Undefeatable – Ch293

Chapter 293 – This Old Guy Has A Mental Illness

The value of a Profound Burst Pill was huge!

A spirit grade medicinal pill that was capable of raising one’s cultivation by two small realms. This medicinal pill was practically heaven-defying.

According to logic, this medicinal pill should be higher than spirit grade; it might even be considered an earth grade. It was actually due to its harmful effects that lowered its grading scale. There were many talented people in alchemy that wanted to improve on the Profound Burst Pill since its inception, but no one had succeeded.

At this time…

Right after Luo Tian’s shout…

Tang Qingtian’s expression faintly changed as he coldly chuckled internally: “Kid, no matter how many times you try to concoct it, it will never succeed. It’s impossible for it to succeed. Even if you are super talented, it’s still an impossible matter.”

After ten thousand years, wouldn’t there be many appearances of Alchemy Masters much stronger and talented than Luo Tian?

Since they couldn’t improve on it, would a kid not even twenty years old be able to do it?

Tang Qingtian…

A Profound Saint expert sitting at the top. What kind of medicinal pills has he not seen? What kind of scenes has he not experienced?

The knowledge he knew surpassed Luo Tian’s knowledge by far!

He was completely sure that Luo Tian would not be able to succeed in improving the Profound Burst Pill!


Another cloud of green smoke exploded from the Green Dragon Cauldron.

Tang Qingtian said with a faint smile: “Kid, there’s no way you can succeed. The Profound Burst Pill isn’t something you can improve on. If it can be improved on, someone else would’ve done it already and it wouldn’t even be your turn.”

Luo Tian smiled and wasn’t bothered with Tang Qingtian’s words. He then said: “It succeeded!”


It really succeeded!

A black medicinal pill sat in the Green Dragon Cauldron silently. It was giving off a rich scent of profound energy amongst its black luster.

Tang Qingtian frowned as he hid his shock. He walked up and directly took out the Profound Burst Pill inside the Green Dragon Cauldron. He sent out his senses and waves of shock instantly appeared in his mind! He then said with astonishment: “Impossible! Absolutely impossible! How can it be?!”

After living for over a thousand years, what things has he not seen before?

This matter was absolutely impossible!

Even Tang Qingtian was unable to accept this!

Luo Tian chuckled bitterly and said: “The only problem I had was that I was unable to raise the cultivation restriction to become limitless. Otherwise, it would have been even better. But I did manage to remove the damage to the fleshly body so there won’t be any more side effects on that end.”

The Profound Burst Pill was restricted to certain cultivation levels.

It would only work on those below the Profound Venerate realms.

It would be useless to those at and above the Profound Venerate realm.


Luo Tian wasn’t able to improve it to the point of unrestricted cultivation realms and was only able to raise it by one level. In other words, the Profound Burst Pill he concocted can be used by experts at the Profound Venerate realm without any drawbacks!

Hearing Luo Tian’s words, Tang Qingtian became even more shocked. He just stared at Luo Tian without moving like he was trying to see through his soul.

He still wasn’t satisfied with such an awesome improvement?

Is this kid nuts?

One needs to know that 10,000 years has gradually flowed by and no one was able to do it. But Luo Tian was able to accomplish it! Do you understand how awesome this is?

Of course…

The Pill Alchemy Skill Luo Tian trained in was directly related to his success. If he had used the alchemic skills of this world, most likely it would be near impossible for it to succeed. Moreover, this was also related to Luo Tian’s effort and his personality because who would use so much precious spiritual herbs to concoct a pill that was said to be impossible to improve on?

A while later…

Tang Qingtian started laughing with a rather kind expression.

Luo Tian shivered and inched away as he said: “Old Senior Tang, can you not look at me like that? I, I, I am not into men. Even if you give me lots of money, I still won’t do it so you can forget about it.”

Tang Qingtian had a face full of smiles.

His gaze at Luo Tian looked like a gay man who had just found out this new friend of his was gay as well.

Tang Qingtian, of course, didn’t know what was being gay. He was just extremely excited as he chuckled: “Kid, do you want to be the Nation’s Teacher of my Great Tang? I can satisfy you with whatever you want. You can have anything inside the national treasury! Even the imperial qi from our Great Tang’s dragon vein can be given to you!”


“Nation’s Teacher?”

“Anything inside the national treasury?” Luo Tian suddenly had a bad feeling so he chuckled and said: “I think I’m fine with just concocting medicinal pills. Old Senior Tang, I need to concoct some more pills so if possible, please don’t disturb me any further. Thank you…”

He directly rejected it.

There was no hesitation.

One needs to understand that the status of Nation’s Teacher of the Great Tang grants similar treatment as those experts at the pinnacle of the empire. They are able to cultivate imperial qi which can propel their levels to unprecedented heights. However, all of this to Luo Tian wasn’t as good as killing a demonic beast because at least demonic beasts will give him experience points.


“Those conditions are good enough?”

“Then how about Nation’s Grand-Teacher, which has a similar status as an Imperial Uncle? How about that kid? The authority you hold would be strong enough that the current emperor wouldn’t dare to ill-treat you.” Tang Qingtian was unwilling to give up. His expression still looked kindly but to Luo Tian, it seemed like a sinister smile.

It looked like he wanted to coax Luo Tian into a trap.

Luo Tian smiled awkwardly and said: “I still need to find some more spiritual herbs…”

“Then how about Nation’s Grand-Grand-Teacher?”


“That’s not good enough either?”

“How about I have all of Tang Zhanlong’s daughters marry you? What do you think? His daughters are all radiant and beautiful. This should finally work, right kid?”

“Still no good?”

“Shit, what do you want? It can’t be that you want me to gift you the Heavenly Sword that our ancestors left for us, right?”

Tang Qingtian had continued speaking without stopping.

Luo Tian had no interest whatsoever.

And when he looked at Tang Qingtian’s expression, Luo Tian really felt that his sexual orientation was definitely off.


Tang Qingtian was out of options and muttered: “You damn kid; I refuse to believe my Great Tang doesn’t have something that can move you.”

He was starting to get angry.

Luo Tian wasn’t giving him any face.

No matter what, he was a pinnacle expert at the Profound Saint realm yet this little junior wasn’t giving him any face. He was almost at the point of kneeling down before Luo Tian.

Tang Qingtian blew on his long beard in anger as he said internally: “This is pissing me off.”

At this moment…

A voice was transmitted into Tang Qingtian’s mind.

Tang Qingtian started laughing like a bandit. “Hahaha… so you’ve already become a son-in-law of my Great Tang. Good, good, good! That kid Zhanlong did quite well. This kid is really not bad, hahaha…”

After laughing a few times…

Tang Qingtian suddenly disappeared and the national treasury echoed with his laughter a few more times.

Luo Tian mumbled to himself: “That old guy must have a mental illness. One look and you can tell it’s rather serious, and he’s probably gay as well.”

Luo Tian looked around his surroundings.

Immediately after…

He continued concocting more medicinal pills.

There were continuous successes of the new improved Profound Burst Pills!


After two days, Luo Tian had finished using up the spiritual herbs to concoct the Profound Burst Pill.

It wasn’t interested in the other spiritual herbs.


Luo Tian selected several spiritual herbs with strong yang properties to concoct pills to strengthen a man’s yang energy. These types of pills will definitely be hot products where those male nobles and aristocrats will fight over for.

In the end…

Luo Tian went over to a mountain-tall stack of ten thousand year old xuan metals. He then smiled: “With these ten thousand year old xuan metals, it wouldn’t be bad to forge some xuan weapons.”

The fifth day.

The large mountain of ten thousand year old xuan metals had been refined to the point of only a small lonely pile remained. Behind Luo Tian was a large pile of xuan weapons, and his Weapon Refining Skill had risen to level 6. Luo Tian then took out the bones of the Jiao Dragon he killed in the Ghostly Mountain Range with the gnomes…

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