Undefeatable – Ch287

Chapter 287 – I Am Unwilling

“You think I’m afraid of you?!”

As these words were said, Tang Zhanlong’s aura was immediately released.

Imperial qi shot into the sky like it could penetrate through all nine heavens!

It instantly shattered the aura that was coming from Daoist Huang Yun.

At this moment…

Tang Zhanlong was incomparably domineering! The domineering attitude of a Monarch!

Daoist Huang Yun was faintly stunned as his expression secretly changed. “Peak of Profound Venerate 9th rank?!”



“Tang Zhanlong, consider today my bad luck.”

“But… Great Tang and Sea Cloud Sect’s relationship… heh heh…” Daoist Huang Yun refused to give in and threw the Sea Cloud Sect’s name out. This wasn’t the end to the matter and only the beginning since Nangong family’s genius had his lifeline destroyed.

How would the current Sect Leader Nangong Jue drop this matter so simply?

The Nangong family was very strong in the Sea Cloud Sect. Just from the nine available positions of Elders, six of them belonged to the Nangong family. There were also two of them that had the status of Grand Elders. Now that their most precious darling Nangong Hao was crippled down there, how would they drop this matter so simply?

Daoist Huang Yun looked at Tang Zhanlong and started laughing in his heart. “Merely a little Emperor of the Great Tang with a dynasty established for less than ten thousand years. Without my Sea Cloud Sect’s support, your Great Tang would’ve ceased to exist already.”

He thought that Tang Zhanlong would give in.

At least his tone of voice shouldn’t be as forceful like before.


Daoist Huang Yun had calculated wrongly.

Tang Zhanlong became enraged. His Profound Venerate 9th rank powers suddenly exploded forth and the pressure was applied to the sea of consciousness of Sea Cloud Sect disciple present. The faces of those Sea Cloud Sect disciples instantly paled and were forced to a kneeling position from the might. They didn’t dare to make a single sound right now!

Daoist Huang Yun took a faint step back. His whole body was trembling and almost couldn’t handle the pressure.

Tang Zhanlong roared out in a low tone: “Huang Yun, an old fogey like you dares to threaten this daddy? Do you believe me if I say that I can instantly have all the Sea Cloud Sect disciples explode right now? Do you really think I need to rely on your Sea Cloud Sect? If it weren’t for the blessings of my Great Tang, your Sea Cloud Sect would’ve been destroyed already! You wouldn’t be qualified to attain a badge and you wouldn’t be even considered a second-rate Sect. Now you wish to talk relationships with me? You are not yet qualified!”

He completely disregarded their face!

Because Tang Zhanlong was completely enraged!

The Great Tang Dynasty had been established for ten thousand years, not because of the support of others, but because they possessed their own absolute strength.

Tang Zhanlong really couldn’t take this.

If it weren’t for him personally caring about the relationship between the Great Tang and the Sea Cloud Sect, he would’ve let the old ancestor appear and directly kill Daoist Huang Yun already. And everyone from the Sea Cloud Sect would most likely die within the imperial city as well.

Apart from the old ancestor who was an expert at the Profound Saint realm, the Great Tang Dynasty had several other old perverted existences over several thousand years old. They were all experts at the Profound Saint realm! No matter if it was strength or foundation, they were much stronger than the Sea Cloud Sect!

Now, this was considered capital!

What qualifications did Daoist Huang Yun have to act arrogant in front of him?

And there Daoist Huang Yun was, strutting around with a face like he was above others.

Tang Zhanlong glared at Daoist Huang Yun. As long as made another insulting comment, he would instantly kill him!

Daoist Huang Yun naturally felt the rage coming from Tang Zhanlong. Fear rose up in his heart as his face became pale white. He didn’t dare to say another word or use Sea Cloud Sect’s name to pressure him anymore.

After a short while…

Tang Zhanlong then grunted: “Take your Sea Cloud Sect disciples and scram out of the imperial city. If I find out that you guys dare to make a move against him in the territory of my Great Tang; it won’t matter who it is, even if it is the current Sect Leader Nangong Jue, I will still kill him without mercy!”

When Tang Zhanlong was saying this, his eyes glanced over at Luo Tian.

When those words came out, Daoist Huang Yun felt dumbstruck.

It wasn’t only him.

Everyone in the imperial city’s square including Luo Tian was dumbstruck.

The Great Tang’s Emperor was protecting a weak and nameless kid at the Profound King realm. How could this be possible?

Could it be that this kid was the Great Tang Emperor’s illegitimate son?

He even dares to say he would kill Nangong Jue without mercy! These words were too wildly arrogant and tyrannical!


No one would say Tang Zhanlong was acting tyrannically because he had a very serious look on his face when he said that. There were no traces of him joking around. This clearly showed that if the Sea Cloud Sect tried to deal with Luo Tian, he would make a move in response. And he would most likely bring all the powers he possessed as an explosive response.

The peak of the Profound Venerate 9th rank – what kind of terrifying existence was that?

Daoist Huang Yun softly replied: “I will bring every single word of yours to our Sect Leader, Elders, and Grand Elders.”

Tang Zhanlong smiled and said: “That would be the best. I believe that Nangong Jue will not be as dumb as you!”

Daoist Huang Yun’s expression became a bit fierce but didn’t say a word. He waved his hand and shouted: “We’re leaving now! Bring junior sect leader along as well!”

Elder Sun carried Nangong Hao who was still holding his groin with both hands before quickly leaving.

An anticipated battle had concluded just like this.

Was it astonishing?

It was simply too astonishing!

It was completely beyond the crowd’s expectations! A fight between Profound King experts and Luo Tian completely steamrolled over his opponent. Then experts at the Profound Ancestor realm appeared, and then a Profound Venerate super expert made an appearance. Finally, even the Great Tang’s Emperor showed up!

This battle had gone beyond the crowd’s expectations!


They were all envying a single person.

Luo Tian!

In their hearts, they were wondering what kind of background this kid who hadn’t even reach twenty years of age had. Why would the Great Tang’s Emperor be so protective of him?



“He’s scramming! That annoying fly is finally scramming away!” Tang Tang leaped up in a celebratory manner. She then grabbed onto Tang Zhanlong’s arm and giggled: “Thank you imperial father. Long live imperial father, long live imperial father… hee hee…”

Tang Jiu was ecstatic as he never imagined that his father would favor Luo Tian so much. He then said internally: “I’ve already said that he’s different from other people. Imperial father has never misjudged a person. Luo Tian’s future accomplishments will definitely be immeasurable and I’m really looking forward to seeing them!”



“Big brother Luo Tian…”

“Dragon head.”

The group of them all rushed up at once.

Luo Tian briefly smiled. Seeing Qin Yue’er in the crowd with her hesitating footsteps, his heart tightened and said: “Your Majesty, I have a friend that’s with the Sea Cloud Sect. Can you allow her to stay here?”

Tang Zhanlong knew who Luo Tian was talking about and said: “You kid… you take care of the matters yourself.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian waved his arms at Qin Yue’er to have her come over.

Qin Yue’er originally had to leave as well…

But she then chose to stay. Because of her close relationship with Luo Tian, most likely she wouldn’t be able to return to the Sea Cloud Sect.

Qin Yue’er had held back tears in her eyes as she walked up and saluted: “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Tang Zhanlong faintly smiled in response before looking at Tang Tang. “Luo Tian has won the fight, so do you have something to say?”


Tang Tang was startled before saying: “Smelly scoundrel won the fight so I’m very happy. There’s really nothing else to say.”

Tang Jiu then whispered softly: “Engagement. Engagement.”

Tang Tang was shocked and shy at the same time. But she mustered her courage and said: “Imperial father, I like him. I want him to marry me. Uh… I meant I want to marry him. Imperial father, can you bestow this marriage to us?”

“Of course; it’s not a problem.”


Tang Zhanlong faintly chuckled. He then became serious as he looked at Luo Tian and asked: “Kid, are you willing to marry my daughter?”


Luo Tian didn’t know how to react. After several seconds of thought, he then said respectfully: “I am unwilling…”


“Are you courting death?!” Without waiting for Luo Tian to finish his sentence, Tang Zhanlong immediately became enraged. The rage surging out of him was ten thousand times stronger than when dealing with Daoist Huang Yun!

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