Undefeatable – Ch30

Chapter 30 – Continue Killing

What’s the most exciting thing about playing a video game?

There’s no doubt that it’s the explosion of loot.

Luo Lin was considered a mini boss so some decent loot should explode forth. This made Luo Tian hiddenly excited as he started listening to the System’s alert.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing Luo Lin. You have gained 600 experience points, 60 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining a xuan stone. Will you consume it now?”

“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining 2 Energy Condensation Pills.”

Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for gaining 3 Healing Pills.”

“Undefeated value +1!”

These series of alert tones made Luo Tian tremble in excitement. And once he saw the two words “xuan stone,” his heart blossomed in elation. He immediately opened the System to take a look

Item: Xuan stone

Grade: Grade 3 xuan stone

Profound Energy: 15000/20000

Description: Profound energy will be recovered at 100 points every second after consumption.

“Holy mother of grail, 15,000 points of profound energy… isn’t that too motherf*cking crazy?” Luo Tian was beyond ecstatic.

Profound energy was something extremely important to any martial cultivator.

Cultivation, breaking through, deploying martial skills, refining armors and weapons, refining pills, carving arrays… all these required the usage of profound energy. In more modern terminology, profound energy was basically one’s blue mana bar that no one could get away from.

What kind of concept was 15,000 profound energy?

He could release his divine skill Berserk for 50 times. With 50 times the release, he can beat the shit out of an expert at the Profound Master realm.

“Good stuff, really good stuff. I never imagined Luo Lin to have such a loot explode out of him.” Luo Tian said out loud to himself. He then frowned when he remembered Luo Jianshan’s reward for the contest winner. His lips curved into a smile before coldly saying: “You damn old dog, who would have thought you had already given the reward to your own son. No wonder Luo Lin was able to break through to the Profound Pupil 9th rank… so it was you behind it. Your chess move was a little too carefree. Wait until this daddy returns, we’ll see how motherf*cking carefree you’ll become!”

“Long live the boss!”

Feng Lei goofily yelled out while his blood red eyes were filled with excitement.

He had no clue how he made that previous move himself. Feng Lei only felt a power surge out of his dantian and when he threw out a punch, the power flowed out and knocked Luo Lin dizzy.

It was very powerful yet very strange, so no one understood how it came to be.

It contained a dizzying effect?!

Luo Tian couldn’t understand how Feng Lei could suddenly release such a move, but he didn’t bother continue pondering because the first time he laid eyes on Feng Lei, he already knew he wasn’t that simple.

How can an ordinary baby survive in the Ghostly Mountain Range with demonic beasts everywhere for several days?

Feng Lei definitely has some mysterious background. His whole body was red and that ancient looking demonic beast on his bald head is most likely connected to all the blood essence he has been consuming.

The surrounding Luo family disciples were surprised with the strange transformation of Feng Lei. There was a hint of fear in their eyes as if they’ve already made Feng Lei an ominous person.

Luo Tian didn’t care about the transformation. Feng Lei was his brother so no matter what happens, they were still brothers.

Luo Tian turned around and laughed towards Feng Lei: “Fatty Lei, you think you’re so cool right now… haha.”

Around this time…

Li Xue’er’s taut nerves finally loosened up before she lightly smiled while looking at Luo Tian. Two small dimples were revealed from her smile, making her look very pretty.

That smile of hers almost hooked Luo Tian’s soul right out of him. He couldn’t help but praise inwardly: “That girl’s smile can seriously take a person’s life…”

Once Li Xue’er was done smiling, her eyes slowly closed as she collapsed in the direction of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s countenance changed. If he didn’t move away, Li Xue’er little pouty lips were going to land on him again. Those soft and smooth lips that brought a light fragrance with it…

Woa, that feeling in his memory was too awesome and he could barely calm himself down just thinking about it.

Luo Tian wanted to relive that experience but he held back at the last moment and grabbed onto her soft and limp body. He then said: “Hey girl, hey…”

At this time, Song Yanqun appeared in a flash. Upon seeing Li Xue’er, he then said: “Don’t worry, she has only fainted and will be better after resting for a bit.”

After saying that, he pulled out a small porcelain vial and poured out a Spirit Tranquility pill and pushed it into Li Xue’er’s mouth. “She’ll be fine after a bit.”

“Thank you Elder Song.” Said Luo Tian in a grateful manner.

Song Yanqun laughed, “Little brother Luo is too polite.”

Immediately after, he pushed the small porcelain vial over and said: “There’s still a few more Spirit Tranquility pills inside; consider this a greeting gift from me to little brother Luo.”

He didn’t give Luo Tian the chance to decline it and placed it in his hands.

He clearly saw Luo Tian’s abilities which made him inwardly shocked. Luo Tian was someone the Song family cannot offend at all.

The Luo family will rise up because of him and there’s no one that can stop it!

He was now in full admiration of Song Yannan’s foresight or else the Song family would have missed this opportunity to interact with Luo Tian. Who knows what would happen in the future because of the missed chance.

“Little brother Luo, I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“When you return to the Jade Mountain City, you must swing by to play in my Song family. And whatever difficulty you encounter, our Song family will assist you with our utmost ability… no matter the difficulty.” Said Song Yanqun in a serious manner, and he deliberately emphasized the four words “no matter the difficulty.”

Luo Tian then said: “Of course I will. If you could thank the Song Patriarch for me. The help the Song family has given me has been imprinted in my heart. One day I will definitely repay the kindness.”

If it weren’t for the appearance of Song Yanqun, he would have probably died an early death. This kindness was something Luo Tian will definitely remember.

To those that treated him well, he will pay back 10 to 100 times. For those that treated him badly, he will pay them back 100 to 1000 times. This was the type of person Luo Tian was!

After a few more brief words, Song Yanqun disappeared into the midst of the forest. He wanted to immediately return to the Jade Mountain City to tell the Song family everything that had happened!

Once Song Yanqun left, the rest of the Luo family disciples looked at one another before finally resting their gaze on Luo Tian.

Their eyes were currently filled with fear.

They were afraid Luo Tian will kill them all to silence them since they were all witnesses to him killing Luo Lin.

Luo Tian’s expression changed into a serious look before saying: “You have all seen my strength and seen the way I do things. There’s some things that you should all understand and don’t need to be said out loud.”

“Fatty Lei, bring that space plaque filled with demonic beast heads over here.”

Feng Lei didn’t hesitate and passed the space plaque over.

Luo Tian then poured all the demonic beast heads out that bunched up into a small hill. He then smiled, “If you’re a brother of I, Luo Tian’s, then go ahead and split these demonic beast heads amongst yourselves. From now on, you are all I, Luo Tian’s people. If I’m around, you guys will all be there with me as well.”

A hint of excitement appeared in everyone’s eyes.

After saying that, Luo Tian’s tone changed and coldly said: “It’s also okay if you aren’t willing to be a brother to I, Luo Tian. You can leave and I won’t make any moves to stop you. But if you spread what happened here, don’t blame me for not treating you as fellow clan member!”

As his voice faded, he leapt up and landed on top of Luo Lin’s head. The stomp directly shattered the head causing blood splatter to cover the grounds.

The eyes of everyone trembled.

Not long after…

One of the Luo family disciples went over and grabbed a demonic beast head. He then kneeled on one knee and cupped his hands to Luo Tian: “Thank you young master!”

After that, they all stepped forward to get a demonic beast head and all seriously yelled out: “Thank you young master!”

“Thank you young master, we will forever follow you from now on. If we ever break our words, may we be struck to death by thousands of thunderbolts!”

The scene was a bit shocking when they roared out in chorus.

They all looked very serious and Luo Tian could see in their eyes that they had all been subdued by him.

They would all be used by him to rebuild the Luo family!


“I, Luo Tian hereby promise that I will bring you and the Luo family back to its former glory!” Luo Tian enthusiastically shouted.

Once the demonic beast heads were split up, everyone then quickly dispersed.

Luo Tian looked towards the direction of the Jade Mountain City and felt the clouds surging in the area. He could sense there would be another bitter battle awaiting him at the city.

There was only one thing he could do at this point – breakthrough!

He had to quickly grow stronger.

There was still one day before the end of the hunting contest so within this one day’s time; he had to quickly make another breakthrough!

This world is a place where the strong dominates everything.

If one didn’t wish to be picked on, then they must become stronger.

Only when one becomes strong can they grasp their fate in their own hands. Most importantly, one had to become stronger in order to kill the boss. Upon thinking of the golden shiny body of Luo Jianshan, Luo Tian couldn’t help becoming excited. “Luo Jianshan, you just wait for this daddy!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian held onto Li Xue’er and jumped onto the back of the Furious Thunder Bull before yelling out: “Continue killing!”

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