Undefeatable – Ch31

Chapter 31 – Playing Cards And Leveling Up

Clang clang clang~~~

“Steal from the landlord!”

“Rob, rob, rob!”

“I’m robbing!”

“A single three, and now I only have two cards left.” Li Xue’er threw down a three with a smile before glancing at Feng Lei. “The card you threw down was really too good.”

“Hold on!” Luo Tian drew a card and then looked at the four shiny thieves in his hand and smiled: “You want to run with only two cards?”

“Girl, just you wait and you’ll be singing for us.”

Feng Lei smiled foolishly and threw out four two’s before scratching his head. “Let it blow.”

Luo Tian turned to glare at the fatty: “Damn you’re vicious. You even blow up a single ten; let me see how many more times you can do it.”

Luo Tian didn’t even finish his sentence when Li Xue’er faintly smiled: “King explosion!”

She threw out her two cards pushing Luo Tian to the end of the road.

I had four aces yet still lost by a piece of hair!

“Big brother Luo Tian, when hit with a double explosion, let me calculate your losses: One card equals two, two equals… equals how much? Fatty, do you know what comes after?” Li Xue’er asked Feng Lei as she got lost in her calculations for a while.

Feng Lei scratched his bald head and only after a while, he weakly said: “Three times?”


Luo Tian almost spit out the dinner he had last night. The people in this world didn’t even know the multiplication table?

What the f*ck?!

Upon hearing the answer, Li Xue’er had a face full of smiles: “That’s 3 times; you have completely lost big brother Luo Tian. Now you have to sing for us… I want to hear The Flying Immortals of the Nine Heavens.”

“What nine heavens, what flying immortals?” Luo Tian was all confused and still couldn’t come up with any memories after thinking for a while. He then said: “How about I sing a divine song instead?”

“Divine song?”

“Good, good, good…”

Li Xue’er drummed her cheeks while seriously staring at Luo Tian waiting for his divine song.

Luo Tian stood on top of a rock and coughed a few times to clear his throat. As his mouth opened, he roared out: “Ahhh ohh, ahhh ohh. Ah sey hee ah sey hoh ah sey gig a sey ah dohhh…”

He sounded like a ghost wailing and was completely out of tune. It was just as dreadful as one would imagine it to be like. Luo Tian himself felt like he couldn’t continue singing it yet Li Xue’er and Feng Lei seemed to be entranced by it.

After hearing the song, Li Xue’er took a long time before she recovered her senses and asked: “It is indeed a divine song; I couldn’t understand it, not even a single word. Big brother Luo Tian, what is the divine song talking about?”

Feng Lei was confused as well and asked: “Hey boss, what exactly is this divine song singing about?”


“So you two were so entranced by it because you wanted to know what the divine song is about? I thought you two were mesmerized by my godly singing abilities.” Luo Tian received a heavy blow and mumbled: “Beat this landlord first and then I’ll tell you guys what the song was about.”

After hearing that, Feng Lei started shuffling the deck of cards.

Not far away, the Furious Thunder Bull’s name had turned dark blue. There was no doubt that it had reached the 7th level, and a sneeze by it could deal with the 1st rank demonic beasts. Behind it were to two 2nd rank Scarlet Flamed Wolves and two Savage Bears. The group formed by these 5 demonic beasts was pretty much invincible as they continued killing.

During this time, Luo Tian will covertly prepare himself every two hours. He had to use his Magic Charm skill on the Furious Thunder Bull in order to keep controlling this monster killing machine.

Magic Charm had also risen 2 levels causing his success rate to increase to 20% now.

With minions killing monsters for him, it was quick, easy and a very comfortable task.

Luo Tian had made use of some special bark of the trees in order to carve out a deck of cards to play Fight the Landlord.

Li Xue’er and Feng Lei had grasped the mechanics of the game really quickly and were even able to count the cards. Before his transmigration, Luo Tian was known as the King of fighting the landlord yet he still couldn’t gain any advantages against those two. He kept on losing until he had lost all self confidence.

As Luo Tian was playing Fight the Landlord, the alert tones in his mind never stopped. Since last night to present time, the tones had never stopped.


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a Six Horned Beast. You have gained 200 experience points, 20 profound energy…”


“Congratulations to Player Luo Tian for killing a Long Armed Ape. You have gained 200 experience points, 20 profound energy…”

The sounds of cracking and smashing were unending. After a night of non-stop killing, countless demonic beasts had died in the outer periphery of the Ghostly Mountain Range. The current scene could be described as a river of blood. It was also this morning when Luo Tian stepped into the Profound Pupil 9th rank and was only a single level away from the Profound Master realm.

For someone to step onto the Profound Pupil 9th rank in a mere few days would make any genius have thoughts of killing themselves.

Worst of all, Luo Tian broke through in a relaxed manner and didn’t have to be like others who usually bitterly trained behind closed door seclusion. He only had to kill some monsters here and there, or even people were fine. This was too leisurely, too freaking awesome!


Leveling to the Profound Master 1st rank required 200,000 experience points. And killing these 1st rank demonic beasts was unable to meet his needs of leveling up quickly.

But Luo Tian was in a helpless situation. If it weren’t for the Furious Thunder Bull as his minion, he wouldn’t be able to even take a few steps in the outer periphery of the Ghostly Mountain Range. Wanting to enter the inner depths of the Ghostly Mountain Range to kill demonic beasts was an impossible thing.

The three of them were having fun playing Fight the Landlord while experience points continued accumulating…

When Luo Tian’s experience reached 100,000 points, the System suddenly made an alert.


“Do you wish to level up Berserk?”


Luo Tian was startled and said to himself: “Leveling Berserk? But I didn’t use Berserk… I definitely didn’t increase the proficiency use so why would it level up?”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian opened up his System interface and his eyes bulged out.

Skill: Berserk

Rank: Level 0

Grade: Divine

Skill Description 1: Upgrading Berserk to level 1 will result in doubling the attributes, the 2nd level will result in 4 times the attributes, 3rd level will result in 8 times the attributes, 4th level will result in 16 times the attributes, 5th level will result in 32 times the attributes. (Contains a profound explosive effect and can be superimposed. There are 3 layers of superimposing injuries: First layer will result in bodily injury, the second level will injure the 5 viscera and 6 organs, and the third layer will injure the mind and intellect. Superimposing can last for 3 seconds.) The 6th level will result in 64 times the attributes. (Profound explosive superimposing effect can go 5 layers deep…) The last realm will result in 1024 times the attributes. (Profound explosive effect can go 10 layers deep and possess the power of shaking the heavens and the earth!)

This was completely different from the Berserk in the online novel. This one here was capable of leveling up which meant it was much more powerful. The profound explosive superimposing meant adding on to the original base power and the skill description made it sound like some new skill will appear after the use.

Luo Tian was so excited from seeing this that he couldn’t help but fix his hairstyle a bit. He then said in a domineering tone: “Motherf*cker, who’s next?”

But upon looking further at the description, he couldn’t say those words again.

Skill Description 2: Leveling to the 1st level requires 100,000 experience points. Leveling to the 2nd level requires 500,000 experience points. Leveling to the 3rd level requires 1,000,000 experience points… the last great perfection level requires a billion experience points.

A billion experience points?!

“You damn System; do you dare to watch this daddy commit suicide right in front of you?” It looked like Luo Tian was blind all this time because he didn’t notice Berserk didn’t have a proficiency bar. Wanting to level it required the use of experience points… loads and bucket loads of experience points. What motherf*cking messed up shit was this?

Wanting to level up to the last great perfection level required a billion experience points. This…

Luo Tian sighed into the air, he felt like there were 10,000 llamas running through his mind.

He didn’t like this but still had to face reality. He couldn’t just lay around here a stab a small hole in the ground with his crotch. Since reality is stabbing me, then I’ll go stab the world. At least this way of thinking will balance my mindset or else before the little hole is stabbed in the ground, I’m afraid my little brother will be bent and I won’t be able to do the bow chicka wow wow in the future.


Luo Tian thought for a bit a made a decision – right now leveling was a bit more important.

During the early periods, levels were important because a single level would mean a huge difference in strength. Even though Berserk can raise one’s attributes, it is only a temporary increase and it consumed a large amount of profound energy.

Not long after…

Feng Lei looked into the sky and said: “Hey boss, it’s almost the end of the hunting contest. Should we go out now?”

Luo Tian recovered from his thoughts and said: “It’s about time.”

“You guys follow me.”

After saying that, Luo Tian didn’t head out to leave but went towards the Furious Thunder Bull close by.

He couldn’t just leave this 4th rank demonic beast like this.

What if some divine skill or divine equipments explodes out of it?

Luo Tian had been coveting after the Furious Thunder Bull’s Myriad Thunder Roar!

The two hours is almost up and the Furious Thunder Bull will revert back very soon!


(T/N: This is the divine song on youtube that became famous in China. There’s no words and just a series of sounds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fogC8xUDVFw)

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  1. Nepuko says:



  2. kouk2002 says:

    Question in this chapter it says;
    “During this time, Luo Tian will covertly prepare himself every two hours. He had to use his Magic Charm skill on the Furious Thunder Bull in order to keep controlling this monster killing machine.”

    To me that sounds like he recasts the skill to control the Bull longer. However in chapter 26 it says;
    “Description two: One can recruit the minion for two hours. Two hours later, they will revert back to normal and cannot be recruited again.”

    Which seems to say it’d be impossible to recast the skill successfully again after controlling the beast once before.

    Another question, I’m reading Invincible Level Up, which I think is likely the novel referenced for the Berserk Skill. In that novel he did level the skill up after increasing the proficiency enough. Here though it says something about it being completely different to the skill in the Online novel he read n previous life/world. Unsure what it is referring to as completely different, the way it levels up or the effects? anyone know?


    • omgitsaray says:

      I double checked the chinese in ch26 and it says: 无法重复召唤. You can copy and paste that into google translate if you want but it means it cannot be recruited again. This means the author screwed up which happens alot.
      Author does make reference to Invincible Level Up, so the Berserk skill here will require regular experience points instead of proficiency. I don’t know about difference in effects.


      • kouk2002 says:

        Well since I can’t read or write Chinese I can only assume that the way you write “cannot recruit again” and “can recruit again” only has subtle difference in characters/strokes and accidentally wrote it as a negative rather than positive.

        I’ve only read VesperXD translations, so I’ve only seen the result of levelling Berserk once, which doubled the effect. No mention of the bonus effect mention from 5th level. So that could be the first difference. As for achieving level ups either experience or proficiency both have their advantages. Proficiency will simply get better the more you use it, so if the skill is useful and cost within your ability to handle, you can raise it steadily. As for buying it with experience, you can potentially level up several times in a row if you had the required experience to exchange, or at least possibly turn a newly learnt skill into a higher level instantly if you can handle to cost. Downside if you can’t bare the cost no matter how much you use it you won’t get any better at it.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions.


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