Undefeatable – Ch295

Chapter 295 – Untitled

A group of rowdy people left the imperial palace.


“The air outside the imperial palace is so fresh!”

“I can smell the scent of freedom!”

“Such a comfortable feeling!”

Luo Tian glared at them and said: “There’s no need to say those exaggerated comments; you guys should be thanking Ninth brother instead. If I didn’t have him restrict your movements, who knows how much trouble you guys would’ve caused for me by now? It’s a good thing to lay low for a while.”

They had offended the Sea Cloud Sect.

If by chance Daoist Huang Yun was hanging around Heavenly Sword City, they would all be slaughtered the moment they left the imperial palace.

Everyone became startled by that.

Qin Yue’er and Tang Tang grabbed An Chunchun and ran off quickly.

“New clothes that just came on the market!”

“Jewelry from the elf race!”

“Wow, so many candied haws!”

Those three girls ran to the main streets like they had just been released from prison. The words Luo Tian had said half an hour prior were already forgotten by them.

Feng Lei was having a hard time following them.


“This is a century old restaurant! Blindman Liu, hurry up! How about we head in for a drink?”

Blindman Liu put away his erhu and revealed his yellow stained teeth with a smile. “Right up my alley! Hahaha… fatty, today I will definitely get you drunk.”


“Just based on you? Don’t you know that I won’t get drunk even after a thousand cups?” Feng Lei stepped into the restaurant and immediately shouted: “Shopkeeper! Quickly bring out ten jugs of your finest wine for me! Quickly! My wine bug is completely hooked by this wonderful scent!”

Luo Tian became dumbfounded…

Because Xuan Yuanyi had disappeared from his spot at an unknown time as well.

He had already reached a shop that sold xuan weapons. Luo Tian couldn’t understand why Xuan Yuanyi still had to browse through xuan weapon shops when his own Great Fault Divine Sword was a weapon that was listed in the top rankings of divine weapons within the continent.

Tang Jiu was walking next to Luo Tian and said with a smile: “Just let them enjoy themselves. Don’t worry about their safety issue because I’ve already made preparations. I will take good care of them and you can go run your own errands.”

Tang Jiu was quite thorough when he took care of matters.

He had prepared everything early on.

Even if he didn’t have people secretly protecting Luo Tian and company, Tang Zhanlong would’ve made his own arrangements.

After all…

No one knows whether all the people of Sea Cloud Sect have left Heavenly Sword City or not. If by chance a death assassin pops out of nowhere, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Thank you, Ninth brother.”

Tang Jiu replied: “Why are you being so polite with me? You are my future brother-in-law.”

Luo Tian smiled and didn’t say anything more. He continued walking down the street towards the tallest and most luxurious looking building.

Dao Shang Alliance!

This was their branch in Heavenly Sword City.

The place was designated to receive any work related to the alliance, as well as taking in auction items and the ticket sales to the event.

A lot of people were queuing up here.

Many people were paying attention to the Dao Shang Alliance’s auction this time. Apart from the variety of xuan weapons, xuan armor, and some powerful medicinal pills, people were mostly anticipating the appearance of a demon fox clan woman.

Pertaining to the news of a demon fox clan woman, people had only heard about it but no one had actually seen her yet.

How beautiful was she? Was she really as seductive as mentioned in the legends? Could her charming eyes really cause one to never forget from a single glance? Only after spending a night with her will a man really understand what heaven truly is?

These were all things recorded in history books.

Not many people knew if this was true or not.

Not many people have slept with a demon fox clan woman either. Many times those legends were hyped up or just plainly made up.

Luo Tian stepped through the entrance and saw a large group of people competing to buy tickets.

“Give me ten of them! Ten…”

“I’m sorry, but each person can only purchase one.”

“F*ck! This daddy has nothing but money! Isn’t it just 10,000 gold per ticket? This daddy will pay 200,000 so give me ten!”

“This customer, the rule was passed down from up top. Each person may only purchase one. I’m really sorry but I cannot satisfy your request.”

“F*ck! Dao Shang Alliance is so awesome huh? So amazing huh? They don’t even care about earning more money huh? You damn dog bastards; today this daddy shall smash your face with money! So 200,000 isn’t enough? How about 300,000? Or how about 400,000?”

A single ticket to the auction was 10,000 gold. This f*cking…

They’re earning way too much money!

The Dao Shang Alliance’s auction house can fit ten thousand people, so how much profit are they making?

Now that’s a wealthy organization.

This world was a playground for the rich. Just ticket sales alone would earn the alliance over 100 million! Luo Tian then started swearing internally as he saw that nouveau rich guy continuously pull out gold banknotes from his spatial ring and slapping the girl’s face with it.

The girl didn’t retaliate and maintained her smile. Now that was an ideal model of professionalism!

Luo Tian couldn’t watch any longer and just when he was about to stop the guy…


A middle-aged man came out from another room.

Without waiting for the guy to respond, a single leg struck out. It was a fierce kick that directly sent that nouveau rich flying outside.

The middle-aged man didn’t even look at the guy and coldly harrumphed: “Causing trouble at the Dao Shang Alliance? You’re practically courting death!”

Immediately after…

He turned around and to go back inside, exhibiting his domineering stance to a complete mess.

The cultivation level of the middle-aged man was not below Luo Tian’s. Luo Tian then said internally with surprise: “It looks like the Dao Shang Alliance is indeed quite awesome. Just a random bouncer of theirs is at the Profound King realm.”

The middle-aged man glanced at Luo Tian and casually said: “Go queue up if you want to buy an entrance ticket.”

Luo Tian replied: “I’m not here for tickets. I wish to put some items up for auction so do you know who do I look for?”

The middle-aged man was a bit surprised by that. When he looked at Luo Tian’s clothing, Luo Tian didn’t seem to be a wealthy individual and kind of looked like a village bumpkin. He was thinking someone like Luo Tian wouldn’t have anything good to be auctioned off but he didn’t reveal that on his face. He then said: “We don’t auction xuan equipment below the spirit grade, we don’t auction medicinal pills below the spirit grade, we don’t auction spiritual herbs below the ninth grade… and we don’t auction any miscellaneous items that aren’t stage worthy.”

The middle-aged man said a whole bunch of things all at once.

Luo Tian listened to it intently and said: “My items meet the requirement.”


The middle-aged man was faintly surprised. Since this was the case, he couldn’t have Luo Tian bring the items out right here so he said: “Follow me then.”

The two of them went to the rear courtyard.

The middle-aged man called out respectfully to a room: “Steward Liu, someone has brought an item to be auctioned so it needs your appraisal.”

A person came out of the room.

This person was about fifty plus years of age and looked no different than your average elderly person. He first looked at the middle-aged man and said: “I understand. You may go back to your tasks.”

Immediately after…

The old man walked up to Luo Tian and revealed a professional smile. “Does this little brother have something he wishes to auction off?”

Luo Tian didn’t bother speaking nonsense and directly handed over a Profound Burst Pill.

The old man looked at the medicinal pill and wasn’t too surprised since the Profound Burst Pill to him wasn’t a precious medicinal pill at all. He then said: “Just this medicinal pill?”

Luo Tian nodded and said: “En!”

The old man faintly smiled and said: “This Profound Burst Pill isn’t bad, but every item in our auction this time are supreme treasures. I’m afraid this Profound Burst Pill cannot be qualified to get on stage.”

The old man said plainly.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “It isn’t a normal Profound Burst Pill. The cultivation realm restriction for it is for experts below the Profound Saint realm, and there are no longer any side effects.”

The old man frowned as he sent out his senses.

His expression drastically changed as shock filled his heart. His voice started shaking as he said: “You, you, you wait here. I need to call the Manager out…”

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