Undefeatable – Ch283

Chapter 283 – The Power Of The Profound Burst Pill


It was so silent that it was kinda scary.

This huge square of the imperial city filled with tens of thousands of spectators and no one was making a sound. Sounds of breathing and even the beating of their hearts seem to have stopped in time. They all looked like wooden chickens staring at Luo Tian who was filled with an aura of dominance.

They were all frozen like idiots!

How could this be?

Nangong Hao – Sea Cloud Sect’s junior sect leader, Profound King 7th rank. How could he be so weak and get smashed down by a single punch? What the hell is going on?

They could not accept this inside their hearts.

They couldn’t comprehend it at all.

They had waited a whole day in anticipation. They all wanted to see Nangong Hao instantly smash Luo Tian to his death. They all wanted to see Nangong Hao and Princess Lasting Peace’s precursory scene to their engagement ceremony. But… but how could it turn out like this?


“I’m asking you to be f*cking arrogant! Get up and act arrogant again!”

Luo Tian was domineering to the extreme.

He didn’t give Nangong Hao any chance to make a move. With the activation of the Nine Dragons and Elephants skill, the strength of a dragon and an elephant was added to his body. And with the activation of Berserk as well, how powerful was the Nine Dragons and Elephant skill under the 16 times enhancement?

His fists were heavy like a hammer and his attack as sharp as an axe came chopping down.

Nangong Hao didn’t have time to react and was directly smashed down.

Luo Tian was truly enraged.

What he hated the most was someone insulting women.

And this woman happened to be Tang Tang!

In other words…

Luo Tian already had a belly full of fire after being unconscious for these past few days. He finally appeared yet gets a string of scolding by Nangong Hao. There was no need to bother with anything since I’ll just smash you down before we start talking! Who told you to be so motherf*cking smug in front of this daddy?!


Unrestrained wild arrogance!

He was nonetheless the junior sect leader of Sea Cloud Sect yet Luo Tian didn’t give him a single ounce of face.



“Smelly scoundrel won!” Tang Tang jumped into the air. Her anxiety was swept away and was replaced with joy, and her worry towards Luo Tian had vanished. She originally thought Luo Tian may not be Nangong Hao’s opponent and never imagined Nangong Hao would be instantly beaten down right at the start. This was simply way too enjoyable!

Tang Jiu had a shocked expression as he mumbled: “So strong! So cool! My idol is truly an idol existence; he’s handsome to a complete mess!”

Off at a distance…

Feng Lei and the others were still rushing to the square. Upon seeing Nangong Hao lying on the ground without moving, Feng Lei immediately started shouting: “Boss is mighty! Boss is awesome! Boss is the most domineering! Yeah!”

Xuan Yuanyi was also very excited but just didn’t express it like the way Feng Lei was doing.

Qin Yue’er had a moved expression on her face as she muttered: “We finally made it.”

Blindman Liu’s fingers started getting ready while he revealed his yellow stained teeth with a smile. He then said: “This is a good opportunity. Let me play a song so that everyone can celebrate.”


An Chunchun was giggling as she said: “Uncle Blindman, the songs you play on that erhu sound really bad. Next time I will buy you a better erhu so you can play for three days and three nights straight.”

Blindman Liu faintly sighed and said: “It’s still Chunchun who treats me the best. Good Chunchun, let uncle give you a kiss.”

Everyone’s eyes turned grim as they glared at Blindman Liu.

An Chunchun instantly hid behind Qin Yue’er and stuck out her tongue. She then said naughtily: “No way! I only let big brother Luo Tian kiss me.”


There was a slight frown shown on An Chunchun’s brows. She suddenly showed a shocked countenance as she yelled: “Watch out big brother Luo Tian!”

At this moment…

A yellow illusory image shot into the sky. The illusory image looked like a powerful sword rushing into the sky before smashing down with a terrifying amount of force.

Luo Tian frowned and steeled his mind. He didn’t bother thinking anymore and just shouted: “Golden Shield!”



The yellow illusory image slashed Luo Tian’s Golden Shield apart. At the same time, a heavy punch smashed out before a right leg stomped down, slamming Luo Tian down from the air.


A deep hole appeared in the ground and Luo Tian was in the center of it unmoving.



“Competing with me? You’re still too fresh for that! Hahaha…”

While in midair…

Nangong had bloodshot eyes, a red glow to his face, and a ferocious expression. He looked similar to a demonic ghost right now! An extremely strong aura of profound energy surrounded him as it seemed to crush down on everything nearby.

Elder Sun’s expression secretly changed as he said with a smile: “It looks like junior sect leader has already consumed the Profound Burst Pill, so his cultivation has already reached the peak of the Profound King 9th rank. There are now four small cultivation realm differences between the two of them. No matter how strong that kid is, it’s impossible for him to be junior sect leader’s opponent anymore.”

The moment Nangong Hao was smashed down, his heart was feeling great discomfort. The energy around Luo Tian had completely suppressed him, making him extremely annoyed. When he was lying down, he didn’t hesitate to ingest the Profound Burst Pill in his possession.

Profound Burst Pill!

A spirit grade medicinal pill with properties of stimulation.

It can stimulate one’s fleshly body for a short time frame allowing one’s cultivation level to rise by two small realms. This type of medicinal pill can only be used by those under the Profound Venerate realm and would be useless for those higher.


These types of pills have side effects.

After consumption, one’s fleshly body would suffer great trauma. The worst case scenario, one’s cultivation will forever stop and never to advance again. On the minor side, one’s body would suffer a huge amount of pain once the medicinal effects pass.

In order to kill Luo Tian, Nangong Hao didn’t even bother with the consequences.

How could he accept being beaten down by a hillbilly in front of the entire city? There’s no way he could accept that!

At this time…

The disciples of the Sea Cloud Sect were the first to start cheering.

“Junior sect leader is mighty!”

“Junior sect leader is mighty!”


“Hahaha, now that’s more like it. How could the junior sect leader of the Sea Cloud Sect not beat a country bumpkin? When that punch was thrown out, I can already tell Nangong Hao is going to win this fight.”

“That’s right! Apart from Murong Wanjian and Li Xue’er, who of the younger generation can be Nangong Hao’s opponent?”

Everyone was clamoring with praises. In their hearts, Luo Tian being smashed down like that was reasonable and a matter of fact.

“Profound Burst Pill!”

Chen Donglai’s expression faintly changed as he said: “This is bad; he consumed a Profound Burst Pill and his cultivation will rise by two small realms for a short time.”

Tang Jiu stood up and looked at Luo Tian not moving in the deep hole. He couldn’t bother with anything right now and shouted: “Uncle Chen! No matter what, Luo Tian cannot die!”

Tang Tang felt like her heart had risen to her throat. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

Her heart felt extremely heavy because Luo Tian ended up like this because of her.

“Challenging me?”

“Competing with me over a woman?”

“What qualifications does a vagrant bumpkin like you from the countryside have?”

“What kind of damn thing do you think you are?!”

Nangong Hao shouted with arrogance. Looking at Luo Tian in the deep hole, his right hand started moving in a particular motion with the Yellow Dragon Sword in hand. His pupils widened before he ferociously shouted: “Yellow Dragon Sword Art, Raging dragon overturns the sea, Sword slashes the world!”

“Bumpkin, go to hell for me!”


The Yellow Dragon Sword created endless amounts of illusory images like it had the power to overturn the sea.

At this moment…

Chen Donglai instantly flew out.

Elder Sun coldly smiled before shouting: “You want to save him? You wish!”

He directly blocked Chen Donglai.

At this instant between life and death, Luo Tian stood up.

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