Undefeatable – Ch290

Chapter 290 – He’s Already A Disciple Of The Immortal Sects

“Murong Wanjian!”

“Is already a disciple of those Immortal Sects?!”

In an instant…

Luo Tian suddenly clenched his fists and his gaze turned steady. He was looking at the dark night sky and didn’t have any words to say.

What kind of existences were Immortal Sects?

They were true gigantic existences – a place where all the true super experts of the Tianxuan Continent came from.

When compared to the Immortal Sects, the people here were nothing more than mere mortals.

They were the behemoths that could truly despise everyone as ants!

“It’s the same with Li Xue’er…”

Those were the last words from Tang Zhanlong as he slowly disappeared into the night. A faint sigh could be then heard from the darkness in his direction.

What’s there to sigh about?

Luo Tian’s heart felt like it was sinking all the way into an abyss. This kind of feeling wasn’t fun and was kind of annoying. He wanted to throw a temper tantrum but realized he couldn’t. It was similar to you putting a certain person as your target yet you didn’t even exist in that person’s eyes. They were completely ignoring you and never even had thoughts of dealing with you.

This was the gap!

Luo Tian thought his cultivation was improving by leaps and bounds and it wouldn’t take long to catch up to Murong Wanjian. He had complete faith that in two years time, he would be stepping on top of Murong Wanjian’s head. Just when he thought he was improving quite fast, Murong Wanjian had already become a disciple of those Immortal Sects.


A surge of helplessness came from Luo Tian’s heart.


Right after this, his eyes glowed in resoluteness. He then muttered: “Very good – a disciple of an Immortal Sect huh? I will definitely still stomp you to death in two years time!”

This was a belief he had!

It was also a form of confidence!

This mountain called Murong Wanjian had become larger as it crushed down on his mind. This made Luo Tian even more motivated.

“Isn’t it just an Immortal Sect disciple?”

“You just wait obediently for this daddy!”

Luo Tian clenched his teeth as his eyes turned serious. He then shouted internally: “So what if he’s a disciple of an Immortal Sect?! The higher you stand, the greater the fall when you are below my feet! Just watch how I screw your Shattered Sky City in two years time!”


Luo Tian was standing in the dark for a long time.

He was thinking about many things…

Until two people came up from behind him.

Two beautiful women who were capable of toppling kingdoms with their looks.

Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang were both dressed up with some light makeup, making them even more beautiful than normal. Qin Yue’er’s hotness and Tang Tang’s pure looks combined together was simply… awesome to the point that it couldn’t get any more awesome!

“Smelly scoundrel, what are you thinking about that has made you so absorbed into it?” asked Tang Tang as she looked towards the stars where Luo Tian was staring at.

Qin Yue’er giggled delicately before saying: “It should be about your big wife, right?”

“Li Xue’er?”

Tang Tang wasn’t jealous and was actually happy for Luo Tian.

It’s THE young phoenix.

How cool was this situation?

Who else in this world could compete with the young phoenix?

Since the young phoenix liked this man as well, then it was clear that she didn’t make a wrong choice in liking him too. This was why those two weren’t jealous and was looking forward to the day when they would meet their “big sister.”

Luo Tian faintly smiled in response. He was indeed thinking of Li Xue’er but he wasn’t an idiot. Even if they didn’t care, talking about another girl in front of two beautiful women was simply courting one’s own death.

“I wasn’t.”

“I was actually thinking about you two.”

Tang Tang was startled by that and said: “Thinking of us? What for? We’re both already by your side so there’s nothing to think about. Smelly scoundrel, you can just tell us honestly that you’re thinking of big sister since we aren’t the type to get jealous, hee hee…”

Qin Yue’er also added: “That’s right. Just think of her if you have to, there’s no need to overly care about our feelings.”

These two women were really open-minded.

This could only happen in a foreign world. If it was Luo Tian’s previous world, his ears would’ve been twisted off and he would be hung up and beaten already.

Luo Tian turned around and said with a smile: “I was thinking about what you two looked like last night when you stripped off your clothes. I was desperately trying hard to open my eyes to have a look but I couldn’t. How about tonight we…”


“You stinking smelly scoundrel!”

The faces of the two girls immediately blushed red.

Recalling how they were lying next to Luo Tian last night without a shred of clothing on, they couldn’t help start blushing like crazy. Even their necks turned red as if juice could be squeezed out from it.

“I heard the beds in the imperial palace are rather large.”

“Tonight, you two shall accompany me in rolling around on the large bed!” Luo Tian unconsciously swallowed a few times. He started complaining internally as he thought of what happened last night. “Motherf*cker, why was my body unconscious? Such perfect timing for a threesome yet I couldn’t control my body!”

“You wish!”

“Humph, you can quit dreaming.”

“Like hell we’d roll around on a bed with you, you perverted smelly scoundrel with a stomach full of evil ideas” said Tang Tang shyly.

Qin Yue’er also directly said: “Bastard, there’s nothing we can do now. Such a good opportunity in front of you last night but you didn’t wake up. If you had woken up, not to mention 3000 rounds, we would’ve cooperated even if it were 30,000 rounds. Now it’s all over, hee hee…”

After saying that…

Those two held hands and ran away.

Luo Tian stood there like an idiot and muttered: “Damn, what kind of situation is this? Could it be that I’m going to be stuck here to cool off for the whole night?”

“This is still the day of our engagement!”

“Shouldn’t we take care of some things in advance?”

“Hello? Hello? Don’t run away you two! The night is still young so how am I supposed to go to sleep like this?”

The figures of those two girls were already out of sight.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~…”

“Smelly scoundrel didn’t chase after us right?”

“You want him to chase us? Could it be that you want to roll around with him on a large bed?” Today is your engagement day so I guess playing on the bed is considered reasonable.” Qin Yue’er said in a teasing tone.

Tang Tang pouted her mouth and said: “Big sister Yue’er, why are you bullying me? There’s no way I would roll around on a big bed with that smelly scoundrel. Didn’t big sister Yue’er always say that you’re going to battle 3000 rounds with him? Today is a perfect opportunity for you to do just that.”

Qin Yue’er froze for a bit before giggling: “I will put that on hold for now. One day, I will battle him so hard that he won’t be able to get out of the bed.”


“Big sister Yue’er is too powerful.”

“Then I will accompany big sister Yue’er. We will fight that smelly scoundrel to the point that he can’t get out of bed for three days.”

“We haven’t met big sister yet so I’m afraid doing that isn’t too good.”

“Then shall we wait for big sister and do it together?”

“Eh? Your idea isn’t too bad. With us three together, would we make him unable to get out of the bed for a full seven days?”

“Will that be too vicious?”

“Will it?”

“It feels just a tad.”


Those two girls were laughing together filled with happiness.

If Luo Tian heard the conversation of theirs, he would definitely cry bitterly and then look up into the sky with a long sigh. His words would go similar to this: “Is it really that hard to get rid of my f*cking virgin status?”

A night without any words.

Luo Tian couldn’t sleep the whole night so he ran off to the national treasure bright and early. He had to prepare himself for the auction because the S-rank quest time limit was about to end.

The national treasury had two guards at the peak of the Profound King realm. When they saw Luo Tian arrive, they didn’t bother asking him anything and merely smiled respectfully before opening the large doors.

As Luo Tian stepped in, he instantly became dumbfounded.

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