Undefeatable – Ch289

Chapter 289 – Murong Wanjian Is Very Strong

The Great Tang’s Emperor bestowed a marriage and the entire empire celebrated.

The engagement ceremony was very simple.

They called a bunch of nobles and aristocrats, a bunch of high-level Sect members, celebrities from all walks of life, and those experts that rarely showed their faces for a huge meal.

“Southern King, this is my son-in-law Luo Tian. You will have to take care of him in the future.”

“Progressive King, this is my son-in-law Luo Tian. Doesn’t your family have some high-grade equipment? On the day of their marriage, there’s no need to bring anything but two carriages of that high-grade equipment.”

“Hey you, your family has a lot of medicinal pills right?”

“This is my son-in-law Luo Tian.”

“Did you know that my son-in-law has a big wife? She is actually the Young Phoenix.”

“Come, come, come! Let’s drink this together! You’ve drunk this wine now so you know what to do for the marriage gift, right? I heard your family has a xuan stone mine, you understand…”

Tang Zhanlong was just like a bandit.

What kind of engagement ceremony was this?! This was practically robbery!

And he was using Luo Tian’s name to do it. This…

Luo Tian was suffering from bitterness but didn’t dare to say anything. No matter what, Tang Zhanlong was now considered his father-in-law so was it even appropriate for him to say something? Can he even say anything? An expert at the peak of the Profound Venerate realm – do you dare to chastise him?

“Hey kid…”

“These people are all big wigs. Don’t look at them acting all meek because their families are actually quite something. They all have some super expert supporting in the background and their families have managed to survive for thousands of years. If you want anything in the future, don’t hesitate to directly ask them for it. There’s no need to be polite to them; do you understand what I’m getting at?” advised Tang Zhanlong.

Luo Tian could only hide his bitterness.

Thinking of the auction in the near future and how he didn’t have anything good to auction off, Luo Tian unconsciously blurted out: “Your Majesty, I heard the national treasury has some thousand year old xuan metals and rare spiritual herbs. I wonder if…”


“You actually dare to target your own father-in-law?” Tang Zhanlong then angrily continued: “Those are the things I’ve personally collected over all these years. Why don’t you go ask them for things instead of asking me?!”



Even if they are wealthy and have a lot of good stuff, how can they compare to the national treasury?

Tang Zhanlong was someone with a lot of riches that could ooze oil. Who am I going to target if I don’t target you? And it’s not immoral to take some stuff from one’s own father-in-law, right?

Luo Tian had a cheap and despicable smile as he said: “When they send over the marriage gifts, most of them will belong to you and I won’t take much. I only wish to concoct some medicinal pills and forge some equipment, then bring it to the auction house to gain some pocket money. Of course, you can just directly give me spending money if you want to. I’m sure you know that this upcoming auction, there’s a mature demon fox clan woman. She’s…”

“Go to the national treasury tonight.”

“Just let them know I allowed it and they will let you enter. You can take whatever thousand year old xuan metals or ten thousand year old herbs, just do what you like. As for giving you money for a demon fox clan woman, you can quit dreaming about that. Even I want a demon fox clan woman for myself…” said Tang Zhanlong.

The starting bid for a demon fox clan woman was around 50 million gold.

When the auction begins, the conservative estimate she would reach was 200 million.


How much gold was 200 million?!

Tang Zhanlong could only let Luo Tian enter the national treasury to get some of those thousand year old xuan metals that nobody has touched for the last century. As for those hundred to a thousand year old spiritual herbs, the national treasury had mountains of them. If they weren’t going to be used soon, it would most likely start to mold.

The Great Tang Dynasty had been established for ten thousand years.

Their foundation was strong to a complete mess. Just the yearly offerings from the cities and provinces would amass a small mountain!

When it came to gold, Tang Zhanlong didn’t place too much importance on them.

Of course…

He didn’t know about the speed of Luo Tian’s pill concoction and forging equipment.

Otherwise, he would definitely choose to give Luo Tian a few hundred million gold to spend. There would be no way he would allow Luo Tian to enter the national treasury even if he was beaten to death.

Luo Tian was secretly rejoicing inside as he said: “Not tonight; tonight I have some things to take care of. Tomorrow I will go to the national treasury and look around for a bit. Father-in-law, is there anything you want?”

“I will sell my items for some pocket money and buy you a few good things.”

He had to show some filial piety to his father-in-law now.


Was there really a need to show this guy piety?

Luo Tian was only randomly saying this yet Tang Zhanlong immediately said: “I heard there was a mature demon fox clan woman at the upcoming auction. How about you show your filial piety by buying her for me?”

Luo Tian glared at Tang Zhanlong for a long time without speaking.

In the end…

Tang Zhanlong was feeling a bit of fear from Luo Tian’s glaring. “I’m just kidding with you, so there’s no need to be that serious. Don’t think I don’t know the reason why you came to Heavenly Sword City. I know a lot more things than you think. But I really need to remind you of one thing…”

“Dao Shang Alliance is not like the Sea Cloud Sect.”

“They are much stronger than the Sea Cloud Sect. There is one such matter I know about their Dao Shang Alliance, and that is their President is related to the Immortal Sects. They are an existence that even I, Tang Zhanlong do not dare to offend.”

“You need to be extra careful. I’ve already investigated that black clothed person in the northern city and he is indeed a person of the Dao Shang Alliance. That little girl’s mother was indeed captured by them. In fact, their goal the entire time was targeted at the little girl but she managed to escape their net. Since the demon fox clan resisted to the very end, it resulted in the annihilation of their whole clan.”

There were many matters…

That Tang Zhanlong had paid attention to.

He didn’t personally investigate them one by one of course because the Great Tang had their own organization that compiled this intelligence.

So it was natural that he knew about many of these secret happenings that normal people didn’t.

As for how the Dao Shang Alliance quickly rose up to become one of the biggest three commercial powerhouses in less than a thousand years? It was because their President’s abilities reached the heavens and was already a disciple from one of the Immortal Sects.

Because they had the support of an Immortal Sect, the Dao Shang Alliance shot up like an unstoppable rocket.

The Dao Shang Alliance was similar to a super gigantic existence that couldn’t be shaken. Even Tang Zhanlong wouldn’t dare to easily offend them.

His words of advice for Luo Tian were very clear to not be rash because he couldn’t afford to provoke the Dao Shang Alliance!

Luo Tian was shocked but nodded his head and said: “I know what to do.”

While internally, he was saying in a cold tone: “It was you guys that wanted to capture An Chunchun, right? Motherf*ckers, just wait for this daddy!”

He will never allow a threat to continue existing.

The best method was to kill it!

“It’s good that you know.” Tang Zhanlong thought Luo Tian had listened to his advice. He then faintly chuckled before saying: “But don’t worry; you will definitely surpass the Dao Shang Alliance when given a hundred years of time. You are the most special and awesome kid that I’ve seen in a long time. You are a martial cultivator with boundless prospects and will pleasantly surprise people each time. Maybe you might even become a disciple of those Immortal Sects within a hundred years.”

“A hundred years?”

Luo Tian chuckled inside his heart.

A hundred years later, this daddy will pierce the void as a Profound God Sovereign!


A hundred years was too long!

Luo Tian mumbled internally a bit before saying out loud: “Thank you for your high praises, Your Majesty.”

Tang Zhanlong smiled and said: “There’s no need to be so polite with me. You kiddo are truly quite strong.”

After saying that…

Tang Zhanlong was about to leave and said with a smile: “There’s still a long night ahead so I won’t keep bothering you.”

After walking a few steps…

Tang Zhanlong stopped and said in a voice not too loud: “Murong Wanjian is also a disciple of an Immortal Sect!”


(T/N: So I guess there are second-rate, first-rate, and Immortal-rate Sects existing on this continent.)

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