Undefeatable – Ch29

Chapter 29 – Luo Lin ***

Luo Ming and Zhou Hengran were both killed by Luo Tian’s barrage of punches. This was an ending that no one could have imagined.

What sort of motherf*cking experts at the Profound Master realm were they? They had completely lost face for their entire ancestry!

Was Luo Tian that powerful?

When comparing cultivation levels, there’s no chance that Luo Tian could defeat either of them. The only results would him being tortured to death, but he managed to seize the right opportunity.

Zhou Hengran died because of his own carelessness.

He never imagined Luo Tian would dare to sneak attack him.

Thus he had died a horrible death; his head had been smashed into pulp.

Luo Ming died because he underestimated his enemy.

The Furious Thunder Bull’s sneak attack caused him to be defenseless. As he was flying off from the impact, Luo Tian’s sudden change in position didn’t allow Luo Ming to catch a break and the barrage of random punches already started. The punches made him disoriented and after that… there was nothing after that.

There’s an old saying that random punches can still kill an old master!

Those two died just like that. If Luo Tian was forced to clash with them head on, there’s definitely no way he was their opponent.

Once those two experts at the Profound Master realm died, Luo Lin was in utter panic. Seeing how Zhou Hengran and Luo Ming were beaten to death, Luo Lin was so scared that he pissed his pants. The crotch area of his pants was wet, his lips were pale and he was trembling. Fear was seen in his eyes and he no longer had any expressions of arrogance.

There were still many surviving Luo family disciples in the area and their legs were trembling in fear while some fled in panic.

Luo Tian was too lazy to chase after them.

He didn’t really want to become some mass murderer. After all, they were still Luo family disciples and he didn’t want to be completely ruthless.

There was only one person as his goal – Luo Lin!

“Don’t run, don’t run, why are you all running away?”

“Come back Luo Sheng! Didn’t you want to be a core disciple? Everyone come back, why are you guys running…?!”

Luo Lin was loudly crying out but no one bothered with him.

Luo Lin’s heart was chilled from this scene and cursed out: “You bunch of dog things; keep in mind that once this daddy returns to the Luo household, you guys will be taken care of!”

Many fleeing disciples had dark expressions on their faces.

Luo Lin’s father was the Acting Patriarch so upon return to the Luo family grounds; they will certainly no longer have any good days in the future.

For the meantime, many disciples stopped fleeing.

Luo Tian then coldly sneered and in a low tone: “If Luo Lin doesn’t die, you guys will be played to death by him once everyone returns to the Luo family. But what if he dies?”

“The Ghostly Mountain Range is a place where demonic beasts freely roam around. There’s always a chance that someone dies by the hands of these demonic beasts… don’t you guys agree?”

While saying this, Luo Tian had a pondering smile on his face.

When the crowd heard this, their eyes seemed to be enlightened as they stared at Luo Lin.

Luo Lin’s mind trembled and immediately said: “My father is the Luo family’s Patriarch. As long as you guys kill Luo Tian for me, not only can you become the core disciple of the Luo family, every single person will be rewarded on their merits. You will all gain immense benefits and might even become Luo family Elders in the future.”

The crowd hesitated and was uncertain how to act.

Luo Tian smiled and controlled the Furious Thunder Bull with his thoughts. The Furious Thunder Bull started roaring into the air waking everyone up. “Do you guys think it’s easier to kill me or easier to kill him?”

“What young master Luo Tian said was correct – once Luo Lin returns to the Luo family, none of us will have a good ending.”

“Fellow brothers, the villainous Luo Lin cannot be allowed to continue living.”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The Furious Thunder Bull’s Myriad Thunder Roar was powerful beyond match. They were already scared witless of it so how would they dare to send themselves to death against it?

Now when it came to Luo Lin, killing him would be a bit easier.

The crowd began to surround Luo Lin and glare at him with killing intent. This scenario was exactly like before except the target was now Luo Lin.

Luo Tian coldly sneered while staring at Luo Lin: “You wanna play with me? You’re still too young!”

While restricting Li Xue’er, Luo Lin began to slowly edge backwards. Upon seeing all the Luo family disciples tighten their encirclement, he couldn’t help but curse out: “Luo Tian you damn piece of trash! What kind of hero are you to bully me with large numbers?! If you dare to, fight this daddy one on one!”

Luo Tian laughed out condescendingly, “I never said I was a hero… one on one? Did your brains become shit?”


“Little sister Xue’er, do you see it clearly? This is your so called big brother Luo Tian who’s just a piece of cowardly trash.” Luo Lin laughed like crazy while cursing.

With a glint in his eyes, Luo Lin shoved Li Xue’er in front of him and gripped her neck. “Luo Tian, tell them to all move back or else I’ll break her neck!”

Li Xue’er was his last trump card.

The strength he used was a bit too much causing Li Xue’er’s face to start turning red. But she still managed to cry out: “Big brother Luo Tian, ignore me and don’t let him go. You mustn’t allow him to return to the Luo family or else…”

“Shut up you slut!” Luo Lin roared out while applying more pressure.

Luo Tian’s eyes sank. He hadn’t made his move against Luo Lin yet because he was afraid of accidentally hurting Li Xue’er. And now that he was seeing her painful face, his heart felt extremely uncomfortable. With a calm face, he then asked: “What do you want Luo Lin?”

“Have them all move back first!” Luo Lin yelled out.

Luo Tian exhaled a breath before lightly saying: “Fellow clan brethren, could you all move back for now?”

“We cannot back off because he definitely cannot be allowed to return to the Jade Mountain City.”

“That’s right; we can’t let him return because once he gets back, that will mean the end of us.”

“It doesn’t matter to us if that girl dies or not. Everyone, let’s all attack at once so no matter how strong Luo Lin is, he won’t be able to fend us all off.”

“Well said!”

No one retreated while they actually took a step forward with a hideous expression.

Things had already been openly revealed so there’s no way they will let Luo Lin go back to the Luo family alive. Once he gets back to the Luo family, the only path left for them was death.

Luo Lin started panicking even more and yelled out: “Luo Tian, if you don’t make them retreat, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”


Luo Tian was not happy one bit. This feeling of being controlled by others was completely pissing him off. The Furious Thunder Bull stamped its forelegs causing a loud “rumbling” noise. Luo Tian then stepped up and roared out: “Luo Lin, I advise you not to make a move or else you will die an extremely miserable death!”


“Luo Tian, the more pissed off you are means the more you care about her.” Luo Lin then excitedly said: “I am commanding you right now to kill all these traitorous Luo family disciples. Not one will be spared!”

“If you don’t kill them, then I’ll kill her! Hahaha…”


The raging flame in Luo Tian’s heart couldn’t be suppressed anymore. He clenched his fists and his jaws as he looked at Li Xue’er’s red face.

He had no confidence!

With his Profound Pupil 7th rank strength on top of Berserk, there’s no way he could instakill Luo Lin.

Moreover, Luo Lin was using Li Xue’er as a shield in front of him. If he accidentally injured Li Xue’er in the process, he will most likely regret it for the rest of his life.

If he was given another half a second… just that extra half a second will allow him to end Luo Lin without a burial.


It’s all about f*cking strength! He was still too weak so he couldn’t even protect his own woman so what the f*ck was he worth?

Luo Tian was roaring in anger internally. He was completely and utterly pissed off while looking at Luo Lin’s arrogant face.

Around this time…

Feng Lei who had been originally lying down all this time suddenly stood up. His body started exuding a red light filled with a bloody aura. His eyes were now blood red and an ancient looking beast appeared on his bald head. The hideous looking beast had a hammer in one hand and a giant nail in the other.

The current Feng Lei was too terrifying for those to behold.

He now looked like someone that had crawled out of a blood pool from hell. Even the Furious Thunder Bull lowered itself on the ground and started whimpering in fear.

The crowd was even more shocked as their legs started shaking in fear.


Feng Lei then roared into the air as the bloody light brightened. His hands started moving strangely before it looked like he was about to hammer something with a heavy smash!


Out of nowhere, an illusory lightning shot out.


After that loud noise, Luo Lin’s eyes rolled backward, his head started wobbling before fainting.

It was at this time…

Luo Tian roared out: “Berserk!”


His body shot forth and just when he was a step away from Luo Lin, his pair of fists shot out: “Thunder Tiger Charge!”

His pair of fists struck out like a cannon.

Luo Lin was struck flying into the air before being stopped by a large tree with a “bang.” There was a huge dent in his chest as he sprayed out a fountain of blood. His arms twitched a few more times before he died.

The sweet alert tone in Luo Tian’s mind went off.

Luo Tian was super excited as he said to himself: “Explode!”

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  1. Ha! Ha! An intetesting read!!


  2. Nepuko says:

    “Big brother Luo Tian, ignore me and don’t let him go. You mustn’t allow him to return to the Luo family or else…”
    “Shut up you slut!” Luo Tian roared out while applying more pressure.”
    Lol was what I would normally say IF it was Luo Tian that said it. You sure it isn’t Luo Lin?
    Thx 🙂


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