his eyes and shouted: “Motherf*cker, this daddy is finally awake!”

Everyone inside the room was staring at him with eyes wide and mouths agape.

They were excited to a complete mess!

At this moment…

It was already late in the afternoon and almost turning dark.


Luo Tian doesn’t show up soon, Tang Jiu won’t be able to hold the situation back anymore. Nangong Hao would win by default and that evening, he would once again speak to Tang Zhanlong about the engagement. Tang Tang would have no more excuses to refuse since this condition was something she proposed.


“Cough~, cough~, cough~…”

Inside Harmony Palace.

Tang Zhanlong lightly coughed a few times while his face was clearly pale. He then said: “What did this kid experience? How did he endure that kind of pain for so long? Could it be that he’s related to the phenomenon in the sky a few days back?”

“Or could it be that Bloodfiend’s primordial spirit that has been sealed inside the Spectral Forbidden Grounds for ten thousand years was taken care of by…”

“What a good kid!”

“Cough~, cough~…”

Tang Zhanlong started coughing while speaking.

He was an expert at the Profound Venerate realm.

How unbearable was the pain if even he was shocked about it?

Tang Zhanlong didn’t hesitate to consume his sparse true energy to release his dragon’s might, but he didn’t expect that the first dragon’s might wasn’t able to completely remove the pain in Luo Tian’s fleshly body. He also planned on using his dragon’s might to transform Luo Tian’s body structure as well, yet another unexpected outcome of it being completely useless happened again.

After all, Nangong Hao was an expert at the Profound King 7th rank.

It was too far apart when comparing to Luo Tian’s current strength.

Based on strength alone, Luo Tian wasn’t his opponent at all. Tang Zhanlong wanted to help him out a bit with his dragon’s might energy but he never expected the pain in Luo Tian’s fleshly body to be this powerful. He couldn’t help think about what might have happened inside the Spectral Forbidden Grounds.

If Luo Tian was really the one that destroyed Bloodfiend’s primordial spirit, then he was much more powerful than Hong Wanfu.

Back then…

Human Emperor was only capable of sealing Bloodfiend’s primordial spirit.

But this kid was able to kill Bloodfiend, so how crazy was this?

This made Tang Zhanlong become extremely optimistic about Luo Tian’s future. He didn’t hesitate to release a second dragon’s might to completely wash away the pain inside Luo Tian’s fleshly body. His heart was feeling a bit excited as he said internally: “Kid, you need to try your best to stir up more stuff so that the world will tremble before you!”

The old eunuch behind Tang Zhanlong had been shocked stiff.

This has never happened before!

The Great Tang’s Emperor had injected two streams of dragon’s might into a person he had never even met yet. What kind of good luck did this kid have?

“Your majesty, you’ve hurt your vitality like this just for him…”


“I didn’t do it for him but for the future of our Great Tang. This kid is not simple at all. His potential might be much stronger than the son of a true dragon Murong Wanjian! Shattered Sky City has been suppressing our Great Tang for several decades so it’s now time for us to pay them back” said Tang Zhanlong with a faint smile.

In fact…

Inside his heart, Luo Tian wasn’t comparable to Murong Wanjian just yet but his potential did exceed Murong Wanjian by a lot.

Tang Zhanlong even felt that Luo Tian was capable of becoming a Profound God Sovereign and pierce through the void.

If Luo Tian became a person of the Great Tang Dynasty, then his dynasty would not collapse for a billion years in the Tianxuan Continent.

Two streams of dragon’s might will be considered an investment.

If his investment succeeds, then his return will be huge!


Sunset, at a peak of the imperial city.

Nangong Hao had basked in the sun for a whole day, and now his face was a bit darker with a faintly embarrassed expression. He couldn’t endure anymore and asked: “Ninth Highness, it’s time to make the announcement now, right? That grandson bumpkin is definitely not going to show up.”

Nangong Hao was extremely angry. If he weren’t facing so many people still in the area, he would’ve gone berserk already.

“A bumpkin from the countryside made this daddy wait a full day!”

“Tang Jiu deserves to die too!”

“You cheap slut also deserves to die as well! Once you marry me and I gain the imperial qi, I will let you experience my, Nangong Hao’s methods! You damn cheap slut, I will make you pay for everything that has happened these past few days!” Nangong Hao was fiercely scolding in his mind.

Tang Jiu was also suppressing a belly full of fire. The sun had almost finished setting in the west as he said with a smile: “Brother Nangong, we’ve waited practically a whole day so there’s no harm in waiting a little bit more. The sun hasn’t fully set yet, right?”

Tang Jiu’s heart almost died from anxiety as he said to himself: “Idol, can you quickly show up?!”

Tang Tang stood up with no signs of anxiety. She looked rather calm; a calm expression that has never before seen. Looking at the sun setting, a faint smile appeared on her face. It was a smile that was capable of moving many hearts.

Looking at her expression, Tang Jiu’s heart became even more anxious.

Nangong Hao’s gaze sharpened as cracking sounds could be heard from his teeth clenching. “Fine, we’ll wait a bit more!”

“That’s good then.”

“Brother Nangong, you are Sea Cloud Sect’s junior sect leader. Be a bit more magnanimous and don’t let others look down on our Sea Cloud Sect” said Tang Jiu.

Nangong Hao sneered coldly while he said to himself: “Now you know you’re a person of our Sea Cloud Sect? My Sea Cloud Sect doesn’t have a person like you that’s equivalent to a pile of dog shit! Wait until I become the Sect Leader; I will definitely kick you out of the sect by then! Humph!”

The spectators in the large square had been slowly decreasing as time went by.

They were the same as Nangong Hao – feeling extremely annoyed with the waiting.

They thought they had come for a huge battle.

They never expected to bask in the sun like an idiot for an entire day. They were afraid of missing the battle so they didn’t even leave for a meal.

After waiting for so long, the hatred they had for Luo Tian was possibly stronger than Nangong Hao’s. They had a feeling like they were completely played with.

“Don’t let me see that kid on the streets or else I will definitely beat him to death!”

“Motherf*cker, he made us wait for a full day! This daddy has almost died from hunger! That bumpkin deserves to die for playing us for a whole day!”

“So motherf*cking unlucky!”

“The Ninth Prince is really… We all know this isn’t a suspenseful fight so why drag it out until now? He should’ve announced Nangong Hao’s win early on. Aren’t the results the same even after dragging it out for so long? I really can’t understand him, especially when he’s going to offend the Sea Cloud Sect by doing this.”


There was still a bit of the red glowing sun that hadn’t fully set yet.

At this moment…

Nangong Hao started laughing crazily and shouted: “Ninth Prince, you can make the announcement now, right?”


“What announcement?”

“Can’t you see this daddy has arrived already?”

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