Undefeatable – Ch282

Chapter 282 – Smashed By A Single Punch

As his voice faded…

Over ten thousand pairs of eyes looked up into the air.

Tang Tang’s gaze instantly changed as she started feeling joy. She couldn’t hold it in anymore as tears started flowing down her cheeks.

Tang Jiu watched with wide eyes. Seeing the familiar figure in the air, he almost started crying from excitement. “He finally made it.”

Luo Tian’s voice was like thunder.

It exploded over the air of the imperial city making everyone incomparably shocked.

Nangong Hao’s expression hiddenly changed. He turned around and saw the despicable looking Luo Tian and thick killing intent started rising from his heart.

Luo Tian didn’t bother with Nangong Hao.

He instantly moved and landed next to Tang Tang. He gently wiped away the tears on Tang Tang’s face and said softly: “I’m sorry for coming late.”

Tang Tang pouted as she forced herself to stop crying. She shook her head; she ignored her identity as a Princess and the people around here and directly dove into Luo Tian’s embrace.
She then couldn’t hold back anymore and started crying loudly again: “Wuuu~… wuuu~…”

She was crying her eyes out.

She was crying so hard that she couldn’t even speak.

She thought that she would never see Luo Tian again.

This entire day, her thoughts were all about Luo Tian. Him taming the Fire Cloud Unicorn; stripping her clothes off; establishing the Flame Dragon Gang; destroying the Evil Wolf Gang; destroying the Green Leaf Sect, and killing Du Yuansong…

Each scene was vividly stored in her mind.

She remembered every word Luo Tian had said to her.

She felt fortunate and happy when she recalled these moments. This timeframe of less than a full month was the happiest days she had ever experienced in her life. She was desperately cherishing those moments and also admonishing herself: “I am already satisfied with my life.”

In her time of despair…

Luo Tian appeared.

The emotions she was suppressing in her heart instantly exploded out. She didn’t care about her image anymore and just cried like crazy. She was no different than your average young girl crying her eyes out, making Luo Tian’s heartache in torment.


Luo Tian’s appearance only made the crowd somewhat surprised.

Tang Tang’s action, on the other hand, made them beyond shocked!

“The Princess directly jumped into his embrace and started crying?”

“Am I seeing things?”

“What’s going on?”

“What the hell is going on? Isn’t the Princess a pair with Nangong Hao?”

The crowd couldn’t understand it.

They were completely puzzled by this and didn’t know why it was happening.

An actual Princess of the Great Tang Dynasty liked a bumpkin? Why? They really couldn’t understand what was going on.

At this time…

Nangong Hao was so angry that he started shaking and his face turned pale.

Waiting for a whole day had already made his rage reach the skies.

But when Luo Tian completely ignored him after appearing and Tang Tang jumping into his embrace in front of so many people, this pushed Nangong Hao over the edge. The entire Heavenly Sword City knew he was getting engaged with Tang Tang yet she jumped into the embrace of another man and started crying!



Rage that pierced through the skies flared up inside Nangong Hao!

Nangong Hao’s expression turned ashen as he shouted: “Luo Tian! You’re still not heading to hell by your own accord?! I shall kill you and send you along then!”

His voice contained endless killing intent.

The Yellow Dragon Sword by his side echoed the rage within him and released a powerful sword intent. The sword intent managed to enshroud the whole Heavenly Sword City as its aura surged outwards. The sword-point was now aimed directly at Luo Tian’s head.

Tang Jiu finally exploded with a shout: “Nangong Hao, don’t blame me for being impolite if you don’t pull back the Yellow Dragon Sword’s intent! You dare to be so presumptuous in front of my Great Tang’s palace?! Are you pretending there’s no one left in our Great Tang Dynasty?!”

His voice shook the sky!

It also contained an endless amount of rage.

Tang Jiu had also been suppressing a full day of anger.

Nangong Hao’s expression turned gloomy. He then widened his eyes with a glare before shouting: “Scram to the side! This daddy doesn’t have time for…!”

Without waiting for Nangong Hao to finish his words….

Chen Donglai’s figure disappeared from his position…

A wave of Profound Ancestor power surged out. “Insulting his highness – the punishment is immediate execution!”

Another figure shot out from the spectating crowd.


Two different streams of energy collided before rebounding apart.

Elder Sun smiled apologetically and said with cupped hands: “Ninth Highness, our junior sect leader is still young so please don’t bother with him. He’s just angered by that country bumpkin Luo Tian. Moreover, Princess Lasting Peace and his marriage were acknowledged by the Great Tang’s Emperor. Even though they haven’t gone through the engagement ceremony yet, how can Princess Lasting Peace be in the embrace of a low commoner out in the eye of the public? What position is this placing our junior sect leader in? What kind of treatment is this giving our Sea Cloud Sect?”

His voice wasn’t loud…

But everyone present heard it clearly.


Princess Lasting Peace’s actions were improper when it came to her delicate status.

Moreover, her engagement to Nangong Hao was something the entire city already knew about. It was only Princess Lasting Peace herself that did not agree with it. But inside Nangong Hao’s heart, the engagement was already a done deal. So for her to jump into the embrace of another man, this was clearly not right on her side.

Tang Jiu’s expression turned grim. Just as he was about to say something…

Luo Tian gently pushed Tang Tang away from his embrace and wiped her tears away. He then said: “Wait a bit because I will be back very soon.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian said to Tang Jiu: “There’s no need for you to waste your breath on people like that. There’s only one way to shut their mouths, and that’s to stomp them to death.”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian leaped into the air and said with a cold smile: “You should be thanking Tang Tang and his Ninth highness because my feet would have been stepping on your head ten days ago. Do you really think that little cultivation level you possess can qualify you as my opponent?”

“I can kill you in seconds if I wished to!”


Incomparably wild arrogance!

Luo Tian wasn’t giving Nangong Hao or the Sea Cloud Sect any face!

Many Sea Cloud Sect disciples in the crowd had an ugly look on their faces.

“This kid is practically courting death!”

“Junior sect leader, just kill him!”

“Use the cruelest method to kill him!”

“Acting so arrogant in front of Nangong Hao? Is this kid nuts or something?”

Nangong Hao’s expression turned gloomy. His glared at Luo Tian before smiling ferociously and saying with disdain: “You need to be clear on your own identity – you are nothing more than a bumpkin from the countryside. Just participating in a battle with me is the greatest honor of your life. Remember that this honor is my Nangong Hao’s charity to you, so bring it with you and go to hell with it!”

“I want everyone to know the consequences of competing with me, Nangong Hao over a woman.”

“The consequence is death!”

Immediately after…

Nangong Hao’s expression changed into one of excited delirium. He then started laughing in a low voice: “Don’t worry; I will take good care of Tang Tang. I will have her moaning in joy below my groins. She will forever be my, Nangong Hao’s plaything! Hahaha…”

The flames of rage started flaring inside Luo Tian’s heart as killing intent instantly appeared. He then shouted in a dark tone: “Die!”

Nangong Hao’s expression turned fierce as his Yellow Dragon Sword started moving. He then scolded: “You’ll be the one dying you damn country bumpkin!”

“Your whole family are bumpkins!”

“Level 4 Berserk!”

“Nine Dragons and Elephants!”

“Lie down for me!”

In an instant, Luo Tian’s strength exploded out. Also in an instant, he leaped into the air with his fist surging with power. Just like a hammer, he directly smashed his fist towards Nangong Hao’s head.

His strength was powerful to a complete mess!

A single punch smashed Nangong Hao into the ground! Nangong Hao was lying there similar to a dead dog and no longer had his arrogant expression anymore!


“Show me your arrogance again!” Luo Tian shouted in a cocky manner.

It was silent all around.

It was so quiet that it was rather eerie…

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