Undefeatable – Ch286

Chapter 286 – Tang Zhanlong’s Domineering Attitude

Every Imperial Prince had a single chance to use their blood to cry out for assistance from their old ancestor.

No matter how far away…

The old ancestor would arrive at his fastest speeds.

To experts at the Profound Saint realm, distance was no longer an issue. And since the Imperial Prince used his blood as the catalyst, the old ancestor can sense the same bloodline and appear at their precise location.

Tang Jiu was forced to a dead end.

If no one can help right now, then Luo Tian will definitely die.

He had no choice.

Tang Jiu used his blood essence, the most precious life-saving ability that he possessed. It wasn’t even utilized during the time when he was at the Dark Mountain Corpse City. “Old ancestor, please save my friend.”

In an instant…

Daoist Huang Yun’s expression hiddenly changed. “Old ancestor? Tang Qingtian?”

His mind shook…

And he became stunned. If Tang Qingtian appears, he would be instantly killed. At this moment, he had the same thoughts as Luo Tian did back then – to attack as soon as possible. Kill Luo Tian first and then talk later. Even if Tang Qingtian makes an appearance, Luo Tian would be dead already.

Tang Qingtian would also have to consider the relationship between his Great Tang and the Sea Cloud Sect.

Losing Sea Cloud Sect’s support will be equivalent to the Great Tang Dynasty losing an arm.

Daoist Huang Yun believed that Tang Qingtian would not do anything that would harm the Great Tang’s destiny.

Compared to a nameless kid, the Sea Cloud Sect was naturally a bigger and more useful entity. Anyone would choose the latter when given a choice!

Thinking up to this point…

Daoist Huang Yun increased his speed and his figure turned illusory. He instantly appeared in front of Luo Tian and his fingers formed into claws. He then clawed straight for Luo Tian’s head and shouted coldly: “Damn dog thing, go to hell for me!”

His power was unblockable!

Luo Tian had no way to resist!

His mind and sea of consciousness were being suppressed, and his body couldn’t move at all. He couldn’t even activate any martial skills and was practically a sitting duck waiting for death.

Staring at Daoist Huang Yun’s claws about to descend, Luo Tian roared into the sky: “This daddy is unwilling!”


A powerful beam of force smashed out!

A middle-aged man filled with imperial qi appeared from the void. He then said in a low and heavy tone: “That’s enough Huang Yun!”


The two different forces collided together and a series of explosions were heard. Daoist Huang Yun was knocked away and some imperial qi surrounded Luo Tian to block the explosion and oppressive pressure.

Luo Tian’s body sank down and almost collapsed to the ground. He then shouted internally: “Healing Art!”

“Healing Art!”

“Healing Art!”

A series of brilliant white lights shrouded Luo Tian and his injuries quickly healed. His damaged internal organs and his broken ribs were all recovering at a high rate of speed! Luo Tian was gasping for air as he glared at Daoist Huang Yun who wasn’t that far away. His eyes contained strong cold killing intent as he fiercely said to himself: “As long as this daddy doesn’t die, I shall one day peel off that skin of yours!”

“The Emperor!”
“Great Tang’s Emperor.”

“Tang Zhanlong’s cultivation is at the Profound Venerate realm.”

“He actually made a move on behalf of a nameless kid… isn’t that equal to offending Sea Cloud Sect? He…”

Everyone had kneeled down in a bowing motion.

Luo Tian looked around him so he too started to kneel down. He cupped his hands and said: “Thank you for your saving grace!”

Tang Zhanlong faintly smiled and sent a formless energy to support Luo Tian up before he could kneel down completely. Upon briefly examining Luo Tian’s injuries, his expression revealed shock as he said: “Hey kid, it’s good that I didn’t falsely put my hopes on you. You are someone full of mysteries that no one can see through.”


Luo Tian was startled before saying to himself with confusion: “He and I are meeting for the first time yet why is he speaking to me like he knows me well?”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian then recalled the two streams of dragon’s might on his body and a grateful feeling appeared in his heart. He then said: “Your Majesty, thank you for healing me. Luo Tian will remember this grace and shall never forget it.”

Tang Zhanlong waved his hand and said: “It’s no big deal.”

“Your children greets imperial father.”

Tang Jiu and Tang Tang walked up and respectfully called out a greeting.

Tang Zhanlong lightly smiled and said: “Ming Er, you’re doing a good job. Last time’s incident was handled well and you did a good job today as well. Continue working hard.”

“Tang Tang, you naughty girl; everything was caused by you. Wait until everything is taken care of and watch how I will settle this with you. You actually dared to run away from a marriage? Your guts seem to be getting bigger and bigger…”

Tang Tang stuck her tongue out and grabbed onto Tang Zhanlong’s arm. She then said in a spoiled manner: “Imperial father, this one really doesn’t like Nangong Hao so there’s no way I’m going to get engaged to him. I’ve never agreed to his proposal either. And since he lost today’s fight, he can never step into Heavenly Sword City ever again per the agreement.”



Daoist Huang Yun coldly harrumphed before shouting: “Tang Zhanlong! You came at the right time! I don’t care what agreement this kid had with my disciple and I don’t care what relations this kid has with you or your daughter. Today, I want you to hand him over to me!”

Since it wasn’t the old ancestor Tang Qingtian, then there was no need to be afraid.

In other words…

Based on status, Tang Zhanlong had to greet him as Martial Uncle. ¹

Back then…

Tang Zhanlong had trained in Sea Cloud Sect for several years and called the previous Sea Cloud Sect’s leader as master.

That’s why Daoist Huang Yun directly called out the Emperor’s real name.

His voice was filled with majestic aura and didn’t place Tang Zhanlong in his eyes.

Tang Zhanlong’s eyes turned cold and said with a smile: “Martial Uncle Huang Yun, my take is that we consider this affair over. Your disciple wasn’t as capable as his opponent so there’s nothing more to say. Sea Cloud Sect wouldn’t be using their great name to force others, right?”


“What dog’s fart incapable?”

“From the way I see it, you were secretly aiding the kid. If it weren’t for your two streams of dragon’s might imperial qi, how could that kid be so powerful? Tang Zhanlong, you better hand this kid over or else my Sea Cloud Sect will be impolite to your Great Tang” said Daoist Huang Yun in a tyrannical manner.

He was directly using Sea Cloud Sect’s name to suppress Tang Zhanlong.


Tang Zhanlong coldly chuckled as the flames of rage reached his head. His voice contained a trace of an Emperor’s domineering aura as he said: “Huang Yun, I’m going to ask you one thing: Can you speak on behalf of the entire Sea Cloud Sect?”

“If you cannot, please scram out of Heavenly Sword City.”

“If you can represent the Sea Cloud Sect, your words will become the words of the entire Sect. Then…”

Saying up to this point, Tang Zhanlong briefly paused.

Daoist Huang Yun immediately shouted: “Then what?!”

Tang Zhanlong’s gaze swept the crowd as he said: “Then everyone in your Sect can forget about taking a step out of Heavenly Sword City. Every one of you shall die here for me!”

His voice was rather calm.

But within this calmness, one could easily detect the wildly overbearing demeanor of his.

In reality, he was the one that didn’t place Daoist Huang Yun in his eyes!


Extremely domineering!

When Luo Tian sensed the domineering aura coming from Tang Zhanlong, his heart was shocked as he said to himself: “What a powerful domineering aura! Now this was the aura of someone that has moved up to the top of the food chain.”

Daoist Huang Yun’s expression instantly changed. His eyes angrily glared at Tang Zhanlong and his voice turned serious as he reprimanded: “You dare?!”

Tang Zhanlong showed no fear. He then said with a cold expression: “Just watch if I dare or not! You dare to act wildly in my Heavenly Sword City? What qualifications do you have to cause a ruckus in front of me? If it weren’t for me giving the old master some face, I would’ve already sent you to hell to meet King Yama!”

“You think I’m afraid of you?!”

Tang Zhanlong was acting in an absolute domineering attitude!


¹ – Tang Zhanlong’s master is either a senior or junior brother to Daoist Huang Yun. I didn’t want to use Uncle-Master like some other novels because it sounds kinda weird to me.

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